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Fri Mar 03 2023
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Ever heard of Kristin Grannis, the famous ex-girlfriend of Jaime Foxx who is always in the news with him? Well, if rumors are to be believed, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx ended things as he was very close with his ex, Grannis. 

Kristin was born on 4th January 1977 to a middle-class family. She is an American citizen by birth and is of Caucasian descent. She has not been married to anyone to date.

By profession, Kristin is a therapist and a former model of some success. After the breakup with her famous ex, she has lived a private life raising her daughter away from the spotlight.

Kristin Grannis's Relationship With Jaime Foxx

Kristin Grannis and Jaime Foxx were rumored to be secretly dating from 2005 to 2012. However, the relationship only came to the light when the fact that Jamie had a second child was revealed in 2009. But even then, Kristin's identity was kept secret.

Kristin Grannis with her ex, Jaime Foxx, and daughter, Annalise Bishop.
Kristin Grannis with her ex, Jaime Foxx, and daughter, Annalise Bishop. Source: Closer Weekly 

Kristin and Jamie had a breakup after years of dating and having a child together. However, they are known as "the best of exes" and are often seen accompanying their shared daughter together to Disneyland and holidays.

The former couple, Grannis and Foxx, are allegedly so friendly that Jamie often introduces his new partners to Grannis and vice versa. This was rumored to be true in 2019 when Jamie took Grannis and his then-flame, Sela Vave had dinner together.

About Jaime Foxx's Past Relationships

Jamie Foxx, the Academy Award-winning actor was in a relationship with Connie Kline,  an American woman in 1993. She is also the mother of his oldest child, Corinne Foxx. However, there is limited information available about their relationship. It is believed that Jamie kept their affair private.

In 1997, Jaime began dating Vivica A. Fox, and they were together for a few years. From 2000 to 2004, Jamie had relationships with several celebrities, including Adriane Kelly, Garcelle Beauvais, and Leila Arcieri. Despite his successful acting career, his love life has been unstable.

Kristin Grannis's ex, Jaime Foxx with rumored girlfriend, Sela Vave.
Kristin Grannis's ex, Jaime Foxx with rumored girlfriend, Sela Vave. Source: Bravo 

Jamie dated Christina Milian in 2005 and was rumored to have a relationship with Fantasia Barrino the same year. He has also been in relationships with Niki Giavasis, Dollicia Bryan, Stacy Dash, and Cristy Rice, among others.

However, Jamie's relationship with Katie Holmes was more stable. They started dating in 2014 and spent almost five years together. Unfortunately, they broke up, and he later dated the likes of Sela Vave, Dana Caprio, and Ivana Knoll.

Kristin And Jaime Have A Child

The ex-couple Kristin and Jamie have a daughter together named Annalise Bishop. She is Kristin's only daughter and Jaimie's second child. She is a wonderful surfer and a strong girl. 

Annalise is also known as Annalise Foxx by the media but follows her father's legal surname.

Annalise was born on October 3, 2008, in the United States. Her birth for years was a secret from the press as her father Jaime is so famous. Now, the little girl has been making regular red-carpet appearances with her father and her older sister Corinne Fox.

According to sources, Annalise is a talented pianist and a footballer. She is also very good at basketball and is rumored to follow her athletic mother. 

Kristin Grannis Was Rumored To Be A Part Of The Katie Holmes Story

Katie Holmes was once in a long-term relationship with Jaimie Foxx. The duo got together in 2014 and were together for six years. However, their relationship had its ups and downs. One of the reasons for the split was the ongoing paparazzi attention they got.

Also, the press made derogatory comments about Jamie's great co-parenting relationship with Grannis. The media speculation was so intense that they even brought Katie and Tom Cruise's daughter Suri Cruise into the narrative. 

A 2018 picture of Kristin Grannis's ex, Jaime Foxx with then-girlfriend, Katie Holmes.
A 2018 picture of Kristin Grannis's ex, Jaime Foxx with then-girlfriend, Katie Holmes. Source: TMZ

Even the fact that Jamie bought a house for his youngest daughter, Annalise was suggested to be an ongoing affair with Kristin Grannis. Kristin has been put in the spotlight multiple times and involved by the press in her ex's love life.

While the breakup reportedly happened in 2019, Jamie and Katie Holmes have the best regard for one another. Jamie was very happy for her when Katie started dating the skilled chef Emilio Vitolo in 2020. The pair have remained good friends even after the split.

Net Worth: How Rich Is Kristin?

Kristin Grannis has an estimated net worth of about $1 million. She comes from a  comfortable family and has made money from her career as a therapist. She is a working single mom, similar to former American dancer Gwen Harrison.

On the other hand, Grannis's famous ex, Jamie Foxx has an estimated net worth of about $100 million which totally shadows hers. He made his money from his acting, music, and comedy career and even has many commercial endorsements.

Jamie Foxx has been a part of The Amazing Spiderman and Spiderman: No way Home as well as Horrible Bosses. He is a star of note and has a lot of fame.

About Kristin's Family

Kristin is the youngest child of three siblings. Her parents are Richard Foster “Dick” Grannis and Maryann Grannis who raised their children as the pride of their life. 

Kristin Grannis with her daughter, Annalise Bishop.
Kristin Grannis with her daughter, Annalise Bishop. Source: BuzzNigeria

Sadly Kristin's father passed away in 2020 at eighty years of age. He loved traveling and volunteering. He was a respected US Airforce officer who later worked as an analyst for the State of Arizona. 

Kristin has two older brothers named Anthony and Jerrold who are a part of her tight-knit family. She also has a niece and a nephew. The family are also dog lovers and adore their pets.

Early Life And Education

Kristin was born in Phoenix, Arizona, and went to the local high school. She graduated from Arizona State University with a BBA. After that, she was rumored to have attended the University of Antioch in California to get her Master of Arts in Psychology.

Kristin had a happy childhood and adores maintaining her relationships. She is a very understanding person who has her own therapy practice that focuses on Marriage and Family Therapy.

Appearance: How Tall Is Kristin?

Grannis stands at a height of 5 ft and 8 inches tall (175 cm) and has a weight of 65 kg. She has an athletic build and a very pale complexion as she is Caucasian.

A picture of Kristin Grannis.
A picture of Kristin Grannis. Source: Daily Mail

Kristin is blessed with a pair of attractive dark-brown eyes and silky and straight brown hair. Her daughter Annalise has also inherited her height and good looks.

Social Media

Kristin Grannis has chosen to have a private life and only has a private Instagram Account under the handle, @kristingrannis. She does not have much of a presence on social media platforms.

On the other hand, Kristin's famous ex and baby daddy Jamie Foxx is a famous celebrity. His Instagram handle @iamjamiefoxx has over 15 million followers and his Facebook page has over eight million. 

Jamie's Twitter is also very active with over 4.6 million followers under the handle @iamjamiefoxx.


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