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Mon May 11 2020
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Google, Uber, and now Facebook, Rachel Whetstone, are steering the wheel of these powerful tech companies globally. She and her husband Steve Hilton is also known as one of the power couples, as they understand how the axes of power operate.

Maybe not like Pete Hegseth, but Steve Hilton also supported President Trump, which raised many eyebrows at the time. He joined Fox News and started doing the show called The Next Revolution. He, furthermore, said that Fox News is the only place in America where the actual political debate is going on.

Besides their professional life, How are Rachel Whetstone and Steve's Married Life Going on? The couple is super secretive about their personal life, but we have some details on their wedding. Want to know more? Then read along.

The Tory Power Couple

Rachel exchanged her wedding vows with Hilton in a 2008 surprise wedding. Yes, the ceremony was so low-profile that even her parents had no idea of the big day. According to one of her friends, that's how both of them are- incredibly low-key.

Rachel Whetstone and her husband Steve Hilton
Image: Rachel Whetstone and her husband, Steve Hilton 
Source: Independent

After Whetstone's son Ben was being christened, Rachel's friend remembers that everyone was surprised by Vicar's announcement. The Vicar said that today is also going to be the day of Rachel and Steve's wedding.

Hilton and Whetstone were so low-profile on their big day that they were not even in their wedding dress. Her friend said Rachel arrived in a strippy cotton dress without much make-up while Steve also wore an informal dress. 

Everyone was surprised, especially Rachel's father, when he said,

"What on earth's going on?"

The couple performed their wedding, and a couple of weeks later, they threw a wedding dinner in a basement restaurant in Kensington. After their wedding, they moved to Silicon Valley with their children.

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Rachel's Secret Love Affair

Before finding her love Steve Hilton, Whetstone had a secret affair with a married man. During the 90s and early 2000s, Rachel was best friends with former UK Prime Minister David Cameroon and his wife, Samantha Cameroon.

Steve Hilton with former UK Prime Minister David Cameroon
Frame: Steve Hilton with David Cameroon, former UK Prime Minister 
Source: The Guardian

Whetstone, however, got involved in a romantic relationship with Samantha's stepfather William Astor A.K.A. Lord Astor. According to her friends, Rachel was in an affair with Lord Astor for two years. During the holiday trip on the Scottish Island with David and Samantha Cameroon, the news of the affair broke out.

Daily Mail announced the news of her affair with Lord Astor, which created a big row. That ended the affair and also personal friendship with David Cameroon. Whetstone left politics and moved on to work with Google.

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Rachel and Steve's Found Each Other

After some time joining Google, Hilton and Whetstone found each other attractive. One of her close friends says it's not clear who fell for who first, but it's not hard to wrap the head around that they are together.

Even though there is no exact date of their romantic affair, reports from sources claim it was sometime around 2005. Reportedly, the couple is also the parents of two children (Ben and Sonny). 

Because when she took over the position as the head of communication for Google all over Europe, she was pregnant with her second child. As of now, the couple is living in the USA with their two children. 

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