John Mallory Asher

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An actor, director, and screenwriter (1971)
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Relationship Timeline Of John Mallory Asher

Ex-wife : Vanessa Lee Asher
John Mallory Asher's first wife was Vanessa Lee Asher. On October 16, 1994, they tied the knot, and they got divorced in 1996.
Ex-wife : Jenny McCarthy
Jenny McCarthy and John Mallory Asher were married from September 11, 1999, to January 2006, with a separation in August 2005.

John Mallory Asher is an American actor, director, and screenwriter, best known for popular television and film series and his directorial and writing contributions. The date of his birth was January 13, 1971; he hails from Los Angeles, California. 

His career has been wide in the entertainment industry; he is prominent in acting as well as in his other behind-the-camera contributions.

 A Story of Self-Discovery and Growth

John Mallory Asher is the son of actor Joyce Bulifant and acclaimed producer/director William Asher, known for his work with the iconic television shows "I Love Lucy" and “Bewitched”. 

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Since he was born into a showbiz-connected family, John Mallory Asher's path was influenced early on by the world of filmmaking and acting.

Acting Career

During the early 1990s, Asher did a number of TV series cameos to launch his acting career. It was his role as Gary Wallace in the TV series "Weird Science" (1994–1997), which was based on the movie with the same title released in 1985, that gained him a lot of attention. In this TV series, he was able to have a large set of fans and display his knack for comedy.

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Aside from "Weird Science," Asher has made appearances in other TV series, including "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," "Las Vegas," and "Boston Public." He has also been in the movies "October Road" (2007) and "Dirty Love" (2005).

Directing and Writing

John Asher is also a known director and writer, as well as an actor. The independent film "Diamonds" (1999) was directed by Asher and starred Kirk Douglas and Dan Aykroyd. 

"Crafting Stories: John Mallory Asher's Talents as a Writer and Director."
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"Dirty Love" was also a film directed by Asher that starred Jenny McCarthy, whom he was married to from 1999 until their split in 2005. His work with “Dirty Love" earned him, over time, a cult following, as the movie was poorly reviewed.

He also directed the drama film "A Boy Called Po" (2016), the story about a young autistic boy and his father's struggle to raise him after the death of his wife. The film remarkably won many awards from film festivals and received good reviews for its sensitive portrayal of autism.

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Personal Life

Vanessa Lee Asher and John Mallory Asher were married for one year, from October 16, 1994, to 1996. After that, John Asher was married to actress and comedian Jenny McCarthy from 1999 to 2005. 

Once a Hollywood Power Couple. Source:Fanpix

The couple had a child who is now an autistic-diagnosed boy. Asher has written and spoken publicly about his experiences as a father to an autistic child, serving as an advocate for autism awareness.


From acting to directing and writing, John Mallory Asher has made an established contribution to the entertainment business. His works cut across many genres, and his body of work indicates that he can grow in and adapt to the breadth of creative tasks given to him.

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Whether it is in front of or behind the camera, his commitment to work has earned him a respected place in Hollywood.


John Mallory Asher has an approximate net worth of $3 million, according to the most current estimations. This appraisal is due to his work in television and film, not to mention his acting, directing, and screenwriting career.

His involvement in popular TV series, such as "Weird Science," and movie productions, including "A Boy Called Po" and "Dirty Love," boosts his financial status. His family's deep affiliations with the entertainment industry could also be instrumental in his overall wealth.

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