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Sun Apr 16 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Lena Gieseke

Husband : Tim Burton
Lena Gieseke and Tim Burton married in 1987 and divorced in 1991.

Lena Gieseke made a name for herself working in the visual department of movies. She is the ex-wife of director and producer Tim Burton. Burton is the director of the classic film Beetlejuice. He has also previously been in a relationship with Helena Bonham Carter. 

Burton is a massive name in directing world, directing films like Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas and series like Wednesday Addams. Gieske herself has worked in the visual departments of films like 2012, Immortals, and Hotel Lux.

Previously Married To Tim Burton

Lena Gieseke has been in a married relationship with the director, Tim Burton, in the past. The two walked down the aisle on February 24, 1989. Their marriage journey only went together for more than two years, as they got divorced on December 31, 1991

Tim Burton is wearing a black suit and a spec.
Lena Gieseke's Ex-husband, Tim Burton (Source: CNN)

The ex-couple Lena and Tim first crossed paths in 1989 when Gieseke was called to take pictures of the director. The two immediately liked each other and, soon enough, started dating and eventually tied the knot. Unfortunately, the marriage didn't go as Gieseke would have wanted.

Net Worth Status: How Rich Is Lena Gieseke?

Lena Gieseke has an estimated net worth of $2 Million, thanks to her amazing career in the visual effects industry. She has developed skills in 3D and has worked as a 3D Generalist. It has helped her to earn a lot of wealth.

Gieseke has also been involved in visual works in numerous movies in the past. Some of the movies she has worked on are 2012, Immortals, and Wickie und die starken Männer. 2012 is the most commercially successful film that she has worked on. The movie had a total collection of $791.2 Million.

Lena Gieseke's Ex-Husband's Second Relationship

Wednesday Addams director Burton after divorcing Gieseke found himself in the arms of actress Helena Bonham Carter. The two were in a relationship for thirteen years before falling out of love other. They ended their relationship in 2014.

Tim Burton is on a suit and Helena Bonham Carter is wearing a black dress.
Lena Gieseke's Ex-husband, Tim Burton, with Helena Bonham Carter (Source: People)

People report that Tim and Helena first crossed paths in 2001 while working on the film, Planet of the Apes. Gieseke's ex-husband was 56 years old and Carter was 48 at the time. The couple also shares a son and a daughter named Billy Raymond Burton and Nell Burton, respectively.

Burton has also been part of the cheating rumor while he was dating Helena Carter. It was rumored that Edward Scissorhands director had made out with an unidentified woman once, but Carter quickly shut off the rumor herself. Gieseke, on the other hand, has kept her relationship matters private after divorcing Burton.

Education Background

Tim Burton's ex-spouse Gieseke is an expert on computers and her formal education can be credited to it. She got a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Graphics from the Universität Koblenz-Landau, Campus Koblenz. She was in the institute from 2001 to 2004. Another celebrity, Casey Noble studies interior design.

Gieseke has also traveled outside of Germany for her education. Burton's ex-wife studied at The University of Georgia. She received her Masters's degree from this institute as she graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in 3D Computer Animation. Not only that, but she also learned a bit about Artificial Intelligence from the Institute. 

Gieseke also has a doctoral academic degree from the University of Stuttgart. She holds a Doctor rerum naturalium (Dr. rer. nat.) in Computer Science. She studied there from 2012 till 2018.

Tim Burton's Wednesday Addams Racism Controversy 

Tim Burton's directed series, Wednesday Addams became one of the most popular shows of 2022. But, it wasn't free from controversy and the subject of controversy was racism. Some people took issue with the casting choice of black people in Gieseke's husband's show.

Joy Sunday is wearing a white fencing dress.
Joy Sunday as Bianca in Wednesday Addams (Source: Netflix Philippines YouTube Channel)

The problem some critics had was that black actors in the show were cast as the bad guys in the show. New York Post, in their article, has reported that people had issues with the character of Joy Sunday and Iman Marson. Joy played the rude character in the show and Iman was also shown as the bully, who also happened to be the son of a corrupt Mayor.

Burton has been criticized for the same thing in the past too. Some have questioned him in the past about his choice of casting. Other people have also felt that he has always favored white actors over black actors.

What Is Gieseke Up To Nowadays?

Lena Gieseke, at the time of this writing, is working as a professor. She is a professor of Visual Media Technologies at the Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, one of the biggest film schools in her home country, Germany, according to her LinkedIn page. 

Gieseke first joined the Institue on August 2016 and has been teaching there since. She has worked on numerous films both in Hollywood and Germany. So, now she is trying to share her experiences and what she learned with future filmmakers.

About Gieseke's Ex-Husband, Tim Burton

Tim Burton is one of the biggest names in Hollywood today, having given us movies and shows like Beetlejuice, Batman, Batman Returns, Wednesday Addams, Edward Scissorhands, and much more. But, just like most celebrities, he started with humble beginnings. He also inspired the house design of actor Jordan McGraw.

Burton doesn't come from a film background and was an introvert growing up. The director developed a love for movies as a kid and grew up watching old movies, primarily by Vincent Prince. His love for Prince also led him to make a short animated film with Disney called Vincent.

Burton also started in this industry as an animator at Disney. He then went on to make a lot of successful films before going on a hiatus. His comeback was outstanding as he returned to making films with the now classic Beetlejuice. This film was where he indeed left his mark in the industry and his career only got better from there.

Previous Works Of Tim Burton's Ex-Wife

Burton's ex-wife, Gieseke, has been active in the industry for a long time. And has gained a lot of experience working in many different fields. She has previously worked as a Doctoral Researcher at the Visualization Research Centre at the University of Stuttgart. She wasn't there for long as she only worked for 1 year and 6 months.

Gieseke also worked as a research Intern at Adobe for a few months in 2015. Her other works include working as an application developer at Dassault Systèmes 3DEXCITE for a brief period. The work of Scanline VFX is her most recognizable work as this is what she used to do while working on all the films in Germany and Hollywood.

Some of the early works Gieseke did was working as a 3D Generalist. She started as an intern at Perpetual Motion before starting to work there. Besides this, she has also worked as a Guest lecturer at Furtwangen University. She worked there from October 2012 till June 2015.


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