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Thu Feb 23 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Madison LeCroy

Husband : Brett Randle
Madison LeCroy married Brett Randle in 2022.

Madison LeCroy is a TV personality known for the show Southern Charm. She is the star of the long-running show and is popularly known for her feud with Craig Conover in the show. The two have patched things today, and she is on good terms with Craig and her partner Paige Desorbo.

The face of Southern Charm, LeCroy, has found love with a man named Brett Randle. But, unlike Paige and Craig, he is not involved in reality shows like them or his wife, LeCroy.

Is Madison LeCroy Leaving Southern Charm?

Madison LeCroy is rumored to be leaving Southern Charm. The popular rumor started as she is no longer one of the show's main cast like she has been for many years. And this has led fans to come up with stories about why that could happen.

Madison LeCroy is sitting on a yellow sofa as she is intensely looking at something.
A still image of Madison LeCroy from Southern Charm (Source: Bravo YouTube Channel @bravo)

One of the popular theories among fans involves her husband, Randle. Randle has no interest in playing in television as LeCroy herself has said that her husband won't be a part of the show. Few believe her husband could be the reason she could quit the show. Only time will tell if this rumor will be proven true or false.

Where Did LeCroy Learn Hair Designing?

LeCroy is a hair designer by profession. And she learned to do that at Carolina College of Hair Design, Inc. Her decision to study it proved worth it, as she is running a successful saloon today called Maven.

LeCroy is known to be good with her haircuts. She can even give herself a haircut which she has done in the past. Her husband, Randle, doesn't have to go to the SalonSalon and spend money to get his hair done, as his wife can do it at home.

Married To Brett Randle

Madison LeCroy has a man in her life. She is married to Brett Randle. The two walked down the aisle on November 19, 2022. The wedding was held in Mexico between close friends and family. There were a total of thirty people that LeCroy had invited to her wedding.

Madison LeCroy and Brett Randle are on their wedding dress posing for the photograph.
Madison LeCroy with her husband, Brett Randle, at their wedding (Source: Madison LeCroy Instagram @madison.lecroy)

LeCroy and Randle got married less than a year after the engagement. The two had engaged the same month Peyton Meyer, and TAELA tied the knot, i.e., October 2021. It was Randle who made a move. The two seem madly in love, and we have to wait and see if this marriage will work out for her, as her previous marriage didn't go as she would have liked.

What Is The Net Worth Of The Southern Charm Star?

The Southern Charm Star, Madison LeCroy, is a rich woman. She has an estimated net worth of $2 Million, similar to actor Munro Chambers. Bravo's popular show, Southern Charm, has single-handedly made her career in television and, in the process, has helped her become rich.

But, the show is not her only source of income as she also runs a business. She owns a boutique Salon called Maven. The Salon is a success and, in turn, has helped her to earn a lot of money. She is also on LTK, promoting clothes and accessories and making money. Her other sources of income (if any) remain to be identified.

LeCroy Has A Son, But The Father Is Not Randle 

Madison LeCroy has a son, but her husband, Brett Randle, is not the father. His name is Hudson, and his biological father is Josh Hughes. Hudson, who has also been on Southern Charms with her mother, is a sweet boy, and the two share a good relationship.

Hudson is holding a glass of drink as he is leaning onto Madison LeCroy, and Brett Randle is taking the selfie.
Madison LeCroy with her son, Hudson, and her husband, Brett Randle (Source: Madison LeCroy Instagram @madison.lecroy)

Despite not being Hudson's father, Randle has accepted him as his son. Hughes and LeCroy may have been divorced, but the two are still on good terms. He is also on good terms with his son's stepfather. The three even went together to watch their son's football game once, as reported by US Magazine.

LeCroy Parents Are Involved In Real Estate Business

LeCroy parents are involved in Real Estate Business. She is the daughter of Tara LeCroy and Ted LeCroy. Both of them have a living dealing with the properties. 

Her father, Ted, works in a company called LeCroy Real Estate. Besides that, he is also involved in Palmetto Real Estate Trust and Housing Urban Develop. Tara was also involved with LeCroy Real Estate for many years. 

Besides Real Estate, Tara also has been involved in some beauty-related works. She has previously worked as a beauty consultant for Estee Lauder and Belk. 

Austen Hooks Allegedly Cheated On LeCroy

Austen Hooks had cheated on Madison LeCroy. Before Randle, LeCroy was in a famous relationship with Austen Hooks in Southern Charm. But their relationship didn't last long, as Hooks allegedly cheated on her when LeCroy found him with two women in his apartment.

Hooks have always denied it, but LeCroy still believes he cheated on her. The Southern Charm blondie responded to that by cheating on Hooks. Bravo reports her saying that it looked like a hall pass to her and that she could do whatever she wanted to do. It's safe to say things didn't end on good terms.

LeCroy Had Her Tattoo Removed

Lecroy had gotten rid of a tattoo in the past. This was first brought up when she posted a story on her Instagram. The tattoo she was getting removed was small on her right wrist, as reported by Bravo. People wanted to know the story behind what caused her to get it removed. Before some weird rumors would pop up, she told me why she did it.

The reason isn't that deep. The Southern Charm star revealed that it was a stupid tattoo she had made when she was young. There was no meaning behind it, and she just wanted to get a tattoo. And since she was young, she had to rely on a fake identity that lied about her age to get it done. She realized it was a mistake and hence, got it removed.

LeCroy Was Blamed For Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Split

The Southern Charm star, LeCroy, was blamed for Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's split. The famous Baseball shortstop, Rodriguez, allegedly had an affair with LeCroy while in a relationship with Love Don't Cost A Thing singer.

Jennifer Lopez is wearing a black top whereas, Alex Rodriguez is wearing a grey turtleneck.
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez in an interview with Vanity Fair (Source: Vanity Fair YouTube Channel @VanityFair)

Although it was never proven, J.Lo chose to end things with Rodriguez. LeCroy did come out on the media and say that she didn't have any relationship with the former baseball player. She also revealed that she did come in contact with him by phone but never had any relationships. But, it did not stop the singer's fans from attacking her on the internet.

The Southern Charm Star's Plastic Surgery Has Landed Her In Criticism

LeCroy has done plastic surgery on her body and received criticism for it. She doesn't shy away from talking about her surgery and has also not hesitated to fight with the people that have criticized her for no reason, especially the shape of her body.

While speaking to Brave, she talked about how much it bugs her when people immediately assume everything in her body is a result of plastic surgery. She also revealed in the interview that the shape of her body is the result of her working hard in the gym and not spending millions on surgery.

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