Is Jaymee Sire Single? Her Martial Status

Thu Oct 10 2019
By   Bibek

Jaymee Sire is officially off the market! The 39-year-old former ESPN sportscaster got into a relationship with her new beau reportedly after getting fired from ESPN.

As of now, the couple is celebrating their two year anniversary of being together. Did you know? Prior to her new lover, Jaymee was officially married. If you didn't well, now you know it and if you want to know more about her personal life, then keep reading.

The Pretty Face Found the Man Behind the Camera

It looks like Jaymee found the love of her life in Justin Aharoni. Justin is a professional photographer and a baker as per his Instagram profile. He resides in New York City and is always willing to take on new adventures in life.

Jaymee Sire and Justin Aharoni
Image: Jaymee Sire (left) with her boyfriend Justin Aharoni (right) attending a friends' wedding in California
Source: Instagram (@jaymeesire)

Scrolling through his photographs, we can say that he really captures the moments in peoples' life. Happiness, excitement, and satisfaction we can see all of these emotions in his Photographs. With his love for adventure and traveling, Justin found the perfect match in Jaymee. 

The couple first met each other in February 2017 somewhere around the time when Jaymee was fired by ESPN because of a mass layoff. Justin instantly charmed Sire when the pair started having a conversation during lunchtime. Sire went out with Dana Carrow for a goodbye lunch as she was just fired by the network when Justin walked in the New Haven.

New Turn in her Life...

The 39-year-old was gradually making it big during her time at ESPN. After the unexpected turnaround of the events in her life in 2017, Jaymee's life took an interesting turn.

Sire loves traveling and foods which we can see with the pics in her Insta. After the layoff, she turned to start her career in foods. Jaymee calls herself a foodie and also writes blogs about it.

Jaymee Sire enjoying her food
Picture: Jaymee Sire enjoying her food before reviewing on her blog
Source: Instagram (@jaymeesire)

In one of her reviews, she disclosed the sandwich which is named after her and that is, Jaymee Sirewich. Not just that, she joined the shows like Food Network Star and Beat Bobby Flay as a judge which furthermore takes her career into new heights.

Her Not So Secret Married Life

Some years back, before meeting Justin, a piece of news surfaced about Jaymee's relationship status. It revealed that the former sports anchor is married to the CEO of Tristar Productions Inc. Jeff Keppinger.

The news surfaced out of nowhere giving her fans a major surprise. At the time, she was making her mark as a sports anchor in the business dominated by the likes of Rafer Weigel, Michelle Galvan, Levan Reid, and Lindsay Czarniak to name a few.

Jaymee Sire at ESPN
Frame: Jaymee Sire during her time as SportsCenter Host at ESPN

Neither Jaymee nor Jeff confronted the situation and revealed the actual details. Until today, there is no precise information as to whether these two were married or not.

Despite all the rumors, Jaymee is now in a better place. She has her own food business and a perfect guy with whom she is head over heels in love. Don't get surprised in the coming days, if the couple decided to take their relationship to the next level and tie the knot.

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