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Celebrity Child (2016)
Thu Nov 18 2021
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Michaiah Hanks is a celebrity daughter who has gained much recognition from her family background. She is known as the daughter of actor and rapper Chester Marlon Hanks. Further, she is also most known for being the granddaughter of well-known actors Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

Her father Hanks pursues a career in both the acting and music industries with the stage name Chet Hunks; he is recognized for his appearances in Empire and Shameless on television.

Who Is Michaiah Hanks Mother? 

Chet's previous partner named Tiffany Miles is Michaiah Hanks' mother. She was neither Chet's girlfriend nor had a romantic connection. According to reports, they just had a one-night fling while the Chet was drunk.

Photo Of Michaiah Hanks With Her Mother Tiffany Miles
Michaiah Hanks WIth Her Mother  Tiffany Miles
 Source: sugerfries

Michaiah is multiracial since Tiffany is a black lady with African-American roots. Michaiah presently resides in Palm Springs, California, where she spends most of her time now.

Nevertheless, Chet and Tiffany have broken up. It does not, however, prevent efforts to provide Michaiah with the quality upbringing she deserves. Chet and Tiffany appear to be enjoying co-parenting Michaiah in a friendly manner.

Michaiah's Father Chet Hunks Drugs Addiction 

Apart from Chet, Hanks has a long history of drug usage. This case might be due to his parent's position of power. Unfortunately, knowledge of his drug addiction broke in the media when he was 16 years old, thrusting him into the public eye. As a result, he has been in and out of treatment for several months.

Photo Of Hanks Family
Michaiah Hanks With Her Family Members
Source: celebsuburb

Together, the couple with their child suddenly announced their connection to the world. Chet even credited his newborn daughter Michaiah for inspiring him to seek recovery. As of now, he and his family are currently living a life free of addiction.

Net Worth Of Michaiah Hanks 

Michaiah Hanks is so small to act in professional work. But Chet Hanks, her father, has amassed a sizable fortune over the years. His earnings are expected to be substantial. Apart from that, he brings a good income from his rap concerts. 

Photo Of Chet Hanks
American Actor And Musician Chet Hanks 
Source: earnthenecklace

He has an estimated sum of a net worth of over $10 million in 2021. He also serves as a judge for several rap competitions, which garnered him a lot of success. Similarly, Tom Hans has a sizable fortune; Tom Hanks is worth over $350 million.

When Michaiah Hanks was Born? 

Michaiah Hanks was born on April 16, 2016, in Los Angeles, California. Colin Hanks and Elizabeth Hanks, step-brothers of Chet and Truman Hanks, are her uncles and aunts, the youngest Hanks siblings.

Currently, she is the age of 5. Her ethnicity is African Americans. Michaiah is an only child; hence she does not have any siblings. She is currently studying in a primary school.

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