Natalia Bryant

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Sat Jun 18 2022
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Natalia Bryant is the eldest baby girl of NBA legend late Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa Laine Bryant. Her father Kobe Bryant died on helicopter crash on January 26, 2020. Natalia's sister Gianna Bryant also met the same fate with their father.

Born as Natalia Diamante Bryant on January 19, 2003, she grew up with her three sisters in Los Angeles. Her sister Gianna was born on May 1, 2006. A decade later on December 5, 2016, Natalia and Gianna welcomed their baby sister Bianka Bella Bryant. The youngest of all sisters Capri Kobe Bryant was born on June 20, 2019.

Natalia Is Currently Single

17-years old Natalia hasn't revealed her romantic attachments or relationships yet. As a high school student, she seems to devote her time with her family and studies. Unlike most of the celebrity kids, Natalia isn't so active in social medias too. 

Late Gianna was 13 years old when she died
Image: Natalia's late sister belonged to the school basketball team
Source: Vanessa Bryant/Instagram

Although she has to face with medias in the public, Natalia has learned to play it safe. Currently, Natalia attends Sage Hill High School where she plays volleyball with the team Sage Hill Lightning

Kobe's Demise Left Bryant Family Devastated

Natalia's dad and baby sister Gianna were among the nine people that were killed in the crash. His loss was felt all around the world. His fans gathered outside the Staples Center in LA and chanted his name to honor Kobe. More to that, Kobe and Gianna's jerseys were displayed allover in the public. 

Natalia has also a younger sister named Capri
Picture(from left to right): Natalia, Gianna, Bianka, Vanessa and Kobe in 2019.
Source: Vanessa Bryant/Instagram

Like Natalia, Gianna had also begun to follow her father's footsteps. She was a budding basketball player and belonged to her school's basketball team Mamba. Furthermore, the Mamba Sports Foundation has set up a fund MambaOnThree Fund to support other victims' families. Bianka and Capri might be naive at the demise of their sister Gianna but Natalia surely has a hard time coping with the loss.

Her Parents' Marital Life

Natalia's father was just 21 years old when he met his college sweetheart Vanessa who was three years younger. They had exchanged engagement rings in May, 2000.A year later in April 2001, Kobe and Vanessa finally walked down the aisle at St. Edward the Confessor Catholic Church in Dana Point. Natalia's paternal grandparents were not so glad about Kobe's marriage to Vanessa. 

Late Kobe referred to his wife and four daughters as his princesses
Image: Natalia's mother and Mamba Sports Foundation has set up MambaOnThree Fund to help the crash victims' family.
Source: Vanessa Bryant/Instagram

One of the reasons was that she was not African-American and second was that Kobe embraced marriage too early. More to that, Natalia's grandparents and two aunts failed to attend the wedding ceremony. Two years later, Kobe and Vanessa welcomed their first daughter Natalia. Her birth became the sole reason for the couple's reunion with Natalia's grandparents. 

Natalia's Spoiled Childhood

As the baby girl of the legendary basketball player, Natalia's childhood was no different from the life of the richest kids. Her father Kobe had made more than $680 million. Besides, the Bryant children lived a luxurious life at their home in New Port. Bryant couple had bought the Mediterranean-style-house for $4 million in 2002. 13 years later in May, 2015, Natalia's parents sold the house.

Thousand of Kobe's fans gathered outside Staple Center to mourn his loss:

At six years of age, Natalia and her family moved to a house worth $9.45 million. Her parents also owned expensive paintings and arts which was worth millions. Besides a luxurious residences, Natalia and her siblings are used to lavish birthday celebrations and vacations.

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