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Tue Sep 27 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Jason Schanne

Relationship Type
Relationship Type : Bruno Tonioli
Bruno Tonioli is in a relationshio with Bruno Tonioli since 2012.

When someone is in a relationship with a famous personality, then maintaining privacy becomes a hell of a struggle. But celebrity partner, Jason Schanne is an exception because he is so low-profile that his identity appears as a fugazi. Best known as the longtime partner of Italian choreographer and reality tv judge, Bruno Tonioli, Jason prefers staying behind the spotlight.

Jason has been dating Bruno for a long time, but they rarely make any public appearances. Hence a lot of personal things about the celebrity gay partner is yet to be revealed. Today we will discover some lesser-known facts about Schanne and his famous lover.

Dating Bruno Tonioli for a Long Time

Schannne and his choreographer partner has been dating since 2010. Although their relationship timeline is not available, the couple might have met in a function or event. As of now, they have been together for ten years. However, Jason and Bruno are yet to be married.

Jason Schanne's partner, Bruno Tonioli.
Image: Jason Schanne's longtime partner, Bruno Tonioli is a world-famous choreographer.
Source: Evening Standard 

Talking about their longterm relationship, neither of them has revealed when they will get married. After two years of low-key dating, Jason and Bruno held a engagement ceremony. The event was attended by several well-known faces.

As Jason has never been seen in public with Tonioli, there are always rumours about their relationship being estranged. For instance, Bruno was once linked with a young model named Matt Law. The two were seen at he Mary Poppins Returns premiere, but both claimed to be just friends. Hence, Bruno is happy with Jason.

Net Worth

Jason Schanne lives in his own world, and he doesn't prefer to say his private matter in public. The extremely secretive Schanne enjoys his partner's net worth. As of 2020, the Strictly Come Dancing judge, Bruno Tonioli has a net worth of $16 million. As a frequent contributor to BBC shows, he earns an annual salary of over $300,000.

Jason's partner, Bruno Tonioli has a net worth of $16 million.
Image: Jason enjoys his partner's net worth of $16 million.
Source: BBC 

With such a rich partner, Jason doesn't have to worry about his bank balance. Bruno is one of the world's top choreographers, and he has worked in numerous movies, plays, music videos, commercials, tv shows and other projects.

Bruno showers his partner with expensive gifts, including wardrobe and luxury cars. In 2017, he bought a home in West Hollywood worth $2.825 million. Similarly, Tonioli has few houses in London as well.

Jason Schanne: A man in the Shadow

Who doesn't love being in the spotlight? Who doesn't want to get famous and rich? But it seems some people don't care about fame and wealth. And, Jason belongs in that category. Some gay celebrities who are open about their personal life are Neil Patrick Harris and David Monahan.

The man is so private that there isn't single information about his family and profession except for his bond with Tonioli. On the other hand, Bruno was born in 1955. He will turn 65 in the coming November 25. Hence, Jason might be in his 60s.

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