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Interior designer (1981)

Nicky Marmet is a celebrity boyfriend who has been in the headlines since his relationship and engagement with the talented actress Robin Tunney. He has been in the headlines for years due to his boyfriend status and his successful career.

Nicky, who hails from Los Angeles, California was born on August 26, 1981, as Nicholas James Marmet. Concerning his citizenship, he is American but is rumored to have roots in South Africa.

By profession, Nicky is an interior designer and a very talented one. Furthermore, he has worked with great success and has many high-profile clients and even has his own design firm.

Net Worth Details: Nicky Marmet Is A Millionaire

The successful interior designer, Nicky Marmet has an estimated net worth of about $3 million which is similar to Atom Egoyan. He made his money from his design firm and has an amazing profile of work.

Nicky Marmet on the beach.
Nicky Marmet on the beach. Source: Instagram @robintunney

On the other hand, Nicky's girlfriend, Robin Tunney has an estimated net worth of about $8 million. She is a huge success as an actress and has won critical acclaim for her work.

Nicky and Robin reportedly own a gorgeous mid-century home in Beverly Hills designed by sculptor Morris Levine. The mansion is reportedly worth about $5 million. The home is where the couple hosts their families for get-togethers.

Relationship Timeline Of Nicky And Robin

Nicky Marmet and Robin Tunney are a lovely couple who have been together for more than a decade. The pair were introduced by mutual friends at a party sometime before 2012 and started dating immediately.

The happy lovers Robin and Nicky got engaged on the lovely beaches of Rio de Janeiro on Christmas Day. They have gone on to have a long and blissful relationship and maintain a happy family.

Engagement Ring Details - How Did Nicky Proposed Robin? 

Nicky actually had two attempts at a successful proposal. Initially, he was ready to pull out the stunning diamond ring during the day but Robin felt ill. Luckily she was not aware of the proposal.

The final proposal happened when Robin felt better. She was very surprised and thrilled that he proposes and said yes. She even gushed about the proposal in an interview with US Weekly.

One of the few public photos of Nicky Marmet's fiance, Robin Tunney wearing her diamond engagement ring
One of the few public photos of Nicky Marmet's fiance, Robin Tunney wearing her diamond engagement ring. Source: Instagram @robintunney

The ring in question was a stunning diamond that had been a Marmet family heirloom. Nicky's grandmother wore that diamond for her marriage. The stone was reset by Beverly Hills jeweler, Ann Marie Stanton.

Have Nicky And Robin Married Yet?

There is no confirmation that Nicky Marmet and Robin Tunney have tied the knot. In the media, they are referred to as finances and there is no news about their past or future nuptials. They are not married to date.

However, there is no indication that Nicky and Robin are planning a wedding anytime soon. The couple seems to be enjoying calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend from their socials. 

Maybe Nicky and Robin will tie the knot at their children's urging, similar to Amy Adams and Darren Le Gallo's nuptials.

Has Two Kids

Nicky Marmet and Robin Tunney are parents to two children. Their oldest son, Oscar Holly Marmet was born in 2016. Then four years later they welcomed their baby girl Colette Kathleen Marmet in 2020.

A picture of Nicky Marmet's baby Colette, son Oscar, and dog Rufus.
A picture of Nicky Marmet's baby Colette, son Oscar, and dog Rufus. Source: Instagram @robintunney

Nicky and Robin are adoring parents and frequently share their happy moments on social media. They also have a dog named Rufus who is their best friend. The couple often encourages pet adoptions from family posts.

A Quick Look At Robin's Past Relationships

While Nicky's past marital history is not known, Robin was once wed to producer and director Bob Gosse. The marriage lasted from 1997 to 2007, but they actually separated in 2002. They have remained good friends after the divorce.

In the past, Robin has dated many people ranging from actors to architects. She was once in a long-term relationship with Australian writer and director Andrew Dominik. They even got engaged in 2010 but the relationship did not last.

Height & Weight Of Nicky 

Nicky Marmet is a tall and lanky man who is often athletic. He is a handsome guy who gives a mysterious vibe and often has a trimmed beard.

Marmet stands 5 ft 10 inches tall and has hazel eyes. He has light brown hair and is often tanned. He has a sculpted face and European looks.

A photo of Nicky Marmet from Robin Tunney's socials
A photo of Nicky Marmet from Robin Tunney's socials. Source: Instagram @robintunney

On the other hand, Nicky's children seem to have inherited their gorgeous looks from their mom. The kids and their mom Robin share stunning green eyes.

About Robin Tunney And Her Success

Robin Tunney has been working as an actress since 1989 when she was just seventeen. She is from a working-class background from the South Side of Chicago. She has a bartender mom, Kathleen, who sadly passed away, and a car salesman dad, Patrick Tunney. 

Initially, Robin would go from interview to interview hoping to land a role. She said that the fact that the journey was difficult made her appreciate her career even more. 

Robin is most known for starring as Veronica Donovan in Prison Break and as Teresa Lisbon in the Mentalist along with Alex Saxon. She has appeared in lead roles in movies like Vertical Limit, Niagara, Niagara, and End of Days, after getting her first commercial success from the 1996 movie The Craft.

Career Highlights

Nicky Marmet is a very successful interior designer who is actually a named partner in his design and interior architecture firm. He designs for residential and commercial properties. Interestingly, he actually decorated his shared home with Robin Tunney.

Initially, Marmet studied design at the University of California, Los Angeles. But he chose left school early to work full-time for designer Brad Dunning. Brad actually designed Anna Speckhart's mother Demi Moore's 1950s canyonside house.

Nicky opened Nicky Marmet Designs in 2013 which actually decorated the home of the famous Marvel star, Robert Downey Jr. The firm is stable and operating at a profit even today having its own team of architects, designers, and decorators.

Social Media Presence

Nicky has a social media presence on Instagram from his handle, @nickymarmet where he shares his designs. Further, he even has his own website,, where he is very public with his profile.

Nicky Marmet and his fiance Robin Tunney
Nicky Marmet and his fiance Robin Tunney. Source: Instagram @robintunney

However, photos of Nicky and his family are mostly on Robin Tunney's socials. Robin has an Instagram handle @robintunney which has 422K followers. She shares snaps of her fiance, children, and pets there as well as her work.

There is also a Twitter account by the name @RealRobinTunney but it is not confirmed if it is an authentic account. The account in question has 18K followers.


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