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Sun Nov 03 2019
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Billions of people around the world know Maddie Ziegler as the dancing girl in Sia's Chandelier and Elastic Heart music videos. At such a young age of seventeen, Ziegler has put a strong foot in the showbiz industry. 

Apart from her amazing Career, Maddie also makes headlines on tabloids because of her relationship rumors. Ziegler was officially dating Jack Kelly, but the latest reports suggest that the dancer has someone new in her life. Who is her new boyfriend? Are you curious to find out about him? If yes, then stay tuned.

Her New Love is a Musician's Son

After being a public figure, many of her fans want to know more about her personal life. According to people, Maddie started dating Stevie Wonder's son Kailand Morris. The teenagers hang out almost every day and look very cute together during occasions.

Maddie Ziegler and Kailand Morris looking cozy together at a party
Image: Maddie Ziegler (left) with Kailand Morris (right). 
Source: Instagram @maddieziegler

As per Yahoo, the pair started their romance back in 2018 after her break-up with Jack Kelly. The seventeen-year-old dancer featured in many photoshoots together with Kailand, and they frequently appear together on social media. Maddie and Morris, however, stays tight-lipped when it comes to talking about their newfound love.

As many magazines and online tabloids have claimed the budding romance between the couple, Maddie has an inconclusive answer to the media queries. In an interview with The Talk, the Chandelier dancer said, that Kailand and his younger brother Mandla, are her friends and they hang out together every day.

How did they Meet?

Maddie's younger sister Mackenzie Ziegler participated in the Dancing with the Stars: Juniors where Kailand's younger brother also participated. That was the first time the pair locked eyes with each other, and they started their friendship.

Maddie Ziegler and Kailand Morris posing with Maddie's new car during her sixteenth birthday
Frame: Maddie Ziegler (left) with Kailand Morris (right) posing with Maddie's new car. 
Source: Instagram @maddieziegler

Not just that, Maddie is a model and represents many brands, just like Kailand's mother, Kai Miller Morris. Because of his mother, Kailand is very familiar with modeling. Ziegler's modeling background provides another common point between the pair, which gives their relationship rumors more air. 

She is Also Linked with Cameroon Field

As many online tabloids are linking Kailand with Maddie, her Instagram posts, however, speaks otherwise. In other reports, Maddie is linked with the Instagram model Cameroon Field. Many of her recent pictures are with Cameroon at some exotic locations.

Maddie Ziegler and Cameroon Field enjoying their holiday together
Picture: Maddie Ziegler (left) with Cameroon Field (right). 
Source: Instagram @maddieziegler

Maybe because of that, online reports are linking Maddie with Cameroon. So far, both of them have stayed tight-lipped and not confirmed anything about their relationship apart from being friends. 

Even though many online tabloids claim the teenagers are in love with each other, teenagers are having a blast with each other. The rumored boyfriend and girlfriend are coming to their late teens so; they are more focused on their career rather than the relationship.  

Maddie Past Affair

At the age of fifteen, Maddie fell in love with Instagram influencer Jack Kelly. Jack is the son of the famous New York Yankees infielder Pat Kelly. The couple became quite popular among the fans and garnered so much of the following.

Maddie Ziegler with her former boyfriend Jack Kelly
Image: Maddie Ziegler (left) with former boyfriend, Jack Kelly (right). 
Source: EOnline

Despite everything going well for the couple, the pair announced that they've broken up after one and a half years of a romantic affair. Jack lives in Australia, and Maddie lives in Los Angeles; despite having a long-distance relationship, the pair managed to work their love life.

After celebrating one year anniversary, Maddie and Jack's love life started to take a toll. The duo, however, has not provided any details about the split, but fans assume long-distance and busy work schedules might've caused the lovers to part ways with each other.

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