Elizabeth Cullen

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Actor (1997)

Elizabeth Cullen is one of the most successful actresses out there. She shot to fame playing the role of Imogen Blackwell in the comedy series, The Bureau of Magical Things. She has also continued to work on mega projects.

Elizabeth was born on  August 31, 1997, in the northeast part of Australia. Her place of residence was in  Cairns, Queensland. She has mixed ethnicity and her parentage is reportedly under wraps. By all accounts, she is a dedicated and intelligent person.

About Elizabeth Cullen's Net Worth & Earnings

Elizabeth Cullen has an estimated net worth of about $1 million just like Sabrina Jalees. She earned that money from her acting career and her endorsements.

Elizabeth Cullen posing for the camera.
Elizabeth Cullen posing for the camera. Source: Instagram @elizabethcullen

Elizabeth's brother, Julian Cullen also has a net worth around the same range. He is also an upcoming actor and is getting acting projects. He has also worked as a cinematographer.

Elizabeth Cullen's Early Life, Parents & Siblings 

Elizabeth was born and raised in the lovely Australian state of Queensland. She grew up in a privileged Australian family, her father is a doctor while her mother is a diplomat. However, she has not revealed their identities.

Moreover, Elizabeth was always passionate about acting from an early age since she grew up watching movies and TV series. She named the mermaid series H2O: Just Add Water to be one of her childhood favorites.

As the youngest of three children, Elizabeth was supported in her inspiration by her older brothers, Tom and Julian. The three kids would go and act out skits together and enjoy their time.

The Australian actress Elizabeth turned her passion into a career and got incredible results from it. She has been active in her ambitions and hopes to get more roles.

Elizabeth's Education & Degrees 

Julian Cullen's sister, Elizabeth is well-educated and finished her early education at Cairns State High School in her hometown. She also took short acting courses at NIDA at the time.

A picture of Elizabeth Cullen at her graduation.
A picture of Elizabeth Cullen at her graduation. Source: Instagram @elizabethcullen

Later, Elizabeth managed to win the BUFTA Best Overall Filmmaker award in 2015. The award changed her life as she also got a full ride to study Film and Television at Bond University on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Previously, Elizabeth had been deliberating on studying acting. But the award made her take the path of film studies. But she is glad that she has behind-the-camera knowledge.

In addition, Elizabeth is also a trained violinist and singer. She also has a strong knowledge of string musical instruments.

Professional Life & Career

Elizabeth got her big break in 2018 from the comedy series, The Bureau of Magical Things. She did audition for roles and had agents from her high school years. but did not get many callbacks.

The upcoming star's role as a young elf in The Bureau of Magical Things got Elizabeth massive stardom. When the filming for season 2 began, they had more restrictions placed on them due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

A picture of Elizabeth Cullen with her brother Julian Cullen in their Nickelodeon show.
A picture of Elizabeth Cullen with her brother Julian Cullen in their Nickelodeon show. Source: Instagram @elizabethcullen

Since then Elizabeth's acting projects have grown to include Bali 2002, All My Friends Are Racist, and Darby and Joan. She has continued to land more roles and projects.

However, it is not known if Elizabeth's Nickelodeon show, The Bureau of Magical Things will return for a third season.

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Relationship Status: Is Elizabeth Single Or Dating? 

Elizabeth Cullen is very secretive regarding her love life. She has not introduced any romantic partners to the media as she is one of those people who want privacy.

It seems that the All My Friends Are Racist actress Elizabeth is single at the moment and yet to be married. She is definitely enjoying her twenties without any boyfriend. 

Who Are Elizabeth Cullen's Siblings? 

The 5 feet 4 inches tall actress Elizabeth's two older brothers are also actors. The three siblings grew up together and were very supportive of each other's aspirations.

Elizabeth's oldest brother is Tom who is actually a stage actor. He has done theatre projects but has not been a part of cinemas or TV shows. It is rumored that he has moved to Europe.

A picture of Elizabeth Cullen's brother Julian Cullen with a camera.
A picture of Elizabeth Cullen's brother Julian Cullen with a camera. Source: Instagram @julianpatrickcullen

Middle brother Julian Cullen is a fellow actor and an actual co-worker on The Bureau of Magical Things. He played the role of Elizabeth's onscreen brother Darra. Initially, the two were not siblings in the script but all that changed when the writers found out about Elizabeth and Julian.

All three siblings went to Cairns State High School and currently, they call Sydney, Australia their home. In a stroke of fate, Julian also went to Bond University along with his little sister, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Cullen's Height, Weight & Body Measurements

Elvis actress Cullen has a very cute and eye-appealing body with slightly elf-like features. Moreover, her eyes are a stunning bright green in color that stands out from her fair complexion and blonde hair. 

Elizabeth is 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm) and weighs around 70 Kg. Furthermore, talking about her measurements, her bra size is 32B, waist 24, and hip 33. Basically, she has a very slim and toned body.

Has A Pet 

According to her profile, Elizabeth is a pet lover who keeps company with both cats and dogs similar to Rick Fox's son, Kyle Fox.

A picture of Elizabeth Cullen with her brother Julian Cullen with the family pets.
A picture of Elizabeth Cullen (right) with her brother Julian Cullen with the family pets. Source: Instagram @elizabethcullen / @julianpatrickcullen

Elizabeth's social media as well as her brother's Instagram shows them with their family pets. They quite possibly have some dogs and a cat named Fluff.

Cullen also has a decent bond with the animals she meets in her work projects. She is friendly with animals both in Australia and abroad.

Social Media Presence 

Elizabeth is active on social media on Instagram. Reportedly, she has a private account under the handle @elizabeth._.cullen where she posts privately. Her official Instagram is @elizabethccullen where she has over 25K Followers.

Cullen also has a very detailed LinkedIn account where she shows her qualifications. She shares her education and her talent agency there.

Cullen's famous brother, Julian Cullen is also on Instagram under the handle @julianpatrickcullen where he has less than 10K followers. His profile on LinkedIn is also quite factual where he shares his professional projects and skills.


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