Kristina Wagner Marital Status Is Divorced.. Twice !

Thu May 14 2020
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What do you do when you have great on-screen chemistry with your co-star, but he appears to be your ex-husband? That is the exact problem in which General Hospital star Kristina Wagner found herself dealing after divorce Jack Wagner.

Their GH characters, Frisco and Felicia (from 1984-2003), were an incredibly successful couple on the series and only added to the fan suspense their real-life relationship. Also, even after the spilt in 20006, the ex-spouses appeared together on the Hallmark Channel's When Calls The Heart.

Their Love Journey

After privately dating for a few months, Kristina and her boyfriend, Jack made their romantic love affair public in 1990 when she got pregnant with their firstborn child. They welcomed a baby boy Peter Wagner on September 4, 1990, before tying the knot.

Kristina Wagner and Jack Wagner Were Married in 1993
Caption: Kristina Wagner and Jack Wagner Were Married in 1993
Source: Daytime Confidential

The lovebirds turned their long-term relationship into the next step and they got married on December 18, 1993. The private marriage ceremony took place in Lake Tahoe. After two years of marriage, they became again parents of the second-born child named Harrison Wagner, who was delivered on 1 December 1995.

The Divorce Announcement

The 13-year union of Kristina and Jack had been plagued by problems. Citing irreconcilable differences after being together for one decade, the duo first filed for divorce in Feb 2001. However, they announced their news of formal reconciliation in 2004 after two years apart.

General Hospital's Fomer Co-stars,Kristina Wagner and Jack Wagner Finally Divorced in 2006
Photo: Kristina Wagner with her ex-husband, Jack, and two Boys
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After a year, in 2005, the Wagners' re-filed for divorce, which was finalized in 2006. For Wagner, their final division has been her own game-changer. She once explained: "I knew that to move forward, I really needed to find out what was going on with me."

56 years actress also said that the divorce with Jack made her a better mom. She says:" The divorce was the best thing that could have happened to me and for my children, as well, because I don't think I was being a very good mother at the time."

Kristina Wagner and Jack Wagner on General Hospital in 1984
Photo: Kristina Wagner and Jack Wagner on General Hospital in 1984
Source: Country Living

Even after the division, the two still in good terms who once starred together on the Hallmark Channel’s show, When Calls The Heart.

Kristina's First Marriage with Randy Malandro

The graduate of Indiana Central University had previously been in partnership with Randy Malandro, who is regarded as the first husband of Kristina. They got hitched after a year of dating in 1981.

Four years later, in 1985, this exes couple, Kristina Kay Crump and Randy split their ways. The two hadn't shared any children from their union.

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