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Kathleen McNulty Rooney is a famous American heiress and philanthropist. She is popular as a member of the renowned Rooney family, who owns the Pittsburgh Steelers, a professional American football team in the National Football League. 

Kathleen is also the mother of two famous actresses, Kate Mara and Rooney Mara. She gets a lot of limelight from being a well-known socialite and celebrity mother. Through her marriage with Timothy Christopher Mara, she is also associated with the New York Giants through her wedding with Timothy Christopher MaraShe.

Who Is Kathleen McNulty Rooney's Daughter Kate Mara? Know Her Life 

Kathleen McNulty Rooney's older daughter is the actress Kate Mara. She was born on February 27, 1983. She is originally from Bedford, New York, USA.

Kathleen McNulty Rooney with her daughter, Kate Mara, and grandchild.
Kathleen McNulty Rooney with her daughter, Kate Mara, and grandchild. Source: The Daily Mail

Mara comes from a family with a background in sports and entertainment. Both of her grandfathers are owners of NFL teams.

Mara started her acting career in 1997 with a guest appearance on the TV show Law & Order. After that, she appeared in several other TV shows, such as Everwood, Nip/Tuck, and House of Cards. Her performance as reporter Zoe Barnes in House of Cards received critical acclaim and helped boost her career.

In addition to her acting career, Mara is also involved in several charitable organizations. She is an advocate for animal rights and has been involved in various environmental causes. She is married to English actor Jamie Bell and they are parents to a little boy.

Who Is Rooney Mara? Know Kathleen McNulty Rooney's Youngest Daughter

Rooney Mara was born on April 17, 1985, in Bedford, New York, USA as Patricia Rooney Mara. She is famous as an actress and as Kate Mara's sister. Her associations with the New York Giants and the Pittsburgh Steelers are well known.

Kathleen McNulty Rooney's youngest daughter Rooney Mars began her acting career in 2005 with a guest appearance on the TV show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as a young bully. 

Kathleen McNulty Rooney with her daughter, Rooney Mara at an event.
Kathleen McNulty Rooney with her daughter, Rooney Mara at an event. Source: Distractify

Rooney is most known for her performance in the 2011 film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo which brought her critical acclaim and international recognition. She received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress for her performance in the film.

As of now, Rooney Mara is in a committed relationship with American actor Joaquin Phoenix. They have a child together. She is also a vegan and owns a vegan clothing company.

Who Are The Rooneys?

The Rooney family is a prominent American family known for their involvement in sports and entertainment. The family is primarily associated with the Pittsburgh Steelers, a professional American football team in the NFL.

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Pittsburgh Steelers Founding

The patriarch of the Rooney family was Art Rooney Sr., who founded the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1933. He was a successful businessman and a legendary figure in the world of sports. Art Rooney Sr. passed away in 1988.

Today, the Pittsburgh Steelers are owned and operated by Art Rooney Sr.'s son, Dan Rooney who was Kathleen's father. Dan Rooney was also a prominent figure in the NFL, serving as the United States Ambassador to Ireland from 2009 to 2012. He passed away in 2017.

Now, Kathleen's brother, Art Rooney II is in charge of the Steelers. He is the principal owner and handles the operations. 

Rooney Family Charities

The Rooney family has a reputation for philanthropy, and they have supported many charitable causes over the years. Kathleen is an active member of charitable projects and endeavors.

An old picture of the Rooney Family.
An old picture of the Rooney Family. Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

In 2000, the Rooney family established the Rooney Foundation, which supports a variety of charitable organizations in Pittsburgh and beyond.

The other charities the Rooney family has supported are:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers Charitable Foundation
  • Kathleen Rooney and Timothy J. Rooney, Sr. Family Foundation
  • Art Rooney Scholarship Fund
  • Rooney Prize for Irish Literature
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania
  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  • United Way
  • Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
  • Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
  • Humane Society of the United States
  • Farm Sanctuary
  • Oceana
  • Natural Resources Defense Council

Married Life of Kathleen McNulty Rooney

Kathleen McNulty Rooney has been long married to Timothy Christopher Mara, a member of the Mara family who founded the New York Giants. Timothy is also the vice president of the New York Giants for player evaluation.

Through this marriage, the Rooney and Mara families are connected. Together, they are a huge part of the NFL league as they are founding families of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Giants.

About Kathleen McNulty Rooney's Husband

Kathleen's husband, Timothy Christopher Mara is an NFL scout and a management member of the New York Giants. A businessman, he was born on March 11, 1957. He is the grandson of the New York Giants founder, Timothy Mara, and is named after him.

Kathleen McNulty Rooney's husband Timothy Chris Mara (center) with his horseracing friends.
Kathleen McNulty Rooney's husband Timothy Chris Mara (center) with his horseracing friends. Source: Starlight Racing

Professionally, he goes by the name Chris Mara. He is the team’s senior vice president of player personnel and is a very skilled evaluator. Further, he has ownership of the team. He also worked with former Steelers Coach Bill Cowher.

