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Wed Dec 27 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Kyrsten Sinema

Ex-husband : Blake Dain
Kyrsten Sinema previously married to Blake Dain.

The 43-year-old, Kyrsten Sinema is the first woman to represent Arizona as a senior U.S senator. Sinema, along with Martha McSally, the junior U.S Senator, has been serving for Arizona since January 2019. Additionally, Kyrsten is the first openly bisexual woman who got elected in the U.S Congress and U.S Senate.

The Arizona senator was born on July 12, 1976, in Tucson, Arizona. Talking about her education, Sinema has a Master's degree in Social Work from Arizona State University (ASU). She also received a Juris Doctor (J.D) degree from ASU College of Law. Likewise, she has a Ph.D. in justice studies from the same university. Let's know other details about her personal life, official work, and net worth.

Kyrsten Sinema was a Married Woman 

At present, Sinema is a single woman and doesn't like to speak much about marriage and relationships. However, she was previously married after graduating from Brigham Young University. After she became 18 years old, Kyrsten married a BYU alumnus, Blake Dain.

Kyrsten Sinema was married to BYU student, Blake Dain in her late teens
Image: The senior U.S Senator for Arizona, Miss Kyrsten Sinema was a married woman in her late teens.

Kyrsten was a young woman while her then-husband was a bit older. Their relationship couldn't survive, and they divorced each other. Both Sinema and her ex-spouse haven't spilled a bean of information regarding their past marital life.

Difficult Childhood

Sinema's parents were Marilyn (mother) and Dan Sinema (father). They divorced when Kyrsten was a child. She has two siblings, a younger sister, and an older brother. Her father was a well-known attorney.

Sinema's mother remarried, and the family relocated to Florida. There the family faced a tragic situation. Her stepfather lost his job and became unemployed. Afterward, the family lived in a remodeled gas station for three years.

Later, Kyrsten relocated to Arizona in 1995. She grew up as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Initially, she served as a social worker from 1995 to 2002. She served as a social educator in the Washington Elementary School District in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Afterward, she became an Associate Professor of Corporate Law at Phoenix Law School.

Kyrsten Sinema's Net Worth: How much is her salary?

The present Arizona senator, Kyrsten Sinema, has a net worth of $145,000. As per the official website of the United States Senate, the annual pay for Senate leader is $174,000. However, the Senior U.S senator, Elizabeth Warren, has a net worth of $12 million. Some of the benefits paid to the Congress members include Social Security, Health Insurance, Allowances, etc.

As per an article published on Rollcall in November 2018, Sinema reported zero assets in her financial disclosure. Her student loan debts placed her net worth in negative figures. She began working as a senator from her office since January 2019. Therefore, her net worth can be no more than $150,000.

Caption: Taking Oath After Being Elected  As House Of Representative Of Arizona State
Source: Getty Image

Although Kyrsten's net worth is not higher, she regularly receives outside earnings, such as donations. She has received over $130,000 in donations from the Telecom Industry. Likewise, in March 2018, she donated $33,800 to the charity which she had received from a Democratic donor. Well, Sinema is active on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Be sure to check her daily updates.

Sinema Slammed Rand Paul for Not Staying in Quarantine

On March 22, 2020, Rand Paul, the junior United States Senator from Kentucky, announced that he had tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19). Paul is the first senator to have infected from the virus.

After Kentucky's junior senator, Rand Paul showed up at multiple places even after tested positive for coronavirus, Kyrsten Sinema slammed him.
Image: Arizona's senior senator, Kyrsten Sinema, called Rand Paul's behavior irresponsible.
Source: Twitter@kyrstensinema

Rand faced extensive criticism for not staying under quarantine while he was waiting for the test results. He decided to show up at the Senate Office, went to the gym, lunch, and events. Sinema and McSally both called his behavior extremely irresponsible. She also slammed Paul via a Tweet.

Sinema: A role model for the LGBT Community

As mentioned, the U.S Arizona senator is an openly bisexual woman. As per a source, she first came out publicly in 2005. She became the first bisexual person elected to the U.S Congress and U.S Senate.

Sinema is not only beautiful and intellectual, but she is also an adventure person. She completed an Ironman Triathlon in 15 hours in 2013. She became the first Congress member to complete an Ironman-branded race.

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