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Sun Dec 01 2019
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MSNBC Anchor Nicolle Wallace has moved on from her husband of fourteen years. As per the latest updates, Wallace is dating a New York Times writer who frequently featured as the guest on her show.

Nicolle and her former husband are also parents of a six-year-old son. So, who is this new lover of MSNBC host? Let's find out more about Wallace's relationship status.

Who is Nicolle's Current Flame?

After more than a decade of marital relationship, Wallace has now moved on. According to Page Six, the MSNBC host is reportedly dating a New York Times writer Michael Schmidt. Michael is a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist who leaked the details of Hillary Clinton's secret email server.

Michael Schmidt and Nicole Wallace
Image: Nicolle Wallace (right) and Michael Schmidt (left). 
Source: Daily Entertainment News

Schmidt regularly appeared on Nicolle's show "Deadline: White House." That's where the pair first met with each other. As per reports, the couple has now disclosed their romantic affair to the chief of the news network. Her former husband, Mark Wallace, however, refused to comment on anything regarding the romantic affair.

The paparazzi spotted Nicolle and Michael at the SXSW festival in Texas. Another source close to Wallace and Schmidt revealed that they just attended a breakfast together. Both of them are very professional, and the source rejected the possibility of them dating. Not only that, Nicolle and Michael has refused to comment on this matter.

The Wallace Couple intimate Wedding

MSNBC Anchor and her former husband Mark tied the knot in 2005. There are not many details about the wedding ceremony which suggest the pair celebrated their big day in a private venue.

Mark Wallace with his former wife Nicole Wallace
Picture: Mark Wallace (right) with former wife Nicolle Wallace (left). 
Source: Pinterest

Mark is widely recognized as a businessman who also worked as a diplomat and a lawyer. In addition to that, Mark also served alongside George W. Bush in his 2004 re-election win. He is currently heading the United against Nuclear Iran.

Both of them were working for George Bush in 2004; that's where they first met each other. Nearly after seven years of their marriage, Nicolle gave birth to the couples' only son Liam Wallace in 2012. 

The Divorce

After fourteen years of marital life, MSNBC host initiated her divorce proceedings on March 18, 2019. According to sources, the pair were already living separately for a year. 

Nicole and Mark Wallace with their son Liam picture up top
Frame: Nicolle and Mark's son Liam Wallace (top-right) with his mom. 
Source: Liverampup

The sources further say that the split came as a mutual understanding, but the exact reason for the divorce is still unknown. So far, any details about the settlement fees and the child custody are not on records.  

Nicolle and Mark featured in a HBO Movie

In 2012, HBO released its political drama named Game Change. The show showcased the political battle between McCain and Palin. It received a fair critical acclamation and support from the fans.

Sarah Paulson played the character of Nicolle, and Ron Livingston played the role of Mark. During that time, she worked as a senior adviser to Sarah Palin while Mark worked for John McCain.

Check out the movie trailer for Game Change

After that, Nicolle served as the co-host for The View in 2015 before joining MSNBC. After joining MSNBC, she has become a vocal critic of the US President Donald Trump. She is a prominent face for the news network alongside Kasie Hunt, Cal Perry, and Milissa Rehberger, to name a few.


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