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Basketball Player (2003)
Thu Feb 16 2023
By   Atini

It's not often you hear sports athletes gaining fame before they have even become professional players. Maceo Williams is still at the college level but is already making a name for himself in the basketball scene. He was born in Gahanna, Ohio, on May 3, 2003, meaning his zodiac sign is Taurus. 

In the US, college sports are regarded highly and are considered the first step in making big in your career. Many people, including Basketball fans, consider it essential, and impressing here gets you drafted into the big leagues. With how Williams's career is going, it wouldn't be long before we see him playing against some of the basketball greats.

His Relationship Status

Maceo Williams, right now, is not seeing anyone and is focused on Basketball. It seems that this young man has no plans to get into one. Maceo is a private man who does all his talking on the court. 

Maceo Williams is sitting in a chair showing his jersey.
Maceo Williams in year one at Ashland Eagles (Source: Twitter @MaceoWilliams4)

Maceo is also not on Instagram, meaning we can't learn about his life. He is on Twitter, but all of his tweets revolve around his Basketball. It only shows he is entirely focused on the game right now and probably doesn't want any distractions in his life. 

Not to say being in a relationship would distract him, but he couldn't give all his time to the court.

Has Three Siblings

Maceo Williams is not the only son of Marqwyn. He holds the responsibility of a father for four kids (including Maceo). Maceo's three siblings are Marqwyn Williams II, Marq Williams, and Qwyn Williams.

All of his siblings live a quiet life. So, the details about their lives, like where they are today and what they are doing, remain under wraps.

Education Background

Maceo probably dreams of playing in the NBA every day. But that doesn't mean man is not focused on his education. He is currently studying at Ashland University, where he is also part of their basketball team. It is located in Ashland, Ohio. It hasn't been long since he joined the institute. He joined AU in 2021

Before University, he did his high school education in Lincoln. You might have guessed it; he was the basketball star at Lincoln as he played for his high school team Gahanna Lincoln. 

Maceo Williams is showing the trophy by holding it over his head.
Maceo Williams holding a trophy at Gahanna Lincoln (Source: Twitter @MaceoWilliams4)

His Basketball has also landed him an opportunity at other educational institutions. He has shared pictures on his Twitter where you can see him playing for Joe College and Tiffin University. 

What Is His Wealth Status?

Maceo Williams is still in college and balancing his education as well as his Basketball career at the same time. Since he isn't in the big league, i.e., NBA, man is not making big money like those professional athletes. Some sources suggest that his net worth is $30 thousand.

Maceo hasn't revealed if he is doing some part-time job. The only thing we know about him is his basketball, and Ashland's BasketballBasketball does bring in some revenue. Per, their basketball team brought in an income of $553,442.

Who Are Maceo's Parents?

Maceo is a good man, which can be credited to his family for helping him become the man he is today. He is the son of Marqwyn Williams and Ladawn Williams

His mother, Ladawn, prefers a quiet life. Hence, you also won't find her on social media. However, his father, Marqwyn, is the exact opposite when it comes to this. You can find him on Twitter, where he always posts about his kids. 

On Maceo's eighteenth birthday, his father shared an old picture of when Maceo was still a baby. With the picture, he tweeted:

Happy18th Birthday @MaceWilliams4

Marqwyn Williams can be seen carrying Maceo Williams.
Marqwyn Williams with young Maceo Williams (Source: Twitter @MarqwynWilliams)

Marqwyn's work life remains under wraps as there is no information on it. However, we can learn something about Maceo's father through his Twitter. The man hails from Florida. He is also a religious man. Plus, he is a vegan, which might surprise some as it's not common to see a Christian vegan every day.

Maceo Is A Tall Man (Body Physique)

This is easily the least surprising thing about Maceo Williams. He is a tall man. Since he is an athlete, he needs to be disciplined and maintain his body if he plans to make it big in Basketball.

Professional basketball players are known to be tall. The average height of NBA players is 6 Feet 6 Inches (198.6 cm), and Maceo is slightly taller than this average height. He stands tall at 6 Feet 7 Inches (200.6 cm).

Maceo Williams is practicing hitting two points in the picture.
Maceo Williams practising in court (Source: Twitter @MaceoWilliams4)

The man is also a heavy-weight athlete with a weight of 220 lbs (99.79 kg), according to His weight also gives him a lot of advantages while playing on the court. He can use it to take on his opponents, as he can bully through their defense.

A Brief On Maceo's Career

Now let's talk about why Maceo is a bit of a celebrity already, i.e., Basketball. Man is already making a name for himself at such a young age. And, if he continues like this, it won't be long before we see him leaving the same legacy as some top basketball players like Stephen Curry and James Harden. But what has he achieved so far in the court?

Watch any Ashland Eagles match, and you will see a guy wearing number 20 doing all sorts of amazing things in the game. That's Maceo. He plays as a forward, and people already like him, with some praising him for his movements around the basket and how he runs the floor. 

His career high at the time this article has been written is 26 points and eight boards. Maceo achieved this record on day 1 of the Ferris State Thanksgiving Classic in 2022.

Not just college, but his high school basketball is impressive as well. During his time playing for Gahanna Lincoln, Go Ashland Eagles reports that he was 13 points per game and six rebounds per game scorer during his prep career. He continued to grow with his success in his senior years, with an honourable mention from all-Central Divison I.


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