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Sat Jun 18 2022
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If you are a stand-up comedy or a sketch-comedy fan, then you must have heard of David Chappelle. Chappelle is famous for walking away from a $50 million deal with Comedy Central besides being one of the greatest stand up of all time. In this article, we brought you all the facts about Sonal Chappelle, who is the only daughter of the comedian.

Sonal was born in early 2009 in Yellow Springs, Ohio, in the United States to father Dave Chappelle and mother Elaine Mendoza Erfe as Sanna Chappelle. She has two brothers Sulayman Chappelle and Ibrahim Chappelle.

Parents Interracial Relationship

Sonal's parents are happily married with three beautiful kids. They share two very different past and cultures. Her father, Dave, comes from an African-American household in Washington D.C., and her mother is from a Philippine heritage.

Dave Chappelle and his wife Elaine
Snap: Sonal's father Dave and mother Elaine
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The lovely pair met in New York City, but how and when they met is not known. They got married in 2001 after being in a relationship for some time. The comedian is very secretive about his personal life but doesn't shy away from mentioning her in his specials. He has made various jokes involving his wife and children.

Sonal and her family know about her parents relationship
Image: Sonal with her parents and her brothers
Source: celeb tattler

The couple has been married now for 19 years and is happy together. They have three children together. Dave is one of his specials said,

“My wife is Asian, and my kids have somehow turned out to be Puerto Rican.”

They frequently travel together to Elaine's native country, the Philippines, vacation, and even to boxing events.

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Chappelle Family Net Worth

Sonal's family has well-settled thanks to her father Dave's $50 million net worth. The comic earned his riches from T.V. shows, Comedy specials, and movies.

Dave started his career in 1993 as a movie actor in Robin Hood: Men in Tights as Ahchoo. His first job as a writer and a producer was in the 1998 movie Half-Baked. Even though the film was a commercial and critical failure at the time, it has now been seen as a cult classic.

Dave in movie learn his net worth
Picture: Sonal's Father in A Star is Born
Source: YouTube

In 2015, he appeared in Spike-Lee's movie Chi-Raq as Morris and in 2018 in A Star is Born alongside Lady Gaga and Bradly Cooper. In his time as a movie actor, he has appeared alongside many actors such as Bria Murphy's dad Eddie Murphy, Nicolas Cage, John Cusack, Martin Lawrence, and Jada Pinkett Smith.

Walking away from $50 million

The actor made his television debut in 1995 from Home Improvement. Throughout the years, he made appearances in many T.V. shows, though none would put him in the limelight as his self entitled show.

From 2003-2006, Dave was the host of Comedy Central's hit sketch comedy shows the Chappelle's Show. The show featured sketches that he wrote along with Neil Breman. The sketches were politically incorrect and a satire to the system in place.

Dave Chappelle on chappelle show learn how much he earned
Photo: Dave Chappelle on the cover of Chappelle's Show
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The show was a hit and was on for two seasons. Before the premiere of the third season, Chappelle left the show reportedly leaving behind his $50 million contracts. He left under suspicious circumstances without any prior notice and went to South Africa. When asked about the reason for his sudden departure, he would say that "the game is rigged."

Stand-up and Comeback

The comedian was always a stand-up at heart despite his huge T.V. show. He started doing stand-up from a very young age in many clubs in D.C. He also had three specials before his disappearance in 2006

Chappelle in his special know about his earnings
Snap: Sonal's Father Dave in one of his Netflix Specials
Source: The New York Times

In 2016, Dave signed a $60 million deal with Netflix to deliver three stand-up specials to their platform; this marked his comeback to the rigged game. The specials were The Age of Spin, Deep in the Heart of Texas, and Equanimity. In 2017, he released another stand-up, The Bird Revelation, which was followed by Sticks & Stones in 2019.

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Was Sonal In S.N.L.?

In 2016 after the U.S. presidential elections, Sonal's father hosted Saturday Night Live for one episode. In that episode, Sonal was part of a sketch Kids Talk Trump.

Dave delivered the show's monologue in a calm manner, where he asked the American people to give Trump a chance. This monologue was criticized and reported by media outlets like The Washington Post.

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