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Relationship Timeline Of Maille Stymest

Ex-husband : Ash Stymest
Maille Stymest married Ash Stymest in 2011 and divorced in 2013.

Maille Stymest is an English model and actress broadly acknowledged by the public for marrying Ash Stymest, an English male model, actor, and singer. She has been a model for different international brands and companies like TopShop.

Furthermore, Maille's full name is Maille Doyle Pixie. She was born in Bristol, South West England, just beside the Avon River. 

To know more about Maille Doyle, her husband, boyfriend, height, weight, age, and tattoos, stay attached to this article.

Relationship With Ash Stymest

Previously, Maille Doyle has been in relationships with several celebrities and stars, including Ash Stymest. The former couple Ash and Maille met each other while modeling in the same city in England. 

Maille Stymest and his ex-husband Ash Stymest hugging each other
Maille Stymest and his ex-husband Ash Stymest(Image Source:

They dated for a couple of years and decided to tie their wedding knot on October 13, 2011. The marriage was done in a secretive manner where only their loved ones and family members were invited. 

Later, the things between Ash and Maille began to heat, and due to some dissonance, they divorced in 2013. However, the exact reason for their separation has not been disclosed till now. 

Maille's Ex-Husband: Ash Stymest

Ashley Stymest, mostly known as Ash Stymest, is a British model, actor, and singer born on July 31, 1991. He is known for his role as Rupert/Virginie's lover in the 2016's movie Sex Doll and Harry in 2021's horror-thriller Phobias. He has also appeared on the front cover of Japanese Vogue Hommes.

Black and white protrait of Maille Stymest's former husband Ash Stymest
Black and white portrait of Maille Stymest's former husband Ash Stymest (Image Source:

Moreover, Ash Stymest was born in Coney Hall, Bromley, in London, England. He has also served as a TV host for MTV Bang; a show aired on MTV UK. He has worked with some famous fashion designers like Moschino, John Galliano, and Alexander McQueen.

Hookup With Jackson Blyton

After her divorce from Ash Stymest, there were rumors that he started dating Lee Chai-Rin. And, Maille started dating Jackson Blyton, a model, and housemate in Big Brother 17. They were very positive about their bonding, so they decided to stay in a living relationship.

Later, Blyton and Maille decided to level up their relationship, but things between them didn't end up well. Therefore, they broke up and moved on. Blyton started to date Georgina Leigh and even engaged with her while he was in the Big Brother house. 

Picture of Maille Doyle Stymest and her ex-boyfriend Jackson Blyton
Picture of Maille Doyle Stymest and her ex-boyfriend, Jackson Blyton (Image Source:

After a few years, Blyton and Georgina's thoughts collided, and they broke up in 2016. Blyton deleted all the photos of him and Georgina from his post, due to which Georgina was raging. 

When the relationship between Blyton and Georgina came to an end, Maille and Blyton decided to reunite. He posted a photo of him, Maille, and their son captioning it "Family".

Net Worth: How Much Does Maille Earn?

Maille was involved in the fashion and modeling industry from a young age. She has accumulated a decent amount of money through her successful modeling career. As per authoritative sources, the estimated net worth of Maille Stymest is $700 thousand (approx. £603 thousand). 

Generally, Maille charges around $100 (£86per hour of the photo shoot, which can vary according to the brand she is promoting. She has been a brand model for various regional and international companies. 

Physical Outlooks: Height & Weight

Being an English model, undoubtedly, Maille has a gorgeous and stunning look. She stands at the height of 5 ft 7 inches (170 cm) and weighs around 59 kg (130 lbs).

Photo of Maille Doyle Stymest wearing black tops and jeans shorts with black shoes
Photo of Maille Doyle Stymest wearing black tops and jeans shorts with black shoes (Image Source:

Naturally, Maille has brown hair but prefers dyeing them black. Her brown eyes with her charming smile make her more attractive than usual. Despite being in her 30s, her fit body and toned skin give her the glamour of a teenager. 

Maille Doyle Is A Tattoos Freak 

Maille is indeed a tattoo lover like Levy Tran. She inked her body several times and has over twenty tattoos, including on her back, elbow, thigh, wrist, lips, fingers, etc. 

Maille Doyle Stymest showing her pirate-theemed tattoo
Maille Doyle Stymest showing her pirate-theemed tattoo (Image Source:

Maille has a crossed triangle third eye tattoo on her hands, birds, butterflies, and many more all over her body. Among all of them, the most incredible one is the huge pirate-themed tattoo that goes from the side of her hips to the top of her side ribs.

How Many Children Does Maille Have?

After one year of marriage, Maille and Ash were blessed with a lovely daughter, Summer Stymest, on March 23, 2012. They both tattooed the birth date of their son, Summer on their finger. Thereafter their divorce, Summer was raised by her father, Ash Stymest. 

Maille Stymest and her ex-husband Ash Stymest with their son Kash
Maille Stymest and her ex-husband Ash Stymest with their son Kash (Image Source:

Maille Stymest has two children, one with Ash and the other with Jackson Blyton, with whom she was in a relationship after the divorce with Ash. Despite an uneven relationship Maille and Blyton welcomed their son Kash after a few years of dating. 

Maille Doyle: Career & Professional Life

As mentioned earlier, Maille Doyle Pixie Stymest was born in Bristol, South West England. After her high school graduation from a school nearby her hometown in Bristol, she decided to relocate herself for a better future. Therefore, she moved to London to pursue her career in the fashion and modeling industry. 

Maille Doyle Stymest doing photo shoot for the clothing brand of RUN-DMC music group
Maille Doyle Stymest during a photo shoot for the clothing brand of RUN-DMC music group (Image Source:

Maille Stymest started her modeling career as a model in the iconic British clothing brand TopShop. She started to generate a good income from that and owned an apartment in London. So, she chose to stick with clothing brands like RUN- DMC and others. Also, she has been on the cover of Frontarmy or Front magazine. 

Social Media Presence: Active or Not?

Maille Doyle used to be pretty active across the internet and her social media. However, for some unknown reason, she deactivated all her social media accounts and other handles on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It might be because of her mental stress or other possibilities. 

Hopefully, she will make a sound comeback on social media platforms soon. We will update this article as soon as she makes a comeback, so keep rechecking the article. 


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