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Actor (2008)
Wed Nov 09 2022
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Mekhai Allan Andersen is a celebrated American actor who is best known as Henry LaMontagne in the TV series, Criminal Minds.

Andersen was born on 13th September 2008 in Los Angeles, California. He was born under the birth sign of Virgo. Furthermore, he has got stunning golden hair and dark brown eyes. Additionally, Allan was 1.6 ft (48.768 cm) tall and weighed 7 lbs and 10 ounces (3.46 kgs) at the time of his birth.

Where is Andersen Studying?

As of his age, Andersen must be in continuing his high school education by this time.

However, his high school's name has not been revealed yet. Further, his university majors are also unknown for now.

Who Are Allan's Parents? 

Allan was born to his father Nathan Andersen and his mother A.J. Cook. His father is an American entrepreneur and fashion designer. Moreover, Allan's mother is a popular Canadian actress.

Nathan Andersen in a black t-shirt, grey pants and brown hat with his wife in a black dress and pale coat posing with their sons.
Mekhai Allan Andersen with his family (Source:

Allan along with his sibling was raised by his parents in California. Both the children of the Andersen family are affectionate and playful.

Andersen's Grandparents

Allan's paternal grandparents have not been exposed to any media agencies yet.

However, from his mother's side, Sandra Cook and Mike Cook are the grandparents of young Andersen.

Allan on IMDb

Andersen has just begun his career development and is yet to be successful. He has got one credit as an actor in the TV series, Criminal Minds.

The series was released in 2019. Allan has acted in thirteen episodes of this series.

Net Worth of Mekhai Allan Andersen

From his acting career, Mekhai has ensued the amount of $400,000. He has not revealed his passive income sources yet.

Apart from that, his father has a net worth of $4 million while his mother has a wealth of $5 million.

Andersen's Love Life

For now, the child artist is not dating anyone. Love is too matured subject for which Allan is currently too young to experience.

He might be having relationships in the future but for now, the boy has to focus on his studies and his future career.

Allan's Siblings 

Allan has a younger sibling who is very adorable. His name is Phoenix Sky Andersen.

Mekhai Allan Andersen in a blue t-shirt and shirts holding his brother in his arms along the seaside.
Photo of Mekhai Allan Andersen (Photo Source:

The young boy was welcomed on 23rd July 2015. He was also born and raised in California.

Andersen's Children

Young Andersen is yet to be a father. He does not have a child. Further, he has not gone for an adoption of a minor.

Allan has just grown up and shunned his childhood. So, he is too young to become a father.

Mekhai Allan Andersen on Social Media

Mekhai is present on Instagram. However, he has collected an admirable number of fans. For now, he has nearly 7k adherents. Nevertheless, we believe that his fan following will skyrocket in the latter days.

Additionally, Andersen also lacks a Wikipedia page for now.



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