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Sun Jul 30 2023
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Teil Runnels has gained the attention of people for being the daughter of Dusty Rhodes. Dusty was an American professional wrestler known by his ring name The American Dream. 

Runnels's relationship status will be explored and described including her personal life. The information about her siblings, net worth, parents, and other interesting stuff will be touched. 

Unlocking Runnels' Relationship Status: Is She Off The Market Or Single? 

It is true that Teil Runnels is off the market and shares a marital journey with her husband Kevin Gergel. They have shared their married life with each other for almost one and a half decades. 

Speaking of Runnels and Gergel's relationship, they first crossed their path in 2007. They might have developed romantic interest at that time falling for each other and eventually dating. 

Teil Runnels Photo College includes her wedding ceremony picture with her father Dusty Rhodes.
Teil Runnels Photo College includes her wedding ceremony picture with her father Dusty Rhodes. (Source: VergeWiki)

Moving forward, Runnels and Gergel celebrated their marriage ceremony on November 1, 2008. It wasn't a flashy wedding but an intimate one witnessed among family members and close friends. 

The loving duo Runnels and Gergel have a smooth sailing of their love boat tackling ups and downs. They have no news of extramarital affairs and strive to share more years with no divorce. 

The Details Of Teil's Children With Gergel

Teil Runnels and Kevin Gergel have got the privilege of parenthood raising two kids. The names of their kids are Kellan Gergel and Maris Gergel respectively. 

Both of the children are too young and are probably busy with their studies and fun. People will have to wait if they will pursue a career in the wrestling world or choose different paths. 

Teil Runnels's husband Kevin Gergel and their daughter.
Teil Runnels's husband Kevin Gergel and their daughter. (Source: Married Wiki)

Furthermore, Runnels and Gergel provide unconditional love to their kids Maris and Kellan. They have kept their personal life and has kept children away from the sight of the media platforms. 

The Net Worth Of Runnels: Get A Scoop Into Her Wealth Status

Teil Runnels has been reported to have a net worth of $100k to $1 million per Married Biography. However, the details of her professional career and income-adding sources are unknown. 

Runnels's brother Cody Rhodes is estimated to have a net worth of $2 million similar to Leeanna Walsman.  He primarily has earned most of his income through his successful wrestling career. 

Apart from his wrestling career, Cody has earned money through brand endorsement deals and promotions. Some of his endorsed brands are migsmedia and Mattel Creation among others. 

In addition, Rhodes makes money through his own line of merchandise generating a certain percentage from it. He earns through sponsored posts on his official Instagram handle. 

About Teil's Parents: Dusty Rhodes And Michelle Rubio

Dusty Rhodes and Michelle Rubio welcomed Teil Runnels on September 12, 1982. They set the example of long-standing married life sharing thirty-seven years with each other. 

Dusty first crossed paths with Michelle in Tampa, Florida, during his first big run in 1977. They soon completed their marriage ceremony walking down the aisle on August 17, 1978.

Dusty Rhodes and his wife Michelle Rubio.
Dusty Rhodes and his wife Michelle Rubio. (Source: Fabwags)

People questioned their relationship as Dusty was 30 years old, and Michelle was 19 years old at the time of marriage. However, they proved everyone wrong through their longstanding marriage. 

The love journey of Dusty and Michelle came to an end due to his demise on June 11, 2015. They were never divorced and shared beautiful moments throughout their 37 years of marriage. 

The Social Media Presence Of Runnels

Teil Runnels remains notably absent from all major social media platforms. She is not found on the social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Runnels' social media absence has only served to fuel intrigue and curiosity among their fans and followers. She might have wanted to keep some privacy in her personal life.

However, Teil's brother Cody Rhodes is active on social media platforms including  Instagram. He is found under the username @ americannightmarecody with 1.4 million followers on Instagram.

An Introduction To Teil's Siblings

 Teil Runnels wasn't the only child of her parents and has shared three siblings. She is the sibling of Cody Rhodes, a well-known wrestler born on June 30, 1985.

Teil Runnels's siblings Dustin Rhodes and Cody Rhodes.
Teil Runnels's siblings Dustin Rhodes and Cody Rhodes. (Source: Wrestlettalk)

In addition, Teil is the sister of a half-brother named Dustin Rhodes born on April 11, 1969. She is the sister of Kristin Runnels Ditto, who is a businesswoman.

As noted earlier, Cody and Dustin have followed in the footsteps of their father Dusty Rhodes. They both have achieved huge success in the world of wrestling like their father. 

Know In Brief About Teil's Father Dusty Rhodes

Dusty Rhodes born Virgil Riley Runnels Jr., was a legendary and influential professional wrestler. He was born in October 1945 and was raised in Austin, Texas,  United States.

Rhodes began his wrestling career in the late 1960s  and was known by his ring name The American Dream. His signature move, the Bionic Elbow became an iconic symbol of his wrestling prowess.

Dusty had a wonderful career in wrestling, working for promotions such as the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). He has also promoted the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now known as WWE).

In 2007, Rhodes was rightfully inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame recognizing his immense impact on the wrestling industry. He will always remembered as a true icon of the sport.

Teil's Father Dusty Passed Away At The Age Of 70

Dusty Rhodes was a professional wrestler and stands as an inspiration in the wrestling world. Unfortunately, he departed saddening well-wisher on June 11, 2015, at the age of 69.

While searching through, Rhodes was suffering from many health conditions before his death. He eventually passed away leaving his family due to kidney failure. 

Dusty was cremated, and his ashes were spread in November 2015 by his son Dustin. He will always be remembered as the greatest in wrestling and a big pillar in shaping this industry. 

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