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Paul Reubens

Vineet Published On Thu Mar 12 2020   Modified On Thu Mar 12 2020
Paul Reubens

Facts of Paul Reubens

Full NamePaul Reubens
First NamePaul
Last NameReubens
ProfessionActor, Comedian
Birth CityPeekskill New York
Birth CountryAmerica
Father NameMilton Rubenfeld
Mother NameJudy Rubenfeld
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusSingle
SpouseChandi Heffner (Ex.)
Relation WithDebi Mazar (Ex.)
Height168 cm
Twitter Profile
Wiki Profile
Date of BirthAugust 27,1952
Age68 years
Amount4 million


    Body and Relation Status of Paul Reubens

    What is Paul Reubens marital status ?Single
    Who is Paul Reubens married with?Chandi Heffner (Ex.)
    Who is Paul Reubens in Relation with?Debi Mazar (Ex.)
    What is the height of Paul Reubens?168 cm
    What is the weight of Paul Reubens?kg

    Paul Reubens is an American actor, writer, film producer, host of game shows. He is widely famous for being a comedian who known for his eccentric, infantile comedy style. He has been on the big screen as well as on several TV series since the 1980s.

    Paul Reubens's birthplace in Peekskill New York and was born on 27 August 1952. He is of American origin and falls under the sign of Virgo. His siblings are Milton Rubenfeld and Judy. He completed his education from  Boston University and the California Institute of Arts. Let's know about his affairs and current partner.

    Paul Reubens Current Relationship

    The 67 years old Paul Reubens seems to be leading a single life as per now. Despite his widely famous persona, the actor has managed to keep his personal life under wraps.

    Paul Reubens in an interview
    Image: Paul Reubens
    Source: Getty image

    If he is in a romantic affair, then we need to wait before Paul himself spills any beans. Moreover, he is focused on his forthcoming movie assignments and departed himself from any kind of affairs.

    Nonetheless, he used to be a married man in the late '90s. Just scroll down to know his past relationship.

    Unsuccessful Marital Life Of Paul Reubens

    During 1990 rumored flew around the Hollywood that he tied in a knot with Ashley Brooke. It is believed that his first wife was an actress of adult movies. However, Paul never disclosed any information on the regard of his relationship with Ashley Brooke.

    Later on, he made headlines, when he got married to Chandi Heffner. The lovely couple went to Hawaii where they exchanged their wedding vows on behalf of his closed family and friends.

    Their wedding ceremony was held at a Doris Duke’s mansion in Honolulu, Hawaii. However, it was eventually confirmed that the ceremony was in fact, a mock wedding.

    Love Life with Debi Mazar

    The exceptional comedian, Reubens had dated stunning beauty, Debi Mazar. Rumored flew around the media that Paul Reubens had an affair with Debi Mazar while he was married to Chandi Heffner.

    Additionally, it is believed that they love birds were in a relationship for six years. In fact, his relationship with Debi is reported to have helped Paul to overcome the depression caused by his arrest in 1991.

    Paul Reubens And His Former Girlfriend Debi Mazar. Walkind down On event during  around late 90's.
    Image: Paul Reubens And His Former Girlfriend Debi Mazar
    Source: Getty image 

    According to internet tabloids, Reuben got engaged with Debi Mazar in 1994. But the couple splits after spending several years in a relationship.

    However, Paul and Debi never mentioned his engagement details neither the couple openly speaks about their engagement till these days. As of now, he seems to be an unmarried man without a wife as there is no news of his marriage or link-ups since 2002.

    Family Background

    He is a native of Florida where his Father Milton Rubenfeld and mother Judy Rubenfeld own a lamp shop. Moreover, his mother was a teacher whereas his father was a car salesperson. 

    Picture of Paul Ruben while he was at His Young Age. Young Paul Rubenfeld
    Image: Paul Ruben At His Young Age
    Source: Pinterest 

    Before that, Paul's father Milton used to serve in the Royal Air Force in Britain and U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II. Paul's father later on, throughout 1948 served in the war between Arab-Israeli and considered as one of the key members of the Israeli Air Force.

    Apart from his father's great achievements, Reubens got two younger siblings. His brother Luke Rubenfeld was born on 1958 and currently, he is a dog trainer.

    Paul Reubens Younger Sister Abby Reubens. Abby is an attorney and and a board member of the American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee.
    Frame: Paul Reubens sister Abby Reubens 
    Source: Pride 

    His only sister Abby Reubens was born on 1953 and currently, she is an attorney and a board member of the American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee.

    Is Paul Reubens Gay?

    The sexuality of Reubens is always a skeptic. He always created a dilemma in regard of his actual sexuality. His fans became more speculative after Netflix's series Pee-wee's Big Holiday. In Pee-wee's, the famous actor Reuben played a part of a gay man.

    Paul RubenAnd His Friend
    Image: Paul Ruben And His Friend
    Source: Pinterest 

    He was accused of being homosexual by his fans. The Queerty mentioned him to be openly gay but does not want to open his mouth about his sexuality. In the future, we too will know if he agrees to reveal it.

    Allegation Against Paul Reubens

    The life of Hollywood, especially of celebrities, is full of ups and downs. In fact, it appears to provide more issues with popular actors. Similarly, one of the most influential comedians, actor Paul Reubens repeatedly been found guilty in several cases.

    Children's entertainer Paul has been convicted of child abuse and obscenity that has become the biggest heartbreak in the Hollywood industry. Due to allegation, his career suffered from a horrible setback during 1991. 

     Paul Reuben In Prison In 1991 convicted of child abuse and obscenity
    Caption: Paul Reuben In Prison In 1991
    Source: nydairlynews

    Paul is also charged at a Florida adult theater with the allegations of indecent exposure. After finding him guilty, he was charged for a $219 bond. Later on, after paying the due Reubens got free from county prison.

    During that time, Paul faced public criticism that ruined his clean public image. Afterward, the legendary comedian's fans and friends held solidarity marches, and his colleagues and executives even talked in favor of him.

    Nevertheless, he was arrested with child abuse in 2002 after 11 years of his previous allegation. Police discovered evidence of explicit magazines that featured children's contents.

    Evidently, he surrenders in front of the attorney for pointing out a few photos from the adult movie set. As a punishment, he paid a $100 penalty in 2004.

    What is Paul's Net Worth?

    Being one of the most prominent comedians, he has earned an enormous amount of wealth and fortune through his career earnings. As per 2020, his net worth is estimated at around $4 million. Whereas the actor likes worth Shaun Johnston a million dollars.

    He is behind in many blockbuster Hollywood movies like Pee-wee's Big Holiday, Accidental Love, Blow, The Troopers, 1992 batman returns and Buffy the Vampire Slayer where he must have received thousands of dollars for his side roles.

    Paul Reuben and His Luxurious Cars
    Caption: Paul Reuben and His Luxurious Cars
    Source: Getty Image

    Similarly, he has also portrayed supporting roles in movies like The blacklist, Pushing Daisies, Dirt, 30 rock and Reno 011 where he must have gained around $200,000 to 350,000 which is an average wage of supporting actors. Likewise, Hollywood actor Grayson McCouch charges around $200,000 to $250,000.

    His acting career reaches into the top after he starred in the Netflix Pee-Wee's Big Holiday. Pee-wee was so successful that when it aired in HBO in 1981, it went into mainstream. He must have made millions through these shows.

    A prominent role in TV series Like Gotham, Mosaic, Penn Zero and Pickle and peanut where he must have received around $100,000 to $150,000 per episode which is a basic salary of T.V series actors. On the other hand actor like Paul Schulze receives around $55,000 per episode.

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