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Thu May 26 2022
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Late American trans youtuber, Kayden Clarke came to limelight after he posted a video on YouTube where he showed how his dog rescued him from struggling with Asperger's disease. He was one of the most popular personalities on YouTube who took the Internet to another level with the help of his beloved dog.

Clarke was born as Danielle Jacobs on 16th April 1991, in Pella, Iowa, United States. Just like Clarke, Emily Cohn and Desiree Jacqueline Guerzon are also a citizen of the United States. Besides, he was the son of Stacie Jacobs, who supported him until he was shot dead by the police. Find out more in detail about Clarke's personal life in the following sections.

The Former YouTube Star's Intimate Life

When it comes to Kayden's personal life, the late youtuber wasn't involved in relationship affairs. Despite being a popular personality, he didn't express his personal details and maintained a low personality.

Check out the video of Kayden Clarke giving a fantastic news

Previously, it was claimed that Kayden was a transgender person who converted into a male. As a female, he wasn't satisfied with his sexuality from his childhood. So, he later had a gender reassignment surgery, and after that, he started to live his life as a man.

Kayden's Dog Tried to Rescue Clarke from Aspergers Syndrome

Kayden Clarke was one of the victims of Asperger's syndrome, which is an autism spectrum disorder from his childhood. Nevertheless, Clarke's mother, Stacie adopted a Rottweiler breed puppy, Samson, from Halo Animal Rescue and trained him for dispersing Kayden's disease.

In one of Kayden's youtube videos, Clarke was seen melting down from Asperger by his dog, Samson, and gives him a therapeutic tactile stimulation. More to that, the 120 lbs dog was the only friend of Kayden who helped him from becoming unconscious from that disease.

Kayden Clarke sitting aside his pet dog, Samson
Picture:  Samson was a good friend and pet dog of late Kayden Clarke. 
Source: News.Com.Au

For such important work, Kayden's pet was widely recognized throughout the United States. Samson further earned a Canine Good Citizen and Community Canine from the American Kennel Club. It currently trains other service dogs with complete public access test.

Killed by Arizona Police

Arizona police shotted the former youtuber, Clarke, during the arrival at his house. On 4th February 2016, Clarke left the world with sorrowness and millions of people heartfelt at his funeral, which was done in Mesa, Arizona.

On 4th February 2016, Kayden threatened to attempt suicide by sending emails and text messages to his friends who later reported to the police to take immediate action. At that time, Kayden wasn't in good condition and was suffering from mental health crises.

A picture of Kayden Clarke's residence where police arrived
Picture: The place where Kayden Clarke was shot dead in his house. 
Source: Daily News

During the incident, Esteban Flores, detective of the Mesa Police Department tried to contact his friends and reached Clarke's home, where they saw Clarke holding a knife in the bedroom doorway. Shortly Kayden denied to drop the knife and tried to attack upon the officers.

Unfortunately, they shot him down in self-defense, but Clarke was transported to the hospital for an operation. However, the 24-year-old Kayden died later that evening. Later, his mother, Stacia received compensation over his demise from an insurance company.

Protested by Kayden's Friends for Justice

The late autistic transgender, Clarke's friends took action against the injustice behavior with Kayden. During the incident, they were also present at Clarke's home standing behind the police officers who addressed the house for checking Kayden to contact him.

While entering into Kayden's room, the officer found a very dark space where Clarke was beside the door of the bathroom holding a 30 cm knife. However, the interaction between the officer and Kayden wasn't right, which later came to take action against the Arizona police.

Kayden's distraught friends sincerely apologized to Kayden's family for the murder of Clarke. Nonetheless, they also stated that there was no danger for the officer by Kayden and proclaimed that their friend's death was a murder said by Monica Jones, a good friend of Clark.

A photoshop picture of Kayden Clarke's dog protesting against police
Picture: Kayden Clarke's dog, Sampson's photoshop image protesting against the police of Arizona. 
Source: News.com.au

Nevertheless, Kayden's another friend, Tiffany Diba responded with aggression on the issue and said Clarke wasn't an aggressive person and was out of his post-traumatic stress disorder. On 5th February 2016, Clarke's mother also stated that the officers weren't warranted to shoot, and they were aware of Kayden's fragile behavior.

The protest of Kayden's friends led to a national problem for not receiving justice and action against the police of Arizona. The people also participated in the peaceful protest at the Phoenix Civic Space Park on 15th February 2016. It was shameless to say, but Kayden's death wasn't successful in claiming justice.

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