Chipper Jones Ex-Wife Karin Fulford, Where is She Now?

Thu Sep 19 2019
By   Bibek

Dr. Karin Luise has inspired many men and women with stories from her experience. In the past, she widely gained fame because of her marriage with MLB Player Chipper Jones.

Back then, she used to be known as Karin Fulford but now with her successful books and programs; she has established herself as Dr. Karin Luise in the peoples' eyes. Besides her successful professional career, did she found love again after the divorce? What is her current relationship status? Let's find out.

She felt an immediate spark!

The year was 1991, the couple first locked eyes with each other. Neither Karin nor Chipper has discussed as to who introduced them or how they first met. The pair went out for a date, and Fulford immediately felt a connection with him.

Karin Fulford former husband Chipper Jones
Image: Karin Fulford former husband, Chipper Jones. Source: USAToday

At that time, Chipper played at minor leagues; He still had not made it big in MLB. In an interview with, Karin says,

"I had never heard of the minor leagues and had no idea who he was. All I knew was the minute I sat down next to him, we had an immediate spark".

In the following year, on September 1992, the pair tied the knot in front of their loved ones in an intimate affair. 

The royalty treatment and deteriorating relationship...

Few years after her matrimony with Jones, was like a fairytale dream for Fulford. As she remembers, it was like a lifetime movie filled with great people. The couple was benefited from all the privilege they got from the major leagues. In her book, as well she talks about her childhood and her marriage, both being a similar experience.

Photo: Dr. Karin Luise reading an excerpt from her book. Source: Twitter

Karin says,

"We were treated like royalty. People loved what they thought we were. I knew it gave them hope".

Despite having everything, the pair missed out on something. Fulford couldn't get pregnant irrespective of trying everything. In the later years of their eight years of marital life, the pairs' relationship started deteriorating. 

Chipper constant infidelity was the major reason for their destructive married life. Jones was having an affair with almost three women during his time together with Karin. Fulford felt devasted knowing that some other woman got pregnant with Jones child while she struggled to have her own.

Picture: Chipper Jones sons Matthew (right) and Tristen (left). Source: Twitter

The big blow came in 1999 when a man called her and said that her hubby was sleeping with his wife. With that affair with a waitress, Chipper also became a father to a son, henceforth, Karin called it quits. She divorced Jones and moved on with her life.

What's her current relationship status?

After the divorce with Chipper, she did find love again. Not until she healed from going to the therapy and then going to the University to get a Ph.D. degree in Psychology. She picked herself up again and finally, she found someone who she could trust.

Karin tied the knot with a guy named Joe Smithson. The ceremony was probably very secret as there are no details about their nuptials date and other information. From her second marriage, she also became a mother.

Karin and her second husband Joe welcomed three children in their relationships. The couple named their kids Elise Smithson, West Smithson, and Hoyte Smithson. Both Elise and West are twins. After some years, she ended her marriage with Joe as well and is living a single life at the moment.

Dr. Karin Luise holding her twins
Frame: Dr. Karin Luise holding her twins. Source: HuffPost 

On the other hand, Chipper went on to marry Sharon Logonov and have three more sons. Tristen Jones, Shea Jones, and Larry Wayne III. In 2012, he split from Sharon and walked down the aisle with Model Taylor Higgins in 2015. 

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