Fact About Isabella Falchuk, Brad Falchuk's daughter

Sun Dec 08 2019
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Isabella Falchuk grabbed the limelight for being the daughter of Brad Falchuk. Since Brad announced his relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow, Brad's personal life is an interest for many fans.

Despite the fact that some details about his personal life are known to the public, many couldn't get a glimpse of Isabella. She is very secretive and rarely appears in pictures alongside her parents. If you're as curious as many fans to know about Isabella, then read along.

Is Isabella's already in the Dating Game?

No, currently, Isabella is very serious about her studies. She is in her teenage years and enjoying her life as much as she can. Falchuk is shy when it comes to the camera; her less appearance in pictures is proof of that.

Isabella Falchuk and Brody Falchuk with her father
Image: Isabella Falchuk (yellow jacket) with her father and brother. 
Source: Instagram @bradfalchuk

So, it is difficult to tell that she might be following her father's or stepmother's footsteps into the showbiz industry. Maybe in a couple of years, there will be more clarity to us as fans of her career choice. 

She is the Elder of two Siblings

Isabella is the elder daughter of Brad and Suzanne Falchuk. She has a brother named Brody Falchuk. As of now, she is also the half-sister to Gywneth's children Apple Martin and Moses Martin.

Brad and Suzanne got into the relationship in 1994 as per reports. After dating for almost nine years, the couple walked down the aisle in 2003. There are, however, no further details on the wedding as the pair chooses to be silent on their personal life.

Suzanne Falchuk and Brad Falchuk
Picture: Brad Falchuk (right) with former wife Suzanne Falchuk (left). 
Source: Married Celeb

Suzanne and Brad were living together in a marital life for a decade. In 2013, Suzanne filed for divorce and parted ways with each other. There are no official records about the exact reason for the split, but as per rumors, Brad cheated on her with Gwyneth, which got their relationship in turmoil.  

Isabella can Inherit $20 Million Net Worth

As she is in her teenage years and has not started her career, so, she doesn't have her net worth. Isabella might take a different career path rather than the showbiz industry, but with years to come, she will earn decent wealth.

But as of now, she can inherit her father's enormous fortune of $20 million. This is a possibility as what she receives is wholly based on Brad's will. Besides her father, her step-mother is worth $150 million, which she's made from her exciting career in movies.

Brad Falchuk's new Malibu Beach House
Frame: Brad's New Malibu Beach House. 
Source: Variety

Well, whatever the case may be, Isabella and her siblings are all living a luxurious lifestyle. Even though Isabella hardly appears in pictures, in some photos, we can see her spending time with her brother and father.

Isabella's Identical Dress in Brad's Wedding

On September 29, 2018, Brad walked down the aisle with Paltrow in an extravagant wedding ceremony. According to People Magazine, Paltrow's daughter Apple and Brad's daughter Isabella wore the same dress.

Brad's and Gwyneth's wedding
Image: Brad Falchuk and Gwyneth Paltrow's wedding. 
Source: People

Both of them arrived at the nuptials in a strapless Monique Lhuillier dresses in tulle skirts. Apple and Isabella are very close as per reports, and both looked very happy at their parents' marriage.


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