Julia Sandness Halberstam, David Halberstam's daughter

Thu Jan 16 2020
By   Manish

Julia Sandness Halberstam is not one of the top listed personality in today's world. However, her father David Halberstam's legacy has bounded her each and everyday life. 

A very little is known about her personal life. Due to her privacy nature, she hasn't appeared in any media. Let's take a look at some of the details regarding her. 

The Only Daughter of David Halberstam and Jean Sandness Butler

A well-known fact about Julia is she is the daughter of legend David. He was an American historian and journalist who is popularly known for his work on the Vietnam War, history, politics and many other topics. 

Jean Sandess Butler
Image: Julia Sandess Halberstam late mother, Jean Sandness Butler
Source: Legacy

He won a Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting. David Remnick and Margaret H. Marshall are also known Pulitzer Prize winners. Additionally, he was the author of 21 books which includes The Best and the Brightest, Summer of 49

On the other hand, mother, Jean was the creative consultant for the National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy, a nonprofit organization where she edits historical audio tours.

Halberstam's Cherishable Married Life with James

Julia and James Ryan Simpson Harvey met at Brown, they were college sweetheart and together graduated from there. After their closeness grew more and stronger the pair exchanged wedding vows in 2010. 

Conn. The Rev. John Smith, an Episcopal priest, performed the ceremony at the Central Presbyterian Church in New York. As of now the wonderful couple is now married for one decade and is still in very deep love. 

Julia Sandess Halberstam, Owen David Harvey
Photo: Julia Sandess Halberstam with her mother and son
Source: Legacy

They share one son, Owen David Harvey from their nuptial relationship. There is no sign of external affairs and news of separation regarding the duos. 

Julia's Late Father, David Halberstam Died in the Car Accident

On April 23, 2007, David died in a traffic collision in Menlo Park, California just thirteen days after his 73rd birthday. Kevin Jones who was the student of Berkeley Journalism committed the crime. 

david Halberstam vietnam
Picture: Julia's late father, David Halberstam
Source: National Sports Media 

David was en route to an interview with former New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Y.A. Tittle for a book which was about the 1958 championship game between the Giants and Baltimore Colts. (Tom Brady is also one of the well-known quarterbacks of the NFL)

His death broke the heart of the Halberstam family as well as many of his well-wishers. Later Julia lost her mom on August 25, 2014, Jean died at her home in Nantucket.

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