Interviews state that Chris Mara is also a horse racing enthusiast. He is serving on the board of directors of the New York Racing Association and owns shares in two horses that won the Kentucky Derby. According to him:

Horse racing is in my blood. It started with my grandfather and since I can remember, my dad was never around on the first Saturday in May. He missed a lot of First Communions.

Kathleen McNulty Rooney Has Four Kids

Kathleen McNulty Rooney is not the mother of two but four kids. She has two sons and two daughters. Her oldest son is Daniel Mara, but he has always been a private person. 

Daniel Mara goes by the nickname Danny and is a great older brother. Not much is public about the oldest boy other than the fact that he grew up with his siblings.

Next are Kathleen's daughters Kate Mara and Rooney Mara. The youngest of the bunch is Connor Mara.

About Conor Mara

Conor's actual name is Arthur Conor Mara and he is named after his great-grandfather and his uncle. The youngest of Kathleen's children is already well settled.

Kathleen McNulty Rooney with her husband Chris Mara (right), their son Connor Mara, his bride Chelsea and her parents.
Kathleen McNulty Rooney with her husband Chris Mara (right), their son Connor Mara, his bride Chelsea, and her parents. Source: Martha Stewart

Conor is already a married man. His wife is an actress and socialite, Chelsea Leonard. She is also from a wealthy family. In fact, the couple was the result of their parents' matchmaking and could be considered an arranged marriage.

Conor's wedding was a high-profile event attended by his celebrity sisters and their famous spouses. Many NFL executives also attended this bash.

About The Mara Family

The Mara family is an American family with a long history of involvement in football. The family is primarily known for their ownership of the New York Giants football team, but they have also been involved in various other aspects of the sport.

The patriarch of the family was Timothy Mara, who founded the Giants in 1925 along with his brother Jack Mara. Timothy's sons, Wellington Mara, and Jack Mara Jr. took over ownership of the team after Timothy died in 1959. 

Kathleen McNulty Rooney's brother-in-law, John Mara at a Giants NFL match.
Kathleen McNulty Rooney's brother-in-law, John Mara at a Giants NFL match. Source: Yahoo sports

Kathleen's father-in-law, Wellington Mara became the team's president and served in that role until he died in 2005. His son, John Mara, then took over as the team's president and CEO.

The Mara family has been involved in football for generations, & their influence has been felt throughout the sport. In addition to owning the Giants, they have been involved in various other football-related organizations, including the NFL and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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Kathleen McNulty Rooney Net Worth

Rooney Mara's mother, Kathleen McNulty Rooney, is fortunate to be born into a wealthy family. Her estimated net worth is believed to be around $20 Million. While she is a successful real estate agent, many speculate that most of her fortune is from family holdings.

Kathleen's daughter, Kate Mara, has an estimated net worth of $18 million. Her daughter Rooney Mara is even wealthier and holds a net worth of $20 million. Both girls are successful actresses and have worked on many projects.

Kathleen's family, the Rooneys, are estimated to be worth billions. They have many holdings from real estate to NFL teams and sponsorships as well as many charity foundations. The family has a majority stake in the Pittsburgh Steelers. They 

Kathleen's in-laws are the Maras. They are also incredibly wealthy. The family has a major stake in the New York Giants and is estimated to be worth more than a billion.

Trust Fund Questions

Many media sources allege that the Rooney and Mara families' children have their trust funds. However, there are no known established trust funds for Kathleen and her children.

While the family benefits from the NFL fortune, the children have grown up down to earth to a certain extent.

Career Highlights

Kathleen McNulty Rooney is a former real estate agent. She is currently in her late fifties and has retired. However, she has also been a philanthropist who has done a lot of charity work.

Kate Mara's mother Kathleen also has decorator experience. She has an artistic eye and is very involved in the designs of her events and homes.

Birth and Mini Bio on Kathleen McNulty Rooney

The American philanthropist Kathleen McNulty Rooney was born on 28 August 1964! Kathleen drew her first breath in  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is a Virgo Star sign. She is the daughter of Timothy James Rooney and Jane Rooney. 

Kathleen McNulty Rooney is also the sister of Art Rooney II who is the current owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League. She is an American citizen and is of Caucasian ethnicity with Irish roots. 

Kathleen McNulty Rooney's Religion

By all accounts, Kate Mara's mother Kathleen is from a deeply Christian family. Having roots in Ireland, there is a possibility that they are Catholic.

Kathleen McNulty Rooney's husband Chris Mara with her daughters, Rooney Mara and Kate Mara at a family funeral.
Kathleen McNulty Rooney's husband Chris Mara with his daughters, Rooney Mara, and Kate Mara, and extended family at a family funeral. Source: NY Post

According to sources, Kathleen's children also attend the catholic church. Her husband, Chris Mara is also a Christian. The family regularly attends Sunday church. He goes to the 

Social Media

Kathleen McNulty Rooney is not active on any social media platforms. She and her wealthy family are very private and keep hidden accounts. Her famous daughter, Rooney Mara is also not active on social media platforms despite her career.

However, Kate Mara has a public Instagram account. She is present as @katemara where she has over 467K Followers. She promotes her professional projects on the platform.


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