Inside Stevie Wonder's Relationship Status: A Deep Dive into His Love Life!

Sun Mar 03 2024
By   Will Grey

Stevie Wonder is one of the influential singers, songwriters, and record producers. His contribution to different music genres, including R&B, pop, soul, gospel, funk, and jazz, has made Wonders a well-known personality among music fans. The Child prodigy has been crafting melodies since the tender age of 11.

Beyond his professional life lies the journey of love and companionship. Wonder triumphs in his personal life which is marked by three marriages to this date. Additionally, he has been romantically linked to many beauties. Keep scrolling through the article to take a look inside Stevie Wonder's relationship status as we take a deep dive into his love life.

Stevie Wonder's First Marriage

While working his way up in the musical realm, Stevie crossed paths with Syreeta Wright in the late 1960s. She was a songwriter and former Motown secretary. Wonder and Wright's shared interest in music strengthened their bond leading to their marriage.

Stevie Wonder's first wife, Syreeta Wright hugging him
Stevie Wonder's first wife, Syreeta Wright hugging him.
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Stevie, 20, said "I Do" with Syreeta in September 1970 during his adventurous coming-of-age album, Where I’m Coming From. Wonder collaborated with his first wife on several songs. They worked on Syreeta's first solo album in 1972.

In the meantime, the relationship slowly began to take a turn. It was falling apart, and according to Syreeta, their marriage without a manual at such a young age was the reason the couple could not maintain their love. Nonetheless, she was hoping that the album would save their love.

However, while working on Wright's second album, Stevie Wonders presents Syreeta in 1974, their relationship failed. But, it did not stop their collaboration. They worked together amid their divorce process making sure every song had something to do with what they were going through.

Dated Yolanda Simmons

Following his divorce from Syreeta Wright, the 25 Grammy Award winner singer Stevie dated Yolanda Simmons. Simmons had applied for a job as a secretary for his publishing company. She caught the eyes of the recently heartbroken Wonder.

Soon, the love blossomed between the pair. Stevie and Yolanda's union gave birth to two children, Aisha Morris and Keita Morris. Aisha was born on February 2, 1975. She became a big sister with the arrival of Keita on April 17, 1977.

Stevie Wonder briefly dated Yolanda Simmons.
Stevie Wonder briefly dated Yolanda Simmons.
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After the birth of Aisha, the Isn't She Lovely? singer said, "She was the one thing that I needed in my life and in my music for a long time." The birth of his first daughter was the inspiration for the singer to write and release the song, Isn't She Lovely?

Despite Wright being his first wife, Simmons became the first woman to make Stevie a father. However, they remained unmarried till their breakup.

Wonder's Second Marriage With Kai Millard Morris

Once again, with the hope of a long-lasting relationship, Stevie tied the knot. In 2001, Wonder and fashion designer Kai Millard exchanged vows, marking the beginning of their journey together. Over the years, they shared joys and faced challenges, nurturing their bond amidst the spotlight of fame. 

Stevie Wider with his second Kai Millard Morris.
Stevie Wider with his second Kai Millard Morris.
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However, as time passed, cracks emerged in their once-solid relationship. By 2009, Wonder's relationship with Millard hit the bottom. In October of that year, they made the difficult decision to part ways.

Despite efforts to reconcile, Steve and Kai could not bring back the warmth that was once in their love life. Thus, the couple filed for divorce in 2012. It was later finalized in 2015.

According to People, the R&B singer Stevie and his former wife share the custody of their two children;  Kailand and Mandla Morris. Similarly, he is expected to pay $25,000 per month.

Inside Stevie Wonder's Current Relationship Status

Wonder has been in a blissful nuptials since 2013. His wedding with fiancee Tomeeka Robyn Bracy was at Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles. The married pair celebrated their decade-long relationship milestone in 2023.

Stevie Wonder with his current wife, Tomeeka Robyn Bracy.
Stevie Wonder with his current wife, Tomeeka Robyn Bracy.
Source: Closure Weekly

Over the years, Stevie and Tomeeka have welcomed two kids, daughters to be more specific. The couple's firstborn Zalah Morris was born in 2014. And, Nia in 2013.

Despite being a celebrity, Stevie has kept a low-key relationship. The pair hides their romance from the prying eyes of the media. Likewise, there are no rumors of divorce and extramarital affairs.

Stevie Wonder's Other Brief Romances

Stevie Wonder has dated or sparked dating rumors with several other well-known names to date. The rumors swirled around in the 1980s about the R&B singer and Lencoln Sullivan. However, their relationship was more like a brief affair rather than a long commitment.

Similarly, Wonder made headlines when he was romantically linked to the American actress and dancer Debbie Allen. Yet, their fling was not well documented.

Stevie has also been a father from his brief romances. Yes, he shares a son, Mumtaz Morris, with Melody McCulley. Likewise, the singer has two children, Sophia and Kwame Morris from undisclosed women.

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