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Thu Feb 23 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Linsey Davis

Husband : Paul Roberts
Linsey Davis and Paul Roberts married in 2013.

Linsey Davis is an American journalist and a TV News anchor working for ABC News. Her main job at ABC News Live Prime is as an anchor. She works in numerous programs on ABC, like World News Tonight, Good Morning America, 20/20, and Nightline.

Davis is kept busy by her love of writing when it's not news reporting. The author writes children's books with the success of books like  The World is Awake, Stay This Way Forever For Little Ones, and How High Is Heaven? Her son inspired the latter one.

Linsey Davis Is ABC News Anchor

Davis is the anchor at ABC News Live Prime, one of the country's top-rated News broadcasts. The Emmy Award-winning journalist is also part of other ABC shows like World News Tonight, Good Morning America, 20/20, and Nightline. 

Linsey Davis can be seen on a green suit and white top in the picture.
Linsey Davis presenting news on ABC News Live (Source: Linsey Davis Instagram -@linseytdavis)

Davis is one of the main faces of ABC News, having worked there for more than fifteen years. First joining the company in June 2007, her career at the News Network giant has only been going uphill since.

Some of Davis's biggest highlights at the network have been her interviews. She was the interviewer of Bill Cosby when his infamous scandal first came to light. She was also the main anchor during the 2020 Presidential election coverage from the network.

Linsey Davis's Net Worth

ABC News anchor Linsey Davis's net worth is estimated to be $2 Million. Her work in journalism has been fruitful, both career-wise and monetary-wise. She is believed to be paid an annual salary of $85,000. Because she is one of the main faces of ABC News and is involved in numerous shows like ABC News Live Prime and Good Morning America, her salary is no surprise.

However, Davis's wealth doesn't just come from journalism but from writing as well. The author writes children's books, which have sold well. Books like The World is Awake, Stay This Way Forever For Little Ones, and How High Is Heaven? have done incredible numbers and greatly contributed to her wealth.

Linsey Davis's Husband, Paul Roberts

Linsey Davis and her husband, Paul Roberts, walked down the aisle on March 10, 2013, in Long Island, New York. The wedding venue they chose for their wedding was Oheka Castle. It's been many years since the two got married, and it's safe to assume the ABC News Anchor has no regrets about her marriage judging by her insta page.

Linsey Davis and Paul Roberts are wearing a matching clothes, i.e., Grey Tees and a Red Cap.
Linsey Davis and Paul Roberts on a Madison Mini Marathon (Source: Linsey Davis Instagram - @linseytdavis)

It remains to be discovered how the love story between Davis and Paul Roberts started. Also, it is unclear what Roberts does for a living. He is a private man and lives away from the limelight. The only bits we see of him are through Davis's Instagram, where she often posts about her mysterious husband.

Through Davis's Insta page, you can find her spending quality time with Roberts. He can be seen running marathons with her, enjoying holidays with her, and even helping her to set up the home studio for her news broadcast during the covid lockdown.

Has A Master Of Arts Degree In Communication

Davis holds a Master of Arts Degree in Communication from New York University. This was a dramatic turn from what she had studied before. She graduated from the University of Virginia with a bachelor's degree in Psychology. And her schooling education happened at Moorestown Friends School in New Jersey.

Formal education is considered important in the field of journalism. And Davies's degree in Communication surely acted as the biggest contributor to her success in the field. But it doesn't mean her Psychology degree is a waste. It helps her better understand whether the other person is lying, which helps massively while interviewing others, like the famous Bill Cosby interview.

Davis's Son Inspired The Book How High Is Heaven?

Davis's book How High Is Heaven? can be credited to his son Aiden. This was brought to light by the ABC News anchor while promoting her book on Good Morning America. The show is also hosted by Sara Haines and Dan Harris, among others. She revealed the story behind the book, which was:

He came from school one day and said how come my best friend has two grandmas and two grandpas? I only have one of each. So I started telling him about his grandma P and my husband's mother. He said I want to go to see her in heaven, and I thought this was worthy of conversation.

How High is Heavem? text is written is yellow with stars in background and a small kid jumping and smiling.
The book cover of How High is Heaven? (Source: Amazon)

Davis loves kids and writing books for them. Her books are loved by kids, which is evident from the number of books that have been best sellers. Some of her popular books are The World is Awake and Stay This Way Forever For Little Ones.

Who Are Linsey Davis's Parents?

Nightline anchor Davis is the daughter of Ronald Davis and Beverly Davis. Her parents live a quiet life, and little is known about them. But a thing that is available about them to the public is that they both worked as school teachers before Ronald switched to construction work.

Davis has done a photo shoot with her mother, Beverly. They both collaborated on a mother-daughter photoshoot in the past. Besides that, other information on her parents remains to be discovered.

The Lil Wayne BLM Interview

Lil Wayne made the headlines a few years ago for his saying on the Black Lives Matter movement. He told Davis, the interviewer, that he had nothing to do with the movement. ABC quotes him saying:

I don't know, that you put a name on such a -- that's what it was. It's not a name; it's not whatever, whatever. "It's somebody got shot by a policeman for a **** up reason. I am a young, black, rich ****. If that don't let you know that America understand black **** matter these days, I don't what it is.

It became so big that people were divided on this. Many sided with Wayne and called out ABC for trying to force the words they wanted to hear into his mouth. While others just called him insensitive and ignorant, as this came right when the BLM movement was gaining momentum.

How To Love rapper Lil Wayne wasn't the only one here who was the talk of the people. Davis, who interviewed him, was also trolled mercilessly by people. People called her out for how she conducted her interview and the questions she asked. Even Lil Wayne wasn't a huge fan of her which was evident by how he walked out after the interview.

The Time Davis Was Found Reporting Fake News

Davis found herself in hot water when CNN exposed one of her reporting where she was found lying. The crime reported was about a woman in South Carolina being held hostage by someone. Only that, the whole thing was staged, and as expected, ABC received a lot of backlash for it, including Davis.

TMZ has reported that they made it seem like they were reporting straight from the crime scene. But people quickly discovered that the yellow crime scene tape they had used was just a prop. ABC blamed the show's producer, but many people didn't seem to buy that story.


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