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Sun Dec 01 2019
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Mariusz Kolakowski is widely recognized as the husband of famous American meteorologist Maria Larosa. The couple is together for more than two decades and is raising three children.

The Businessman found the love of his life in the late 90s. After years of dating, the pair knew that they were right for each other. Not just them, Maria's fans also wanted to see the duo together forever. Now, let's know more about their married life.

Their Love Started on Romantic August Night

The year was 1997, and after the initial introduction, Maria went out on a date with Kolakowski. In the romantic night of August, the couple was gradually falling in love with each other.

Maria Larosa and Mariusz Kolakowski picture of their marriage
Image: Maria Larosa (right) and her husband, Mariusz Kolakowski (left). 
Source: Instagram @maria_larosa_wx

Both felt bewildering feelings for each other over the dinner. The pair went out for a couple of more dates before starting their affair. After a couple of years of relationship, they decided to turn their affair into a marital relationship. 

The lovebirds secretly tied the knot, and there are almost no reports about their wedding ceremony. On the occasion of their marriage anniversary, Maria posted some of their matrimony photos on her Instagram. 

Priceless Emotions at the Wedding

Even though the duo has not disclosed any details on their wedding ceremony, there are some pictures of their big day. According to her Instagram, Maria and Kolakowski exchanged wedding vows on June 23. 

Maria and Mariusz at their wedding smiling to the camera
Picture: Maria (right) with her hubby Mariusz (left). 
Source: Married Celeb

Larosa, however, did not slip the exact year of their union day. Scrolling some pictures of their weddings, we can see priceless emotions on the duos' face. The pair looked very happy, and with all the smiley faces, the bride and the groom waved from their car.

Maria wore a strapless gown with a veil on top of her head. On the other hand, Mariusz arrived on his big day on a black suit with a silver tie.

The Couple share Three Children

After just some years of marriage, the couple was blessed with the little bundle of joys. The couple welcomed their first child and, therefore, expanding their family from two to three.

Maria gave birth to Michael Kolakowski in 2005. Larosa also shared the picture of Michael on her Instagram in May 2016. The nostalgia did not stop there as Maria posted pictures of her other two children as well.

Maria and Mariusz with their three children
Frame: Maria (left) and Mariusz (right) with their three sons. 
Source: Instagram @maria_larosa_wx

Larosa and Kolakowski welcomed their second son, Justin Kolakowski, in 2008. Similarly, in 2010, the couple was blessed with another son, Tyler Kolakowski. She often uploads the picture of her children showing her love and gratitude towards her kids.

Not just her kids, Maria also praises her hubby Mariusz for standing by her side. She even posted a picture of Mariusz and three sons in 2017.

Mariusz's Personal Life

Apart from being busy in his professional life, Kolakowski takes out time for his family. He is a businessman and travels a lot due to work. Whenever he can, Mariusz takes out time from his busy schedule and visits some exotic locations with his brood.

Maria and Mariusz going out with for the family time for apple picking
Image: Maria and Mariusz at the apple farm with their children. 
Source: Instagram @maria_larosa_wx

Besides that, Maria spends some quality time with her friends, family, and children. On August 22, 2018, she traveled to San Diego with her friends to spend her weekend. Apart from that, she is also very busy with her work.

Previously, Maria worked as the Meteorologist at The Weather Channel, where Bryan Norcross, Felicia Combs, and many more still serve. As of now, she is serving at WNBC-TV since July 2019.


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