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Wed Mar 15 2023
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Jazz Smollett is an African American celebrity who is part of the famous Smollett family. She started as a child actor in the industry when she played a role in the 1994 TV series On Our Own with her siblings.

Jazz was born on April 1, 1980, in Northern California. Although many know her as Jussie Smollett's sister, she is popular among tv audiences with the reality tv show Living by Design.

The Controversy Surrounding Her Mother

Getting into politics usually involves getting your hands dirty. Although Janet hasn't gone to that extreme measure for her benefit, her association with the infamous Black Panther Party has led to her unpopularity among many Americans.

She is at an event posing for the camera.
Jazz Smollett's mother Janet Smollett (Source: kmesh)

1966 founded party's political ideologies have always been divisive. The party believes in Black nationalism and socialism. Many people don't believe in community superiority, and socialism has always been the enemy of right-wingers.

The controversy began when Jazz's brother Jussie revealed that their mother is friends with the famous political figure Angela Davis. She has been deemed by many to be an extreme communist.

The Death Of Jazz Father

The Smollett family's patriarch and Jazz's father, Joel Smollett, tragically passed away on January 7, 2015. He was battling cancer.

The whole family saw it coming as Joel's health was worsening. The family may have known that cancer would take his life one day, but it was still hard for the family to take it in as the man was special to them.

Has A Lot Of Siblings

Joel and Janet were married for a long time and had six children, one of them being Jazz. It means that Jazz has five siblings.

All of them are dressed in black posing for the camera.
The Smollett siblings with their mother Janet Smollett (Source: Essence)

She has one sister in Jurnee Smollett and four brothers in Jussie, Jocqui, Jake, and Jojo Smollett. They were all raised in a similar environment by the mother, i.e., a performing background. It is known that the mother helped all her kids get rid of their stage fright early by putting them to perform in front of other people during family functions.

Who Are Jazz Parents?

Jazz is the daughter of Joel and Janet Smollett. The couple is an activist by profession and gained celebrity status with the success of all of their children, including Jazz.

Her father, Joel, had left Russia and settled in the USA. Her father may have chosen to step away from the limelight, but he was still an encouraging father. He was okay with the idea of Jazz and his other kids making their careers in the entertainment industry.

The mother, Janet, is a famous activist who mainly works to fight for the black community in the states. She fights against what she believes is systematic oppression of the black community.

Previously Married To Troy Warwell

Jazz Smollett thought she found the love of her life when she married an athletic man Troy Warwell. Unfortunately, things didn't work out between the two, and the couple has called it quits.

Both are posing in their wedding dress.
Jazz Smollett and Troy Warwell at their wedding (Source: FamousStardom)

They dated for a long time before putting a ring on their finger. Although the exact time when they met is unclear, it is known that the couple first met in the early 2000s. However, they only married in 2012. They were together for seven years before things stopped working out between them, and they divorced in 2019

Jazz Is on Social Media!

Want to follow and learn more about Jazz's lifestyle? Well, you are lucky, as the famous Smollett sister is on both Instagram and Twitter.

On Twitter, you will find her on the handle @jazzsmollett. However, you won't be getting much about her as she rarely tweets on it. Seems like she has taken a break from the platform, as her last tweet was in 2019.

You can learn about her from Instagram, though, as you will find regular posts here on the Insta handle @jazzsmollett. She uses Instagram to post about her friends and family to prepare food and promote her work.

She Has A Daughter

The On Our Own actress, Jazz, is a mother of one. She has a baby daughter named Nylah. The daughter came from her previous marriage to Troy Warwell.

If you scroll through her Instagram, you can tell how much she loves her daughter. She is usually posting about her. They share a special bond, and it reflects in her posts about her.

She is posing with her hands open wide out.
Jazz Smollett's daughter Nylah enjoying herself at a beach in Mexico (Source: Instagram @jazzsmollett)

She shares a lot of posts about having fun at the swimming pool, farm, or just spending quality time at the house. She has even brought her daughter to the sets of the show Living By Design. So, technically Nylah is already an actor at such a young age.

Net Worth of Jazz

Jazz Smollett is an accomplished woman. She has fame and money. The TV personality started at a young age with the show On Our Own. And her career has only gone uphill since then. It's no surprise that the woman has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

She works on television alongside her brother Jake Smollett. Her tv show is where she earns the majority of her revenue from.

The Infamous Jussie Smollett Controversy

Even before all the fuss surrounding Jazz's brother Jussie Smollett, he was arguably the most famous member of the Smollett siblings. The actor had become a household name with his performance as Jamal Lyon in the massively popular show Empire.

However, the man dug his own grave with a little stunt deemed insensitive towards his people. He staged an attack to show himself as a victim of a hate crime, and it did not leave a good impression.

Initially, everyone sided with him as they believed what he said. He filed a report stating that he was targeted for his skin color by two white men who he said were supporting the then republican presidential candidate Trump.

Upon police inspection, it was discovered that he had lied about it. He was then dragged to a rather public court trial, which did not improve the situation. It worsened with his demeanor in the trial room, and upon being found guilty, the court sentenced him to a prison sentence for 150 days and charged him with a fine of $145,000

She Loves Horses

The famous TV personality Jazz loves animals, and horses might be her favorite. She not only loves a horse, but she also loves horseback riding.

She has posted a picture of her horseback riding with her daughter. Her daughter loves horses, too, although the mother has clarified that Nylah's favorite animal is a dog. She wrote in the caption of the picture:

#fbf to a couple months ago! Horseback riding with my mini. So many things to show her. We love horses (and she loves all animals especially dogs) and her love has softened my heart to the possibility of having a dog which is another story for another day. Hope everyone is well and basking in the renewal of #spring as much as possible. The world keeps turning and the flowers keep blooming. Love is truth and everything else is an illusion. Love to all y’all!

They both are on a separate white horse.
Jazz Smollett and Nylah horseback riding (Source: Instagram @jazzsmollett)

Educational Qualification

The American actress Jazz landed fame at a very young age. One of the most common trends in the American movie industry is that kids who gain fame at a young age usually leave their education to advance their careers in movies. However, it doesn't seem to be the case with Jazz.

Not only did she not drop out of school, but she also went forward and graduated from college. She graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.


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