Interesting Facts About Julia Roberts' Daughter, Hazel Moder

Wed Aug 04 2021
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Hazel Moder is one of the twins, who was born and brought up into the showbusiness family of Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder. She is also the identical twin sister of Phinnaeus Walter Moder. She is following her parents' footsteps to pursue the arts of acting.

Her beautiful mother, Julia never dreamed that she would one of the most popular actresses. She earned Academy Award for her outstanding portrayal in Erin Brockovich. Besides, her beloved dad, Daniel is a Primetime Emmy Award-nominated cinematographer.

Hazel Made Her Red Carpet Debut on the Cannes Film Festival!

Los Angeles, California native, Hazel made her debut appearance at the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival with her father, Danny Moder. They attended the ceremony for the premier of Flag Day at the 74th Cannes Film Festival at the Palais des Festivals on 10th July 2021.

Hazel Moder made her debut appearance on the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival with her beloved dad, Daniel Moder. When does Hazel celebrates her birthday?
Hazel Moder with her beloved father, Daniel Moder on the red carpet of Flag Day premier at the Cannes Film Festival
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So, does Hazel have a boyfriend to date? Well, she is still too young to go on a date with someone. She is currently focusing on her studies while making her parents proud of honor. Likewise, John Cryer and Sarah Trigger's daughter, Charlie Austin Cryer is also single.

Moder Turned Sweet Sixteen at Her 16th Birthday

Older sister of Henry Daniel Moder, Hazel turned 16 on 28th November 2020. She is going to celebrate her 17th birthday on the 28th of November in 2021, according to her born year, 2004.

Childhood picture of Hazel Moder with her parents, Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder and her siblings, Phinnaeus Walter Moder (identical twin) and Henry Daniel Moder. Who is Hazel Moder dating nowadays?
Hazel Moder with her parents, Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder alongside her twin brother, Phinnaeus Walter Moder and younger brother, Henry Daniel Moder
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Hazel is born with Sagittarius zodiac sign, which shows a optimistic, honest and intellectual character which she keeps in her personality. She is also very spontaneous and funny person, according to her horoscope sign.

Hazel's Parents, Julia & Daniel First Met on the Set of The Mexican

Hazel Patricia Moder's parents, Julia and Daniel had their first encounter on the set of The Mexican in 2000. After working for a while, the duo realized that they are meant to be and began dating shortly afterwards.

One day Julia urged her friends to stay at her 19th-century adobe meeting house after playing football and making barbecuing all day. Later, the guests began to suspect something is going to happen when she and Daniel went under the arch of white pink and red rose petals.

Hazel Moder loves spending quality time with her parents, Julia Roberts, Daniel Roberts and her siblings, Phinnaeus Walter Moder (identical twin), Henry Daniel Moder. How old is Hazel as of now?
Hazel Moder is spending a quality moment with her parents, Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder along with her siblings, Phinnaeus Walter Moder and Henry Daniel Moder
Source: Instagram @modermoder

A few minutes later, Daniel proposed Julia for marriage by sitting down on one knee. In response, she said yes three times and accepted his proposal. At that time, their guests realized that they were going to see the two walked down the aisle.

Lavish Wedding of Hazel's Parents

Hazel's parents, Julia and Daniel shared the "I dos" at an 82-acre ranch on the Independence Day, 4th July 2004 in Taos, New Mexico. Their nuptial was a 20-minute ceremony, where Julia's official lawyer, Barry Hirsh performed the rituals on behalf of 60 guests.

During the wedding day, the bride donned in a pale pink cotton halter dress embroidered with pearls and antique beads, designed by Judith Beylerian. Also, she wore an antique hand-carved buttons, pearls and cut glass wire crown. Meanwhile, the groom stunned in a red ruffled shirt with tan pants.

Hazel Moder's parents Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder had a lavish wedding ceremony 19 years ago. How old is Hazel Moder as of now?
Hazel Moder's parents, Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder married in a lavish wedding ceremony
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More to that, famous musical artists, including Sade Adu and Bob Marley performed at their wedding reception party. At the dinning table, they decorated 4th of July barbecue with sweet peas, peonies and geraniums.

Not just that, the wedding catering team, Wooden Spoon served all-American feast of hamburgers, hot dogs, lemon chicken, steak shish kabobs and corn on the cob. After finishing the delicacies, the newly weds cut the four types of lemon cakes made with pink icing and Indian deities.

Hazel Moder's parents, Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder completed their 19th wedding anniversary on the Independence Day of 2021. Does Hazel have a boyfriend to date?
Hazel Moder's Parents, Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder completed 19th wedding anniversary on the Independence Day of 2021
Source: People Magazine

Following the dinner party, an American country blues musical singer, Toni Price and the band made the evening delightful. The couple danced upon Uncle Walt's song, Don't You Think I Feel It Too?. Also, Died Hard actor, Bruce Willis also performed on Hound Dog and Chai of Fools.

The couple then lit up the sky with fireworks that made their wedding day more beautiful. Furthermore, they stepped onto disco electronic music and danced with their wedding guests until they fed up. Later, they settled down in Malibu, California.

Past Marital Affairs & Dating History of Hazel's Parents

Prior to Hazel's mother Julia's marriage with her dad Daniel, she was in a matrimonial relationship with a country singer, Lyle Lovett. They married at St. James Lutheran Church in Marion, Indiana on 25th June 1993.

The pair, however, separated and subsequently filed for divorce after two years of marriage in 1995 March. They then concluded their marriage with a divorce settlement on 22nd March 1995. Besides, there is a list of Julia Roberts' past dating history depicted below;

S.NoBoyfriend / PartnerTypeStartEndLength
12Benjamin BrattRelationship1998Jun 20013 years
11Pat MannochiaRelationship19961996-
10Matthew PerryRelationship199519961 year
9Ethan HawkeRelationship19951995-
8Daniel Day-LewisRelationship19951995-
7Jason PatricRelationshipJun 1991Jan 19927 months
6Dodi FayedEncounter19911991-
5James FoleyRelationship19911991-
4Kiefer SutherlandRelationshipNov 1989Jun 19911 year
3Dylan McDermottRelationshipJul 1988Jul 19891 year
2Liam NeesonRelationshipMar 198819901 year
1Billy IdolEncounterMar 1984Apr 19841 month

On a similar hand, Hazel's father, Daniel first tied the knot with Vera Steimberg Moder, a makeup artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1997. But, he filed for divorce with her after falling in love with Mrs. Roberts after meeting for the first time. They then finalized their divorce on 16th May 2002




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