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Correspondent (1956)
Thu Mar 16 2023
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Media personality, Bob Pisani is well known for his reporting work as well as outspoken personality. He is covering news related to the finance/stock market for the most significant business news channel, CNBC. Throughout his prolific career, he received two CableACE Award nominations. 

Also, Pisani is the author of How to Be a Successful Developer. Recently, he featured in the news documentary, The 2000s.

Pisani was born as Robert Pisani in 1956 in the United States of America. Born to American parents, he belongs to white ethnicity/race. So, is he married or dating anyone? Let's take a glimpse of Pisani's personal life.

Current Marital Status

The 63-year-old correspondent, Pisani's married life is still under wraps. Despite being a TV personality, he isn't much expressive about his love life and prefers to keep his personal details from the eyes of the media.

Bob is maintaining his name on the top of his broadcasting career and concentrates on his work because he wanted to achieve his life goals. So, this might be the reason why he isn't married until now if he's not married.

Bob Pisani and Peter Giacchi at Virgin Galactic Space
Photo: Bob Pisani and Peter Giacchi at Virgin Galactic Space. 
Source: Twitter @BobPisani

Coming up to his social life, he is quite active on Twitter, where he frequently tweets on economic growth as well as share market information on day to day schedule. On 1st November 2019, he shared a photo visiting Sir Richard Branson's space tourismVirgin Galactic Space, with Peter Giacchi on Twitter.

Net Worth - $8 Million

Prolific correspondent, Pisani maintains a net worth of $8 Million as similar to famous author, Brad Thor. Similarly, he makes a fruitful amount from his profession. At CNBC, a correspondent earns an annual salary of $82,892, according to Glassdoor.

Bob Pisani with Larry Kudlow
Photo: Bob Pisani with his old friend, Larry Kudlow. 
Source: Twitter @BobPisani

Bob appeared in the television news series, Squawk on the Street, in which some notable correspondents like Carl Quintanilla, and David Faber on the show. The show gained outstanding views from an episode where Pisani appeared.


As an author, Pisani co-wrote a book, How to Be a Successful Developer with his father, Ralph Pisani, on 2nd September 2014. The book is about the complete answers of all questions who wanted to become a prominent real-estate property dealer.

The cover of How to Be a Successful Developer
Frame: Bob Pisani wrote a book, How to Be a Successful Developer. 
Source: Amazon

The book received enormous ratings out of by the readers. Similarly, it is listed on the price of $17.09 in paperback, which includes used ($12.28) and new ($12.52). It can also be purchased at $8.69 in the Kindle edition.

Involved in the Field of News

The prominent reporter, Pisani pursued his career in the field of news after he did a course on real estate development from the Wharton School of Business affiliated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1987.

Bob later joined the CNBC network as a correspondent, where he covered the New York Stock Exchange from a floor trader doing business. During that time, he was more concentrated in big stock markets including, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500.

Check out Bob Pisani celebrating his 25 years at CNBC.

The graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Pisani also co-hosted the television news series, Kudlow & Company, along with Peter SchiffJane Wells, and Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, among others. He is currently working as an editor of CNBC's On-Air Stocks since 1990.

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