Lynette Nusbacher

Military Historian, Strategist, author, and Strategy coach (1966)
Sun Jan 05 2020
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Relationship Timeline Of Lynette Nusbacher

Melanie Bright Married To Lynette Nusbacher on 1998.

Dr. Lynette Nusbacher's amazing tale remains to encourage individuals to follow their dreams and passion. The brave historian did a gender reassignment surgery and it proved to be the correct decision for her. Like Nusbacher Juliet Evancho is another celebrity transgender woman who has garnered a wide recognition.

Lynette Nusbacher was born as Aryeh Judah Schoen Nusbacher on December 17, 1966, in New York City, the United States. She was born to parents Wayne Maines and Kelly Maines. She has a brother named Jonas Maines. Lynette is a married woman for a long time now and not just that, she is also a mother. Without any further ado, let's explore more about her personal life.

Who is Lynette Nusbacher Wife, Kids, and personal Life?

Talking about Lynette's personal life, she is married to her wife, Melanie Bright. The couple met while Lynette was studying for his PhD. For your information, Melanie has starred in movies like The Two Wolves, Guilt, and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

The couple met in 1997 and after dating for almost one year they exchanged their wedding vows on June 7, 1998. Well, Lynette and her spouse Melanie is married for over two decades. They have two children from their marital solidarity. As of now, the couple resides in Surrey, England with no complications.

Lynette Nusbacher: Man to Woman

Lynette was born as male, however she later changed her gender to female. Today she is famous as the man who transformed into a beautiful woman. Also, her transformation has inspired people to be proud of their identity. 

For your information another celebrity, Jade Logue faced some problems when she came out as a transgender.

Dr. Lynette Nusbacher from man to woman
Image: Dr. Lynette Nusbacher from man to woman. 
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Well, she eventually transformed from a man to woman in 2007 at the age of 41. Her wife, Melanie Bright was very supportive of him since the beginning and they are still together.

Lynette Nusbacher has been ranked 53rd, 68th, and 77th in the Pink Lists from 2011-2013. A Pink List ranks the most influential members of the LGBTQ community. Also, she has written few books such as 1314: Bannockburn, The Battle of Bannockburn 1314, and War and Conflict.

Lynette Nusbacher Net Worth

As of 2020, Dr. Lynette Nusbacher has a net worth of over $1.5 Million. The 52-year-old, Nusbacher is currently working as the strategist and advocate at Nusbacher Associates. Additionally, Dr. Lynette Nusbacher is a member of Surrey Police Independent Advisory Group. 

Author, Strategist, and Military Historian Dr. Lynette Nusbacher
Image: Author, Strategist, and Military Historian Dr. Lynette Nusbacher. 
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Besides, she also earns additional income as an author and military expert. Author Bonnie Wallace has similar kind of wealth. She has been Head of the Strategic Horizons Unit in the Cabinet Office and the advocate in the Joint Intelligence Organisation. Furthermore, she was also the senior lecturer in war studies, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Who is Lynette Nusbacher?

Lynette is a transgender American Military Historian, Strategist, author, and Strategy coach. Further, Dr. Lynette Nusbacher is a member of Surrey Police Independent Advisory Group. 

Dr. Lynette Nusbacher
Image: Dr. Lynette Nusbacher giving a speech in a program aired by BBC. 
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Lynette attended the University of Toronto and completed her Bachelor's degree with honors in History and Economics. Later, she joined the Royal Military College of Canada and earned her MA degree in War Studies. Additionally, she joined the University of Oxford and earned a Phd in History.

Dr. Lynette is one of the certified Military Academy instructor. She appeared as the Weapon Expert for History/Military Channel in early 2000s. As of 2019, she is working as the Devil's advocate at Nusbacher Associates and has been an administrator at the University of Toronto and an officer in the Canadian Forces.


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