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Socialite, Celebrity Wife (1940)
Tue Apr 11 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Kristina Tholstrup

Ex-husband : Roger Moore
Kristina Tholstrup married Roger Moore in 2002 and divorced in 2017.

Kristina Tholstrup is a celebrity wife known for being the spouse of the late actor Roger Moore. Moore famously played the role of James Bond, having played the role of a famous British spy in seven different films.

Tholstrup is more than a celebrity wife as the famous socialite has an estimated net worth of $60 Million. She was previously married on two separate occasions to Christian Hans Knudsen and Ole Tholstrup.

A Brief On Tholstrup And Moore's Love Story

Kristina Tholstrup and Roger Moore tied the knot in 2002 and were together until Moore passed away in 2017. Their marriage wasn't all sunshine and rainbows but they had managed to keep their relationship together despite all the bad things they had gone through.

Roger Moore is looking at the camera while Kristina Tholstrup is distracted by something in the picture.
Kristina Tholstrup with her late husband, Roger Moore (Source:

The loved Hollywood couple Roger and Kristina had first crossed paths in 1993. And they had met through Moore's ex-wife, Luisa Mattioli. Mattiloi and Tholstrup were friends. She and Moore walked down the aisle two years after the James Bond actor divorced his then-wife, Mattioli.

Net Worth Status: How Rich Is Kristina?

Kristina Tholstrup is a rich woman having an estimated net worth of $60 Million. She inherited a lot of wealth from her husband, Roger Moore, after he passed away. She also made a lot of money from the divorce settlement of her two previous marriages to Christian Hans Knudsen and Ole Tholstrup.

Tholstrup other sources of income remain to be discovered. Her late husband, Moore, is one of the most famous Bond ever and was an established Hollywood actor with a fantastic acting career. He had a net worth of $110 Million, at the time of his passing.

The Reason Behind Kristina's Husband, Moore's Death

The legendary James Bond actor, Moore, succumbed to lung cancer at the age of eighty-nine. He was in Switzerland when he lost his life on May 23, 2017. Tholstrup has been unlucky in love as all three of her husbands lost their lives when her marriage was still going on.

Roger Moore is wearing a white jacket as he is holding the gun.
Roger Moore as James Bond (Source: Craig M YouTube Channel)

Moore was not new to disease as the actor has gone through serious medical problems in the past. It wasn't even the first time that he battled cancer since he suffered from prostate cancer in 1993 and had to go through surgery to recover as his prostate gland was removed.

Roger has also suffered from other serious diseases in the past, as The Sun reports that he was discovered to have been suffering from Type 2 diabetes in 2013. He had also battled pneumonia in the past.

Kristina's Previous Husband Committed Suicide

Before Roger Moore, Kristina Tholstrup had been married to a man named Christina Hans Knudsen. However, he committed suicide just like Kellie Pickler's husband Kyle Jacobs. He took his life in January 1975 following the tax fraud case. The two had gotten married in 1962.

After the death of Knudsen, she found herself in the arms of Ole Tholstrup. Unfortunately, her second husband also passed away in December 1991, after suffering from a stroke. The two had tied the knot in 1978, around three years after the death of her first husband.

Lost Daughter, Christina Knudsen To Cancer

Tholstrup's husband, Moore wasn't the first person she lost to cancer as her daughter Christina Knudsen had succumbed to cancer in the past. She died on July 25, 2016, at the age of 47.

Christina Knudsen is wearing a pink dress, Roger Moore is wearing a tuxedo, and Kristina Tholstrup is wearing a peach color dress.
Christina Knudsen (right) with her mother, Kristina Tholstrup and stepfather, Roger Moore (Source: HuffPost UK)

Knudsen was the stepdaughter of Moore as her biological father was Tholstrup's first husband, Christian Hans Knudsen. She was nicknamed Flossie. She had made a career in a completely different field than her stepfather, as she worked in property development and interior design.

Tholstrup also has other children who are alive and healthy. Hans Christian Knudsen Jr., who also came from her first marriage, is her son. He works as a businessman. She is also the stepmother of Deborah Moore, Christina Moore, and Geoffrey Moore. Their biological mother is Moore's ex-wife, Luisa Mattioli.

Tholstrup Is A Cancer Survivor

Sadly, cancer has ruined Tholstrup's family as she has suffered from breast cancer in the past like Karen Borta. Her daughter and husband may have lost but, she won her battle with cancer. She met James Bond actor, Moore when she was suffering from cancer. 

Moore himself was suffering from prostate cancer at that time and it was also one of the reasons they got close to each other. Both won their battle with cancer at the time, but, eventually, Moore was diagnosed with cancer again and this time, he lost the battle with the disease.

Early Life Details

Roger Moore's wife, Kristina Tholstrup, was born and raised in Sweden, but, her parents aren't from the same land. She hails from Karlstad, Värmlands län, Sweden. The 1941-born socialite parents are originally from Denmark. The details of her parents remain to be discovered.

Tholstrup grew up in a well-off family. It is also known that, other than her marriages, she worked as an air hostess at one point. Besides that, there isn't much information about her. But, she has made few television appearances in the past.

Kristina Tholstrup is wearing a white dress.
Kristina Tholstrup at the 1997 International Art Awards (Source: PaparazziParadise YouTube Channel)

According to Kristina's IMDb page, she made an appearance once at the talk show called Vivement dimanche in 2008. She had previously appeared in another talk show in 2002, called This Morning. Moore's wife has also appeared in Premiere Bond: Die Another Day and Prins Henrik. She has also worked in a TV Movie called, A Princess for Christmas.

A Car Accident Survivor

Tholstrup almost lost her life when she was involved in a car accident in Southwestern Sweden. Both she and her late husband, Moore, was in the car when she got hit by the other driver, who was drunk at the time.

ABC News reports that Tholstrup and Moore escaped the accident with just some minor injuries as their lives were saved by airbags. They were going to a television studio from an airport when this incident took place. ABC also reports that the show Moore was about to feature in didn't get canceled as he appeared in the show and chose not to go to the hospital.

Is Roger Moore A Racist?

Tholstrup's late husband, Roger Moore, was accused of being racist by people regarding one of his comments about Idris Alba. There was a time when Idris Alba was rumored to be the next Bond, and Moore, being a Bond himself, said how he felt about it, which didn't sit well with many.

In an interview with Paris Match, Roger said that the bond character should be 'English-English.' Many people felt he had a problem with Alba's skin. All the actors who have played British spies like Daniel Craig and Sean Connery have been white. Moore defended himself, saying the accusations are false and that what he said was just lost in translation.

The Property Battle Between Tholstrup And Her Son

Roger Moore's wife, Tholstrup, and her son, Hans Christian Knudsen Jr., went through a legal battle regarding property inheritance of Roger Moore's wealth after he had passed away. The public fight between the two also revealed that these two don't have a good relationship with one another.

During the battle, Knudsen Jr. alleged that her mother has been attracted by her lawyer. Her lawyer was Per Troen and he had charged over $190,000 in this case. Tholstrup, in response to that and said that her son was angry at him for cutting off his allowance. 


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