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Entrepreneur (1993)
Mon Apr 03 2023
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The Smollett Family is one of the most successful families in the entertainment industry. All the kids in the Smollett family are famous, and Jocqui Smollett is one of them.

Jocqui was born on August 1, 1993, and grew up alongside his five siblings. He is from Los Angeles, California, and is an entrepreneur by profession.

A Quick Tout At Jocqui's Personal Life

Good news for all the girls who have a crush on Jocqui Smollett as the man is currently single. He seems to be investing all his time in his work, friends, and family as the man is not in a relationship with anyone. 

The status of his previous relationships is also not known as he prefers keeping his relationship away from the limelight. So, as of now, there isn't any information available regarding his previous relationships.

He Went To Study In China

You don't often hear about Americans studying abroad, but that's what Jocqui did. He went to study in China. He attended college in Beijing. He revealed that he didn't have to worry much regarding his living expenses because he worked as a resident advisor in college.

He is posing with a thumbsup and a shirt that says Vote three times.
Jocqui Smollett in China (Source: Instagram @jocquismollett)

He also revealed that going to China helped him learn about many essential things in life. He learned to manage money and also learned the importance of getting out of his comfort zone. He also talked about the discrimination he faced for his skin color.

What Is Jocqui Smollett Profession?

Jocqui is not working in the entertainment industry like his siblings. He instead works as an entrepreneur. He likes to call himself a technologist. 

He currently works in a tech firm called Snowflake. He held the position of data analysis manager at the company. Apart from tech, he is also interested in the Real Estate business. He also invests in Real Estate.

Jocqui Is a Pet Lover

Similar to James Poyser, Jocqui is a dog person and has a pet dog but hasn't revealed much. He also hardly posts with his dog. 

They are taking a selfie while dog is looking somewhere else.
Jocqui Smollett with his pet dog Zulah (Source: Instagram)

His pet name is Zulah. Once he shared a picture of him and his dog at the lake spending quality time.,

How Rich Is Jocqui Smollett?

Jocqui has tried his hands on many things, from tech firms to real estate investments and even public speaking. All of this has helped him to accumulate a wealth of $500,000.

He may not be as rich and famous as the other Smollett siblings. It is to be expected since people in the corporate world don't get easily recognized like the ones in movies and television.

Youngest In The Family

Jocqui Smollett is the youngest member of the Smollett family. He is the youngest child of Janet and Joel Smollett. He grew up alongside his siblings Jake, Jussie, Jazz, Jojo, and Jurnee Smollett. 

Mother Janet Smollett always influenced him and his siblings from a very young age. She has always been encouraging toward her kids. She helped to boost their confidence regarding stage performances by getting them to perform at Family functions.

He Played Baseball As A Kid

Jocqui, apart from having big brains, is an athletic human too. At least, he used to be. He used to play baseball when he was small. Baseball is one of the most physically demanding sports, so you can tell that man was an athletic kid.

He played in the Santa Monica Little League. He played for The Rockers. He posted a picture of himself playing baseball as a kid. In the post, he wrote: 

Back when they used to call me sausage lips and chipmunk cheeks

He is wearing a black top with white pant and a black helmet. The shirt spells Rockies.
Jocqui Smollett playing baseball as a kid (Source: Instagram @jocquismollett)

Worked As A Child Actor

The youngest Smollett brother may have decided to move away from the limelight. But he did start as an actor. He, alongside his siblings, worked in the comedy sitcom from ABC titled On Our Own

The show's story was about the characters, i.e., the seven Jericho siblings, who become orphans after a tragic accident. And the oldest siblings decide to take care of them out of the fear of otherwise them being put up in a foster home.

The show didn't go as planned, as it was canceled after a year. Also, Jocqui doesn't work on movies anymore, but he will undoubtedly cherish all the moments he spent with his siblings while shooting for the show.

Jocqui Brother Jussie Smollett Controversy

Jussie Smollett had tasted the most notable success among all the Smollett children. His character of Jamal Lyon in the hit TV series Empire turned him into a household name. 

However, the man is now famous for all the wrong reasons. He staged an attack a few years ago. He filed a report stating that he had become a victim of a hate crime where two white Trump supporters attacked him, but it turned out that he was lying.

The false reporting led to the court charging him with 150 days of jail and a fine of $145,000. He also didn't help himself with his visible outburst in the courtroom upon hearing the sentence, which was broadcasted for the world to see.

Defending His Controversial Brother Jussie Smollett

Jocqui's brother Jussie Smollett has become one of the most disliked Hollywood celebrities because of the stunt he pulled off staging an attack. 

Jussie Smollett is out of jail and has returned to continue his life. However, with a stain like that, it would be hard for anyone to get a role in the industry quickly, as no film companies or individuals would want to be associated with that.

Jocqui has defended his brother regarding it and believes that his brother will make a comeback. Upon asking about his brother, he replied: 

Jussie’s career will be absolutely fine. My brother is one of the most talented, creative, intelligent individuals this world has ever known.

Jocqui Speaks Freely On Political Matters

When it comes to celebrities or anyone who is associated with stars, they tend to refrain from politics. These people usually give neutral, politically correct answers when faced with questions, but Jocqui isn't one of them.

Jocqui doesn't hesitate to give his opinion on politics and speak out on matters he believes in. Being a black man, his political thought is mainly around the black community's oppression thoughts.

In addition, he has also called out Media for spreading fake news in the past.

He Has A Nephew

Jocqui is an uncle of Hunter Zion Bell. Hunter is the son of Jocqui's sister Jurnee Smollett. He is a caring uncle and loves his nephew a lot. On his nephew's birthday, Jocqui took to Instagram to write about his nephew and poured his love for Hunter where he captioned: 

Happy birthday to my nephew Hunter Zion Bell. I can’t believe this little boy is already one!!! I’m so excited to see you grow up Hunter. In a world full of negativity, you give me so much purpose...Uncle loves you

Hunter is wearing a sleeveless blue color cloth with stars shaped design.
Jocqui Smollett's nephew Hunter Zion Bell (Source: Instagram @jocquismollett)

Education Background

Jocqui has done a lot of education before entering his career field. You can tell he is skilled and talented based on his degrees. He studied at UC Santa Cruz, where he graduated with two degrees. 

He did his bachelor's Degree in Global Economics and Mathematics. Apart from these two degrees, he studied abroad in Barcelona and Beijing.

Works For A Reputed Company

Jocqui chose to stay away from his family's success in the entertainment world to make his career elsewhere. He now works in a tech firm called Snowflake.

This is post which was screenshot from Snowflake's Twitter account.
Snowflake was honored as the number one startup company in 2019 (Source: Instagram @jocquismollett)

The Company is a huge success. It is one of the most reputed tech companies in the world. In 2019, LinkedIn ranked the company as number one in the "The Hottest US Companies to work for now" category.  

Instagram Presence

You can reach out to Jocqui through his Instagram. He may not have many followers as his siblings, but he has amassed an impressive number of followers for someone who works as a data analysis manager.

He uses his Instagram (@jocquismollett) to talk about social and political issues and his works but primarily, he uses it for fun. He is usually seen posting pictures of his family and friends, partying, and enjoying his life. He has also promoted stuff, including his brother Jake Smollett's Restaurant.


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