Melissa Lee and Benjamin Kallo's Secret Married Life

Fri Nov 01 2019
By   Bibek

You might assume that Melissa Lee is not a married woman because of her secretive nature. But as per original reports published in 2018, online tabloids claim that she tied the knot to Benjamin Kallo in 2017. 

So, what's the truth? Is she secretly married to her boyfriend? Or the Fast Money host is still looking for the right guy. To know more about her relationship status, hang around as we try to explore more into her love life.

Lee's Secret Wedding

According to the, the award-winning CNBC journalist, Melissa Lee walked down the aisle with her longtime boyfriend, Benjamin, in August 2017. As per Ben's professional profile, he works as the senior research analyst for Robert W. Baird. Just like Melissa, Kallo often appears in the CNBC News as a contributor to the news. 

Benjamin Kallo and Melissa Lee enjoying a holiday outdoors
Image: Benjamin Kallo (left) with Melissa Lee (right). 
Source: Superbhub

Melissa, however, has not disclosed any details about her wedding yet. The matrimonial ceremony took place in a private venue where the pair exchanged vows alongside their colleagues, friends, and family. 

So far, Lee and Kallo have not appeared publicly on any events. Not just that, the couple also do not share any details about their personal life on social media. The online tabloids, however, informs that the pair first met in 2012 and eventually started dating. And after dating for four years, they finally exchanged the vows.

In an interview, however, Lee disclosed about her adventurous honeymoon with her spouse. 

CNBC Reporter Went On A Safari For Her Honeymoon

As per the reports, the couple traveled to jungle safari on their honeymoon. They enjoyed on a jungle safari and came back with some excellent memories. The award-winning journalist loves to travel across the world, and because of her work, she is filming documentaries all the time.

This time, Lee and her spouse encountered a different experience on the safari and came back to New York, stating herself as a city person. During the nature tour, the duo loved the sightseeing of wild animals. Lee, furthermore, revealed that even the internet was patchy on the safari, the experience was very surreal.

Is She Raising A Child?

As per the little disclosure about her personal life, we can tell that Melissa is not raising a child and even not pregnant. The couple is not yet ready for kids. It's been two years to her marital life, and Lee is very much focused on her work rather than becoming a mother.

Melissa Lee at her home scrolling through her ipad
Picture: Melissa Lee sitting on her couch at her home.
 Source: Married Celeb

Apart, there are not many details about her past relationship. She might've dated a few men, but Lee never gave birth to any child for her previous romantic affairs. 

Melissa Inspiring Girls Through Her Work

The Gracie Award winner has managed to inspire many people, especially girls, through her fantastic work on television. She started her work at the Green Neck Record and gradually made her move to news networks like CNBC and CNN.

Melissa Lee hosting a show in CNBC
Frame: Melissa Lee hosting Money in Motion at CNBC. 
Source: Married Celeb

The Emmy-Award nominee, additionally, worked with many famous journalists including Mary Thompson, Scott McGrew, and Yasmin Vossoughian at CNBC. She also hosted shows like Fast Money, Power Lunch, Money in Motion: Currency trading, and filmed documentaries in her professional career. 

As of now, she is focused on bringing the best financial news to her audience. 


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