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Traffic Reporter (1974)
Sun May 30 2021
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Patty Harken is a certified broadcast media professional, who is profoundly working Fox 8 news channel at WJW-TV station. She is also well known as the "Holly Copter," after serving as a traffic reporter in the Cleveland, Ohio-based radio station, Metro Networks.

Harken is fond of traveling and her favorite thing is to hang out on the beach. She loves doing exercise and often plays golf and Ten-pin bowling. Additionally, she serving as a volunteer at the Barton Center campaign in Lakewood in her spare time.

How Is Patty's Married Life Going? Who is Her Husband?

Patty Harken is living a blissful conjugal life with her beloved husband, Michael Reghi. The couple married in an intimate wedding ceremony where their close relatives, family members, and mutual friends attended. Since tying the wedding knot, the duo is celebrating each day as a special one.

Patty Harken with her husband, Michael Reghi Harken arrived at the Elton John's music concert. What does Harken's husband do for a living?
Patty Harken with her beloved husband, Michael Reghi Harken
Source: Instagram @pattyharken

The couple shares two children, including one son and one daughter, Steph Harken. Furthermore, their kids are now fully grown-up adults and live their lives on their survivals. But, they are still close to them and often plan for vacations together.

Patty harkens with her son on left side and right side her daughter.
Patty Harkens gave birth to Michael Reghi Harken's two sweet children, including Steph Harken
Source: Instagram @pattyharken

At the moment, the pair are outburst with the joy of having a happy family. Other than that, the duo never falls for silly mistakes and supports each other in the ups and downs of life. It shows the commitment to their marital union which is superly solid.

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How Much is Patty Harken's Net Worth? 

Ohio-based broadcast media professional, Harken garners a decent amount of fortune throughout her professional works. Similarly, the annual average salary of a traffic reporter at WJW FOX 8 is $98,408. Nevertheless, Patty's yearly income may vary in the same range. As of 2021, her net worth is reportedly $350,000.

Patty Harkens possesses three pet cats, including Tiger and Hank. What is her current salary in WJW Fox 8 news channel? Explore her net worth!
Patty Harkens now has three pet cats, including Hank and Tiger after 7 of her cats passed away due to sickness
Source: Instagram @pattyharken

On the other side, Harken is a cat lover and possesses more than ten pet cats in her house. She cares so much for her cats. But now, she has only three cats, including Hank and Tiger. Though seven cats died due to severe health conditions. She often shares pictures of her pets via Instagram.

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Harken's Early Life

Fox 8 News traffic reporter, Patty was born on 14th October 1974, in Lakewood City of Los Angeles, California, USA. Moreover, she grew up in a caring and friendly environment because her parents were supportive and considerate of her needs. She has great respect for them and celebrates their happy birthdays on their born day every year.  

Patty Harkens celebrating her father's birthday alongside her mother. Who are Harken's parents?
Patty Harken's Father and Mother
Source: Instagram @pattyharken

On the other hand, Harken went to the Butler University based in Indianapolis, Indiana for higher studies in 1986. She later graduated with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Radio and Television degree from the university in 1990. Also, prominent news reporter, Corey McPherrin is an alumnus of the same university. 

Patty Harken’s Traffic Reporter Career

5-feet 8-inches tall, Patty has been serving as a radio traffic reporter to alert the people of Lakewood, Ohio. She first interned as a traffic reporter at Metro Networks in 1992. She later worked with several radio news stations, including WDOK-TV, WTF-TV, and WZAK-TV.

Patty Harkens is reporting traffic reports while flying on helicopter. Whom she tied the knot? Who is her husband?
Patty Harkens is reporting on-air traffic coverages at Fox 8 News
Source: Instagram @pattyharken

Harken joined WEWS TV5 station, where she served as a full television traffic reporter for Good Morning Cleveland from 2008 to 2011. Furthermore, she went on to work on Fox 8 news channel at WJW-TV station since 2012, where Melissa Mack is also working as a meteorologist. 

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