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Wed Feb 01 2023
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Kendis Gibson is an American journalist born on September 6, 1972, in Belize City, Belize. Despite being born in Belize, he has the nationality of America. 

He is popularly known for his outstanding news reporting for many TV shows like DeceptionHeadline NewsWeekend Today, CBS4 News, Good Morning America, and World News Now.

In addition, Gibson is a writer and producer of MSNBC Reports, a blanket title for the daytime rolling news programming of the American cable news channel MSNBC. 

Revealing Gibsons's Parents' Identity!

Gibson was born to Alrick Gibson and Hortense Gibson. His lovely parents are originally from Belize and later moved to the US for a better livelihood. 

Regarding Gibson's parent's profession, his father, Alrick, used to work as a cabinet constructor, whereas his mother's career is still in the dark. 

In addition, there are rumors about his siblings. Some stories say he has six brothers, which seems false news due to no proper evidence. 

Inked Tattoo On Left Arm 

The ABC News anchor Gibson is a tattoo lover who loves doing art and paintings, especially on his body. As a result, he has inked a visible tattoo on his left arm. 

Picture of Kendis Gibson wearing white tshirt
Picture of Kendis Gibson (Image Source: Instagram @kendisgibson)

However, the tattoo is not straightforward, and it is tough to tell the details of the tattoo. Looking at one of his Instagram posts, the tattoo seems to be in a circle shape where the inside part is inked like a spider net. 

Is Kendis Gibson A Millionaire? Net Worth

MSNBC Reports writer Gibson is currently living a rich life with more than $1 million net worth. He earned those massive amounts through his successful career as an anchor and reporter.

Besides this, it is also rumored that his annual salary is $43 thousand, which he gets through anchoring MSNBC Live and CBS Miami. 

Gibson also gets considerable money through writing and producing. Without a doubt, he lives a millionaire life owning many luxurious items just like Harry Smith.

Physical Outlooks 

Gibson has an excellent physique which he probably maintained through exercise and a good diet. He is 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) tall with an average weight of 60 kg (132 lbs). 

Picture of Kendis Gibson wearing blue tshirt
Picture of Kendis Gibson (Image Source: Instagram @kendisgibson)

Furthermore, he has excellent black eyes with dark skin. He does not have hair, which is why he is bald. People admire his well-fitted body and whitish teeth. 

Gibson Relationship Status 

Kendis Gibson's love life is quite mysterious as he always remains silent when asked about his relationship. But, he is living a single life. 

Furthermore, he has never been in any relationship. Also, there aren't rumors about his love life and past affairs, which makes us believe he is not dating anyone. 

Additionally, we can often see Gibson's pictures with girls via Instagram and Twitter, which he considers a friend. 

Other Works of Gibson (Writer & Producer)

Despite being an anchor, Gibson is also a writer and producer. He has become equally successful and booming in this career. People in the US acknowledge him for his fantastic writing skill. 

He is the writer and producer of the popular TV series MSNBC Reports, a chat show, and the news programming channel. He has been running this show since 2021

Titomonster: Gibson's Pet

Kendis Gibson enjoys spending time with his lovely pet, as his Instagram handle is mainly covered with their pictures. 

He is a pet lover who often raised his voice for animal rights, just like Sepideh Moafi.

Picture of Kendis Gibson and his pet Titomonster
Picture of Kendis Gibson and his pet, Titomonster (Image Source: Instagram @kendisgibson)

He has named his lovely dog, Titomonster, and has even created his account with the username @titomonsieur. His beautiful dog has already amassed more than four hundred followers. 

Gibson owns the West Highland White Terrier, a breed of dog from Scotland with a distinctive harsh white coat. This type of dog is also called Westie.

Know About Gibson's Acting Journey 

The CBS News anchor Gibson is also an actor besides, host, writer, and producer. He made his first film debut in 2018 by appearing in TV series named Deception.

Interestingly, he played the role of his real-life profession, i.e., TV reporter, in this TV series. He was able to impress the US audiences through his notable acting and established himself as a multi-talented person.  

TV Shows Of Gibson

As mentioned earlier, Gibson is known for his excellent news reporting. He has appeared as a host/anchor on many TV shows. The fun fact is he has more than two decades of experience in the journalism field. 

More importantly, he has two ''Emmy Awards'' in her career for "outstanding news reporting" and "sports feature".

Some of Gibson's famous and notable TV shows are Reiser & Gibson ReportSunday Today with Willie GeistAmerica Remembers 20 Years LaterCBS4 News, World News Now, and Good Morning America.

In addition, his most popular TV show is Good Morning America, an American television program with 4.2 IMDb ratings. 

Did You Know? He was nominated for the ''Emmy Award''due to his notable reporting on this show.

Holds A Bachelor Degree 

Regarding Kendis Gibson's academic qualifications, he completed high school in the USA. However, the exact details of school/college are still behind the curtains. 

After completing high school, he went to SUNY Oswego and took four years of classes in political science. In 1994, he graduated with a bachelor's degree. 

Gibson's Controversial Remarks To BTS

As we all know, Gibson is a TV reporter whose job is to give the news and information to people. Sometimes, he has to put his opinions and views regarding the sensation news. 

In 2018, he went through the same job where he had to express his opinions and views. Unfortunately, despite getting applause, he got hate as he commented something on BTS's performance at the UNICEF event. 

After that, Gibson went through so much hatred that he was forced to say sorry to BTS, a popular Kpop boy band. 

IMDb Profile 

Gibson has an IMDb profile with one acting credit. Besides this, he has also achieved one credit as a writer, one credit as a producer, fourteen credits as a self, and two credits for archive footage. 

His IMDb profile consists of nineteen credits, including his mini bio, TV shows, personal details, contact info, and many more. According to IMDb, he is Virgo. 

Member of NABJ

NABJ (National Association of Black Journalists) is an association that offers innovative training, career advancement opportunities, and advocacy initiatives for Black journalists. 

Picture of NABJ members during press conference
Picture of NABJ members during the press conference (Image Source: The Daily Northwestern)

There are more than four thousand members in NABJ, of which Kendis Gibson is one. He has made a significant contribution and even published many articles about black people in NABJ. 

Active On Social Media Platforms

Gibson is admired on social media platforms because of his unique and inspiring posts. His social media includes his pictures along with his lovely pets and the interview he has taken before.

He has got a profile on Instagram and Twitter. His Instagram account is @kendisgibson, where he has amassed 28.9K followers, whereas his Twitter account, @kendisgibson, has more than 30.9K followers. 

In addition, Gibson's both Instagram and Twitter accounts are verified. He joined Twitter in July 2010


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