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Thu Feb 09 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Troy Warwell

Ex-wife : Jazz Smollett
Troy Warwell married Jazz Smollett in 2012 and divorced in 2019.

Troy Warwell is an American writer and producer born on December 22, 1977, in the Bronx, New York. His most notable works are comprised of short films. His famous works include Amanda's Return, Always with You, and One Test Two Trust.

More than his movie works, Warwell is famous for having married one of the Smollett family members. He used to be the husband of Jazz Smollett.

Once Married Jazz Smollett

Jazz Smollett made the headlines when she and her then-partner Troy Warwell announced their marriage. The marriage ceremony was conducted between close friends and family.

Both are posing on their wedding dress holding hands.
Troy Warwell and Jazz Smollett in their marriage (Source: Tumblr)

The couple first met in the early 2000s. It took quite some time for these two to put a ring on the finger as they only married in 2012. However, their relationship wasn't meant to last until the end, as the couple divorced in 2019. The marriage only lasted for seven years.

Loves Trigerring Vegans

Always with You writer is not a vegan, and it also seems like he is not a massive fan of people who shames those who eat meat. He loves to mock vegans. You can tell that by just checking out his Instagram.

You don't even need to dig deep. Just check out the man's Insta bio. He calls himself a part-time vegan. You can tell he is subtly trolling the vegans here.

He is holding a crab on his both hands.
Troy Warwell holding the crabs he caught (Source: Instagram @troynycla)

Also, in one of his posts where he is seen holding two crabs by his hand, one has commented:

"That was tough for me to watch as a vegan, I said a prayer for those crabs," 

To which he replied:

 "I said a prayer for the crabs and the salad I ate. #AllLivesMatter #90%vegan."

Is Warwell In a Relationship Again? 

Amanda's Return director's previous marriage may have fallen, but it didn't make him lose his faith in love. He has moved on from his previous marriage and now sees a woman named Penn Vakker.

He was in a relationship with someone famous previously. One of the cons of such a relationship is your life is hardly private, as the media wants to talk about your family all the time. Warwell is safe from that as he is currently dating a woman who isn't a celebrity.

Both are sitting and posing while holding hands.
Troy Warwell with Penn Vakker (Source: Instagram @troynycla)

Not much is known about Penn, as she lives an everyday life away from the media. Plus, her social media accounts are unknown (if she has one). But it hasn't stopped Warwell from showing his love to her on the internet, as he regularly posts about Penn on his Instagram.

About Warwell Ex-Wife Jazz Smollett

Jazz Smollett is one of the famous six children of Janet Smollett. She is an actress and a producer, although her primary focus for a while has been on production.

She also works on-screen on television. She is the main cast of the popular tv show Living by Design with Jake and Jazz alongside her brother Jake Smollett.

She has also worked as an executive producer on other tv series which featured her family in Smollett Eats. She also featured in a few episodes of the show.

Has A Daughter

Troy Warwell holds the responsibility of being a father. He had a baby daughter from his previous marriage to Jazz Smollett. They named the daughter Nylah.

Both are in a stadium watching a match.
Troy Warwell with his daughter, Nylah (Source: Instagram @troynycla)

Nylah was born in 2014, two years after the couple got married. Unfortunately for Nylah, her parents live separately. The divorce doesn't seem to have created a troubled relationship between Warwell and his daughter. 

The father and daughter are on good terms. Warwell is constantly posting about his daughter on his Instagram. You can tell by the pictures on his social media that he loves his daughter more than anyone else.

Net Worth: How Rich Is Warwell?

Troy Warwell was once married to the famous Jazz Smollett. The celebrity husband status helped him with more exposure, which led to him making a lot of money. He has not disclosed it, but the sources estimate his net worth to be between $1 million.

The woman that landed him celebrity status was his ex-wife, Jazz Smollett. She is a popular tv personality. She has tasted success in the production department. Her work has led to her landing an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Is Into Fishing

Warwell is a massive fan of fishing. It is one of his favorite thing to do. He loves to fish with his friends. His father likely taught him to fish. He has posted a picture of the young version of him with his father, where they are seen on the boat with many people around them with fishing rods in their hands.

He is posing by holding a crab.
Troy Warwell crab fishing (Source: Instagram @troynycla)

He even went crab fishing in Norway. He posted pictures and videos of him catching crabs using ropes. He looks proud of how he poses for the camera, holding those crabs.

Once was Directed by his ex-wife Jazz

Warwell and Jazz may have ended their marriage, but that's not to say that there weren't any good moments. The couple probably created a lot of fun stories from their seven years of marriage. One of which was when Jazz directed him.

Many people don't know, but Jazz has also tried her hands on direction. She once directed a workout DVD. It featured Warwell. The DVD is called Model Workout.

This one-hour-long duration video was a workout video that you could buy and watch at your home and learn a thing or two about exercise.

The DVD may be old, but you can still find them on e-commerce websites. It is almost a highly-rated product on amazon and has received a positive response. One of the comments said, "Love this workout it keeps you lean and tone not bodybuilding style even my mom and dad love it and their in they 60s."

Loves His Parents

One Test Two Trust's writer loves his mom and dad like other children. He feels grateful and blessed for having such a mother in his life. He loves his father, too, but unfortunately, he has passed away. His father was loved by everyone in the family and was known as Mr. Philip or Uncle Philly.

On father's day, he posted a young picture of himself with his dad. 

Both are on a boat, fiishing.
Young Troy Warwell with his father, Mr. Philip (Source: Instagram @troynycla)

However, his mother is well and truly alive, as he often spends time with her. On mother's day, he posted a picture of his mother with a heartfelt caption that said:

My rock. My Strength. My momma. Love you more than you ever could know #IWillLetYouWinInSpadesToday #happymothersday

An Athletic Man

Troy Warwell is one hell of an athletic man. He loves sports. He is physically well-built too. He has always given priority to his fitness and well-being. He had his fitness workout DVD called Model Workout. You will immediately notice his ripped body after just one glance at the DVD cover.

He spends a lot of time playing golf. Judging by the number of pictures he has of his golf attire, you can tell he loves it. He is also, at times playing golf with his daughter.

Troy is riding a golf kart while Nylah is sitting on his lap.
Troy Warwell with his daughter, Nylah (Source: Instagram @troynycla)

Apart from golf, he is also a huge basketball fan. He spends a lot of time playing basketball too. Even when he isn't playing, he usually wears basketball jerseys as his day-to-day attire.

But that's not all. He is into martial arts too. He loves boxing, and he also regularly trains with his coach.

He Is On Instagram

If you are interested in learning more about Warwell, you can check out his Instagram page @troynycla. He is active on the platform. He posts more about golf and his daughter on his Insta handle than anyone else. It seems like those are his two favorite things.


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