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Wed Apr 12 2023
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Meg Tirrell is a general assignment reporter for CNBC who primarily focuses on biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. She has been working with the network since April 2014 and appears on CNBC's Business Day programming. Additionally, she contributes to and is based at the network's global headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. The recent addition of a general assignment reporter at CNBC is of Bertha Coombs.

Before CNBC, Tirrell covered the biotechnology industry for Bloomberg News. Tirrell has a master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University and a bachelor's degree in English and music from Wellesley College. Despite being a renown female journalist, she has kept her personal life under the radar.

Low-Key Personal Life: Is Meg Dating Someone?

Tirrell is one of the prominent reporters at CNBC, just like Leslie Picker. However, Meg prefers to keep her relationship status entirely private and doesn't share much. She is active on Twitter only, which makes it challenging to track down her personal life. She is probably single and is not dating anyone at the moment.

Meg Tirrell is probably single
Image: CNBC's general assignment reporter, Meg Tirrell, is not married as of now.
Source: CNBC

It seems the television personality is extremely secretive when it comes to her dating and married status. On television, she opens up about the daily discussions on health and other topics. However, Meg's relationship status is entirely hidden behind the curtains.

Meg Tirrell with a friend
Image: Meg Tirrell with a friend.

Further, it is also not known whether Tirrell has a child or not. She seems to be a single woman, so there might not be a chance of her giving birth. In the coming days, Meg might tie her wedding knot soon. As of now, Meg Tirrell doesn't have a boyfriend; neither she has a husband.

Style And Recognition

The gorgeous journalist, Meg Tirrell, is also known for her style and personality. She wears an expensive designer dress and is recognized for her beauty. On television, Meg's viewers appreciate her cover stories, and she is quite popular on Twitter as well.

Meg Tirrell is known for her style
Photo: Meg Tirrell is known for her style.
Source: myspace

Meg has established herself as one of the leading female television icons. She has been working in the journalism media industry for over a decade. With such an experience, Tirrell is undoubtedly one of the important figures in the journalism industry.

Net Worth

The CNBC's general assignment reporter, Ms. Meg Tirrell, has a net worth of $800,000. She earns a hefty sum of annual income from her work as a biotech and pharma reporter. As per reliable sources, Tirrell's yearly salary is $87,812. Therefore, she must have a stable financial status.

Personally, Meg hasn't revealed her earnings, and most of the reporters don't share their actual income. Nevertheless, with a net worth nearly marking a million dollars, Tirrell lives a decent lifestyle. For your information, another female CNBC's general assignment reporter, Courtney Reagan, has a higher net worth of $10 million.

Little Info About Tirrell's Notable Works

Right after graduation, Tirrell joined Bloomberg News as a small-caps/media/consumer reporter and worked at that position for two years. Afterward, she worked as a health/science and biotechnology reporter for over four years.

Since 2014, Tirrell is a biotech and pharma reporter for the global leading business network, CNBC, based in New Jersey. Kim Van Gundy also graduates with her bachelor's degree in English and Journalism like Meg.

YouTube: Meg Tirrell's cover story about drugs!

Some of her notable cover stories are the development of new drugs for Alzheimer's, cancer and rare diseases. Additionally, she tracked public health emergencies from Ebola to Zika.

In 2016, Meg extensively reported on drug pricing controversies and the impact of politics on the development of new medicines. Talking about awards, she received an Excellence in Audio Digital Storytelling, Small Newsroom Award.

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