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Celebrity Father (1947)
Wed Feb 28 2024
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Relationship Timeline Of John Lee Bottom

Ex-wife : Arlyn Phoenix
John Lee Bottom Married to Arlyn Phoenix 1969 and Divorced in 1997

John Lee Bottom (born in 1947) is the father of American celebrity kids. For one he fathered the late River Phoenix. John's other brood includes the Joker actor Joaquin Phoenix, Liberty PhoenixSummer Phoenix, and Rain Phoenix. But sadly, in 2015, Bottom passed away at the age of 68. The cause of his death was cancer.

John was raised by his parents, Robert Merrill Bottom (1917-1993) and Beulah Ernestine Ingram (1918-1980), in Fontana, California. Despite being a father of celebrities, Bottom's stayed away from the media's eye and served as a carpenter for many years.

John Lee Bottom: Explore His Married Life With Arlyn Phoenix

Father of River Phoenix and Joaquin Phoenix, John Lee Bottom, tied the knot with Arlyn Phoenix(also known as Heart Phoenix) on 13 September 1969. Bottom and his wife, Phoenix met in California while Hitchhiking for the first time.

John Lee's ex-wife, Arlyn Phoenix, was born on December 31, 1944, in New York.
John Lee's ex-wife, Arlyn Phoenix, was born on December 31, 1944, in New York.

After their marriage, the duo served a religious group, The Children of God. John and Arlyn were Christian missionaries for many years. The married duo Bottom and Phoenix traveled together to different new places to spread awareness about that religious group. 

But later, they knew that the group was a sexually prevailing group. Then they both left to promote that group and returned to the United States. Afterward, they resided in Florida.

John Ended His Marriage After Two Decades!

Their married life was going happily with their five children, but they suddenly separated after sharing 27 years of marital life in 1997, and they did not reveal the reason behind this.

Later, in 2001, his wife, Arlyn, exchanged marriage vows with Jeffrey Weisberg, a producer and executive director of River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding.

Death and Cause: John Lee Bottom

John Lee Bottom was born on April 5, 1947, and experienced all the highs and lows in his life. Bottom watched his successful marriage that ended in a divorce to watching his kids thriving in their fields.

John Lee Bottom and his family took a picture in their front yard.
John Lee Bottom and his family took a picture in their front yard. Source: findagrave

Things for John's family came crashing down in the mid-2010s. Bottom passed away in 2015 after fighting cancer for many years. 

John's kids and loved ones came forth and told numerous stories about the late father of five. Writing on John's obituary of how great of a father he was to his children.

Know about John Lee Bottom's Secret Girlfriend and His Daughter

Before his marital tie with Arlyn John Lee, John Lee Bottom was in a romantic relationship with a lady. But it hasn't been disclosed yet who she is, from where she belongs. 

The duo was honored by a daughter named Jodean Bottom (born in 1964). Later, after many years of marriage of, John with Arlyn, his family knew about his girlfriend and his daughter from one of his close friends. 

Then, his son, Rivera, who was just six years old at that time, searched them and took their (daughter and mother) responsibilities.

John Lee Bottom and Arlyn Phoenix are Proud Parents of five Kids.

They shared five kids from their marital life, and his kids have a good bond with them.

John Lee with his kids and grandkid.
John Lee with his kids and grandkid.
Source: Pinterest
  • River Phoenix (born on August 23, 1970) is an actor who worked in many movies and won the Volpi Cup for Best Actor at the Venice Film Festival. Later, he died at the age of 23 on October 31, 1993, due to an overdose of cocaine and heroin.
  • Rain Phoenix (born on November 21, 1972) is also an American actress, musician, and singer. She played in many movies and music. Some of them are Amazing Stories, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, Harry +Max, etc. 
  • Joaquin Phoenix (born on October 28, 1974) is an actor, producer, and animal activist who has earned two Golden Globe awardsan Oscar award, and many other prestigious awards for his acting skills. His renowned screen performance is in Joker, Gladiator, Walk the Line, and Her. Also, he won a black belt in karate.
  • Liberty Phoenix ( born on July 5, 1976), an American former actress, played in TV productions like Kate's Secret and Seven Brides For Seven Brothers. From that, she left her acting career and started her career as a designer. Later, she opened a store in eco-friendly Indigo Green in Gainesville, Florida.
  • Summer Phoenix (born on December 10, 1978), an American actress, model, and designer, started her acting career as a guest appearance when she was only two years old. She was also involved in many movies like Esther Kahn, Suzie Gold, and many more.

How Wealthy Was John Lee Bottom? Net Worth & More

John Lee Bottom was from a low-class family. Due to the low finances, he didn't continue his education after high school. Then, he started to serve as a gardener to fulfill his basic needs. However, at the time of his death, John held an estimated net worth of millions thanks to his kids.

He is wearing a  black coat and black tied with a white shirt.
Joaquin Phoenix won an Oscar Award for his Joker character.
Source: Oneindia

But his son, Joaquin Phoenix, has earned a massive amount of money from his professional acting career. Additionally, he is a director, producer, and musician with a net worth of $50 million, far more than another American actor and director, Adam Paul, whose net worth is $1.5 million

However, his daughter, Summer Phoenix, also gathered a handsome net worth of $4 million from her career as an actress, model, and designer. Also, River Phoenix has a net worth of $5 million.

Joaquin's Role As Arthur Fleck In Jocker

John Lee Bottom's son Joaquin Phoenix attained popularity after portraying the role of Arthur Fleck, aka Joker. The movie was released as a crime drama flick Joker in 2019.

Photo of Joaquin Phoenix in Joker costume.
Photo of Joaquin Phoenix in Joker costume. Image Source: Le 360

Jocker is a famous movie written and directed by Todd Phillips. This movie shows a mentally ill comedian who turns into an iconic villain due to various stations and troubles in his life.

Joaquin's role as a joker got him an Oscar award in the "Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role" category.


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