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Thu Dec 05 2019
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The year 2014 became the wedding season for NFL fans as they got to witness their favorite player walk down the aisle. Kirk Cousins, the quarterback for Minnesota Vikings, tied the knot with Julie Hampton after dating for a few years.

The sports fans love their teams and players more than anything. So' when it comes to knowing about their personal life, fans' senses heighten. After Candice Crawford and Tony Romo, Kirk's married life entered the discussion field for the fans. Let's explore more about his marital status.

He Proposed at the Speaker of the House's Office

In 2013, after dating for a year, Kirk decided to propose his lover. He took Julie to the Speaker of the House's Office. Well, you might be wondering if anyone could propose at the Speaker's house. 

Kirk Cousins proposing Julie Hampton at the balcony of the Speaker of the House's office
Image: Kirk Cousins proposing Julie Hampton. 
Source: The Washington Post

No, not anyone can get that opportunity. Before he proposed Julie, Kirk developed a good friendship with the US Congressman Bill Huizenga. In an interview with The Washington Post, Cousins said,

"I talked to my US Congressman from my home area in West Michigan, Bill Huizenga, who I had gotten to know a little bit."

Kirk Cousins with his wife Julie at the Michigan State University
Picture: Kirk and his wife, Julie at Michigan State University. 
Source: Instagram @juliehcousins

After requesting Bill, he gave permission to Kirk for the proposal to happen. Cousins drove his girlfriend to the state-building and proposed her. Julie said, 'YES', and that's the romantic proposal story of the Cousins couple.

The Wedding Ceremony

After meeting each other in 2012 through a mutual friend, the couple quickly fell in love with each other. Kirk put a wedding ring on Julie's finger on November 22, 2013, and announced the world that he's going to get hitched pretty soon.

The lovebirds walked down the aisle on June 28, 2014, in front of their family and friends, in Atlanta, Georgia. There aren't many details about the wedding ceremony, but Julie posted some pictures of her big day on her Instagram. 

Kirk Cousins holding his wife's hand Julie Hampton at their wedding
Picture: Kirk Cousins (right) and Julie Hampton (left) at the wedding. 
Source: Married Wiki

Hampton looked gorgeous in her strapless gown, and Kirk exchanged vows in his grey suit. As of now, the pair are celebrating their seven years of matrimony. 

Scrolling through social media, we know that the love between the NFL player and a former elementary school teacher is going very strong.

Expansion of their Family

Julie announced her pregnancy via her Instagram pictures. She received a lot of congratulatory messages from the player fans and close relatives via her Social media.

Julie Hampton announcing her pregnancy via Instagram
Frame: Julie with her hubby Kirk showing a baby bump. 
Source: Instagram @juliehcousins

On September 29, 2017, the couple expanded their family from two to three. She gave birth to Cooper Cousins, eleven days late to the given date of conception. Kirk couldn't hide his happiness and expressed it in this way. He said,

"I'm sure many of you who are dads and moms know that it's a special experience. I texted the coaches afterwards and said, 'That was a top experience of my life so far.' So I guess that says it all."

Both parents are very excited about this experience and are very busy balancing their professional and personal life. Cousins signed a $84 million contract with the Vikings, and with some more fortune coming from the commercial deals, the couple is looking to buy a new house.

Kirk with his wife Julie and son, Cooper Cousins
Image: Julie holding her son Cooper Cousins with her husband, Kirk. 
Source: Instagram @juliehcousins

In March 2019, they used their dog Bentley to announce the birth of their second child, Turner Cousins. Cousins expressed his happiness and welcomed his second child via Instagram.

Like Golden Cannon, the Cousins brothers (Cooper and Turner) are also gaining fame as a celebrity kids.

Both of them are Avid Animal Lovers

For a long time now, the duo is providing foster homes to dogs. Besides that, they also own a dog, which is a Goldendoodle Bentley. In an interview with The Washington Post, Kirk said that Julie loves dogs, and it was understood at the time they got married as well.

Kirk and Julie with their dog Bentley
Picture: Kirk and Julie with her dog Bentley. 
Source: Instagram @juliehcousins

The pair take one dog and foster it until someone takes the canine under their roof. In merely eighteen months, the couple fostered nearly seven dogs. In addition to that, the couple is also spreading awareness for dog adoption.  

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