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Actor and Voice artist (1968)
Sun Jan 29 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Shawn Fonteno

Wife : Bridgette Johnson
Shawn Fonteno married Bridgette Johnson in 1996.

Shawn Fonteno is an African-American actor and voice artist who came into the limelight after providing the voice to one of the characters in the popular video game Grand Theft Auto V.

His birth name is Shawn Darnell Fonteno, born on April 8, 1968, in South Los Angeles, California, United States. His zodiac sign is Aries.

In addition, Fonteno is popularly known as Franklin Clinton. He got this name after providing the voice in Grand Theft Auto V, launched in 2013.

Owns A White Mercedes

Fonteno has a beautiful 2013 Mercedes-Benz G550 which costs around $113,905. Due to his perfection in acting and voiceover, he has made himself a brand.

Picture of Shawn Fonteno and his white Mercedes
Picture of Shawn Fonteno and his white Mercedes (Image Source: @solo118)

Not only this, but also Fonteno owns many expensive cars like the 2011 Rolls-Royce Ghost besides Mercedes, which we can see via Instagram and Twitter.

Net Worth - Fonteno Is A Millionaire

3 Strikes actor Shawn Fonteno has a net worth of $2 million, just like Bae Suzy, which he earned through his successful acting and singing career. Besides that, he is the voice of Franklin Clinton, who assisted him in making more money. 

Before Grand Theft V, he provided the voice to many frictional characters and released his albums which made him add some money to his wealth.

Today Fonteno lives a comfortable life owing many cars and houses, which he gained through his hard work and dedication.

Has A Tattoo

GTA V voice artist Fonteno is the kind of person who loves art and paintings. He loves doing art on his body which leads him to have tattoos on both hands. He is a tattoo lover.

Image of Shawn Fonteno and his tattoos on both hands.
Image of Shawn Fonteno and his tattoos on both hands. Source: Instagram: @Shawn_Fonteno

He has a flower tattoo on his left hand, whereas his right-hand tattoo is still behind the curtain. We can see his tattoos via Instagram and Twitter.

Physical Appearances

Grow House actor Shawn Fonteno has a height of 5 feet 8 inches (178cm) and weighs around 60 kg (132lbs). He is a good-looking guy who has brown eyes and black hair. 

On top of that, he often wears caps to put swag on his personality since he is a hip-hop rapper.

We can also see him with a mustache and short beard, which looks perfect on him. People loved his good physique and cute smile.

Parents Details

Talking about Fonteno's parents, he is the son of Thomas Fonteno. However, there is still no evidence of his father's profession and the identity of other family members.

Furthermore, he is the older cousin of Young Maylay, an American rapper from Los Angeles.

Married To Bridgette Johnson

Grow House actor Fonteno has a lovely wife, Bridgette Johnson. The romantic couple exchanged their vows on November 2, 1996, with a grand celebration. They got married in the presence of their family members, close friends and coworkers.

Picture of Shawn Fonteno and his wife Bridgette Johnson
Picture of Shawn Fonteno and his wife Bridgette Johnson (Image Source: Twitter @Shawn_Fonteno)

The gorgeous couple has been happily married for more than twenty years. We can see their togetherness and happiness on various social media platforms.

Talking about Johson's profession, she is a Clinical Assistant Professor and has a Bachelor's Degree in Arts.

Has A Daughter

The romantic couple Fonteno and Johnson are blessed with one beautiful daughter named Bria Fonteno. The romantic couple welcomed Bria on August 13, but the exact date is still a mystery.

The beautiful couple hasn't disclosed her daughter's information. However, we learned that Bria is now in the film industry and was even seen doing the promo of her film in 2015. Fonteno even shared this on his Twitter.

About Franklin Clinton: Virtual Character 

Franklin is the main character of Grand Theft V, voiced by Fonteno. Talking about his role in video games, he is the criminal who steals cars and other valuable things. 

He was born in Los Santos, where he started his criminal activities. He desired to be more powerful and richer, which he completed after meeting Michael, one of the characters. After that, he also becomes friends with Trevor.

