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Reality TV star (1951)
Fri Jun 17 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Bob Harte

Wife : Nancy Harte
Bob Harte married to Nancy Harte and later they divorce.

Bob Harte was the star of The Last Alaskans reality show, which aired on the Discovery Channel. He was an outdoorsman who left his mainstream life to live in Alaska.

Bob was born on January 23, 1951, in Jersey City, New Jersey, in the United States to parents Vernon Harte and Eleanor Harte as Robert Harte. He grew up with his three brothers. He also spent time with his grandfather, who taught him construction skills. He went to college for a while but decided that it wasn't for him. He traveled to Alaska at age 21 and became an inhabitant.

Marriage & Children 

The star of The Last Alaskans was a married man for some time. He was married to Nancy Harte, the mother of his child. The couple was married before Harte's move to Alaska. They have a daughter together, Talicia Harte.

Harte with his family
Image: Harte with his wife Nancy and kids

The pair also had adopted a child, Steve, and had a son from Nancy's previous relationship, Traver. The couple was divorced, but the date of their divorce is unknown. However, the pair were briefly united at the end of Harte's life when she was taking care of him.

Net worth in Alaskan Wilderness

It is hard to imagine that someone who spent the last 40 years of his life in the wilderness of Alaska would have any riches. Harte, however, can be counted as one of the few exceptions. He was a reasonably wealthy man, given his situation.

Harte on The Last Alaskans
Image: Harte on The Last Alaskans on Discovery Channel
Source: YouTube

Bob is estimated to have a net worth of $600,000 at the time of his death. He earned his money from the hit show The Last Alaskans. He had been part of the show for some time with the show also filming his last days.

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Life in Alaska

Harte was just 21 and was studying in college when he decided to hitchhike to Alaska. He would go on to live in the wilderness of Alaska for forty years. Even though he was married when he moved to Alaska, he would have to live there alone for a few years before his wife eventually moved there.

Bob Harte in the reality TV series The Last Alaskans
Snap: Bob Harte in the reality TV series The Last Alaskans
Source: biography tribune

The outdoorsman had learned skills such as trapping, construction, and hunting, which would be valuable for life in Alaska. He built his cabin and lived there with his family and his dog team.

Harte loved to sit on the "throne," which was a high rock outcropping that overlooked the river near his cabin. He sat there and drank his coffee or beer that he brewed himself and took in the beauty around him.

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In the early 1990s, Bob also participated in a Russian/American trapper exchange program. The program saw him trap with Russian families who helped in bridging the differences between the two countries.

Near-Death Experiences 

The life that Bob choose led him on a dangerous path. He lived in a hostile environment and was always near danger.

The Last Alaskans reality actor Bob Harte died on July 22, 2017.
Picture: The Last Alaskans reality actor Bob Harte died on July 22, 2017.
Source: Facebook @Last Alaskan Bob

He attended his celebration of life on July 17, 2017. There he said that he should have died almost 20 times. He had wrecked his motorcycle, crashed his plane three times, shot himself accidentally, fall off his cabin wall, and having brain surgery.

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Harte was diagnosed with cancer in 2016 and was missing from the second season of the show for treatment. He returned in 2017 after showing signs of improvement. But he would eventually pass away among family and friends on July 22 the same year.

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