If you want to know more about Franklin Clinton, you can play the popular video game ''Grand Theft V.''

Fonteno's Contribution To Grand Theft V

As mentioned earlier, actor Fonteno got into prominence after providing the voice to Franklin Clinton, the main protagonist in Grand Theft Auto V. It is a 2013 action game developed by Rockstar North.

Picture of Franklin Clinton of GTA V voiced by Shawn Fonteno
Picture of Franklin Clinton of GTA V (Image Source: @solo118)

Talking about Fonteno's character in Grand Theft, he is one of the three main characters. In this video game, Franklin has a best friend, Lamar Davis and a dog named Chop. 

The other two main characters are Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips, voiced by Ned Luke and Steven Ogg. Yasha Jackson has also provided the voice in GTA V.

Career As An Actor 

Fonteno is a renowned African-American actor who has appeared in many popular films. Before being a voice artist, he used to be an actor. 

He has undoubtedly given many successful films throughout his acting career.

Grow House, The Wash, and 3 Strikes are some films where he has appeared. He is known for his perfect acting; besides providing his voice in Grand Theft V., all his movies have a good rating.

Loves Sharing Memes

The Wash actor Fonteno loves memes and often shares the memes with his fans. His social media sites are almost covered with memes. He is the kind of person who enjoys memes. 

Fonteno has even shared the meme of former president Donald Trump. He shared that meme where he quoted:

 "I'm not into politics, but I found it funny.''

Furthermore, he believes sharing memes can relax people and help them get smiles.

Owns A Pet 

Fonteno has a beautiful black bulldog, which is of the French breed. These type of dogs have traits or patterns in their body which causes a genetic disorder.

Picture of Shawn Fonteno's Frebch bull dog
Picture of Shawn Fonteno's pet (Image Source: Twitter @Shawn_Fonteno )

Fonteno considered his pet a buddy. They are often seen together having fun on various social media, especially on Twitter.

Inspires People Through Social Media

3 Strikes actor Fonteno is the kind of person who loves to help and inspire people through his notable work. He often shares the post with a beautiful message to motivate his fans.

Once, he shared the post to make his fans realize the cause and solutions to their problems. He told his fans not to panic while dealing with issues. Instead of panicking, try to find the cause of the problems.

He shared a beautiful and inspiring message on Twitter by giving the example of a red ant and a black ant.

About Young Maylay: Fonteno's Cousin

Young Maylay, whose real name is Christopher Bellard, was born on June 17, 1979, in California, USA. He is an American rapper and voice artist. 

Interestingly both Maylay and Fonteno got fame and recognization after portraying in the popular video game Grand Theft. Maylay portrayed the role of Carl Johnson, one of the characters in this video game. 

Besides this, Maylay has also appeared in popular movies like Dogstar: High School 2. He has also shared the screen with Faizon Love and Clifton Powell.

Fonteno's Documentary

If you want to know more about Shawn Fonteno, you can watch his documentary, which is available on Youtube. On Aug 2, 2014, the channel 90s Hip Hop uploaded a story (documentary) of Shawn Fonteno.

A screenshot of  Shawn Fonteno's YouTube interview video.
A screenshot of  Shawn Fonteno's YouTube interview video. Image Source: YouTube (Channel: 90s Hip Hop)

The documentary includes his personal information, past life, role in GTA V, and suffering during his career. Besides that, there is much information about Fonteno. The documentary is eight minutes long and has more than 2.5M views.

Fonteno's Book: Game Changer

Popular for the role of Franklin Clinton, Fonteno has his book called a Game Changer. This book includes his journey and his role in various popular games. The author of this book is Yusuf Jah.

Game Changer is available in various markets as well as we can also find this book on Amazon. The book contains the biography of Shawn Fonteno.

Social Media 

Fonteno has an Instagram account with the username @solo118. On his Instagram, he has more than 419K followers. Similarly, on Twitter, he has more than 55K followers. His Twitter account is @Shawn_Fonteno.

Furthermore, his Twitter and Instagram accounts are verified, and he joined Twitter in July 2013.


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