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Wed Feb 08 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Russell Hantz

Ex-wife : Melanie Hantz
Russell Hantz is in a material relationship with Melanie Hantz.

If you are a fan of the American reality show Survivor, then you might be familiar with the name Russell Hantz. He is often regarded by many as one of the most blatant participants who ever participated in the show. Hantz is known for competing three times in the American version of the show and once in the Australian Survivor

Because of his rude and self-assertive gameplay techniques and intentions to create chaos in the camps, Hantz is one of the fan favorites of the Survivor series. Viewers voted him for "Sprint Player of the season". 

However, these behaviors made him lose both season finales as his fellow tribes promptly voted him out at the Tribal Council. 

Married & Divorced Melanie Hantz: But Why?

Survivor star Hantz is a divorced man. Previously, he was in a married relationship with, Melanie Hantz. His ex-wife has made several appearances in a couple of episodes of Survivor as Hantz's wife. 

Hantz and his ex-wife were living a long and happy married life and had welcomed four children from their marriage relation including his twin daughters Hannah Hantz and Hailey Hantz.

Russell Hantz hugging his ex-wife Melanie Hantz.
Russell Hantz hugging his ex-wife Melanie Hantz (Image Source:

However, when Hantz returned home after Survivor, not things were the same between the couple. They often fought with each other before finally getting a divorce in 2014. 

Hantz often blames the show and the main reason he got separated from his wife was the show's fault. In an interview with Who magazine, he stated

I went home and pretty much ignored everything, including my relationship with my wife, I lost my marriage due to this show.

Although he was very sad when separating from his ex-wife at the beginning, he has currently moved on and is currently dating Taylor King.

Rumors: Ongoing Relationship & Hookup of Hantz 

In the same interview with Who, Hantz claims he is on good terms with his ex-wife Melanie Hantz and things between them cooled down. Even though things between them settled out, the possibilities of their reunion as a couple are minimal.

Collage of Russell Hantz and his rumored girlfriend Taylor King
Collage of Russell Hantz and his rumored girlfriend Taylor King (Image Source:

When asked about his current relationship status, he refused to answer. According to rumors, Russell Hantz is dating a stunning lady Taylor King, who is a bartender and bikini competitor by profession. 

However, he has not revealed anything regarding her current relationship and refused to address the talks.

About Russell Hantz's Net Worth & Earnings

As we all know, Hantz got his fame for participating in the reality show, Survivor. However, he was already rich before joining the show. In one of the episodes of the reality show, he claims he was not there to win or take the prize pool, but he was there to show us how easy it is to win the show. 

Russell Hantz wearing glittering black shirt and jeans on CBS presentation set
Russell Hantz wearing glittering black shirt and jeans on CBS presentation set (Image Source:

Hantz has not disclosed his earnings or any information about his wealth to the media till now. According to the latest research and estimation, the net worth of Russell Hantz is $2 million like Munro Chambers. Most of his earnings came from his oil business and Survivor

US magazine states the final two of the show Survivor get $100 thousand, and the winner gets a whooping prize pool of $1 million. As Hantz became the runner-up twice, he won $200 thousand in two seasons. Also, he got the Sprint Player of the season, which is worth $100 thousand.

Childhood & Early Life

Russell Hantz was born on October 10, 1972, in Dayton, Texas, United States. Later his family, including his father, mother, and two brothers, Shawn and Willie Hantz, moved to Vinton, Louisiana, United States. So, he spent most of his early life and childhood in Louisiana.

Hantz had done his alma mater from the high school nearby Vinton like Rebecca Kopelman. He was interested in fishing and farming, so his father trained him in shrimping and oystering to make him involved in the family business. 

Hantz's Career In The TV Show "Survivor"

Hantz, known as the villain of the entire history of Survivor for betraying his fellows and doing ruthless activities, joined the series in 2009. Since then, he has participated in three seasons in 2009, 2010, and 2011

Russell Hantz in the reality TV show Survivor
Russell Hantz in the reality TV show Survivor (Image Source:

He was the first runner-up in Survivor: Samoa in 2009 and the second runner-up in Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villain in 2010. In February 2010, Hantz made his appearance on Late Show with David Letterman as Top Ten List Presenter #9. 

In 2018, after seven years of his last appearance in Survivor, he participated in Australian Survivor: Champions Vs. Contenders as a Champion Tribe. Unfortunately, he was vote-kicked and eliminated in the 23rd position. 

Does Russell Hantz Own an Oil Company?

Apart from being a famous TV personality, Russell Hantz is also a quality businessman who owns an oil company with his father and brothers. But there have been a lot of questions in the mind of the public, whether he actually owns a company or not. 

Due to his lying and betraying attitude in the show, most survivor fans think he is probably lying. However, there are little shreds of evidence that he is probably telling the truth. 

The company Hantz claims he owns is Hantz Tankering Service, LLC, which is officially listed on Google Maps, and you can easily watch the satellite view of the company located in Dayton, Texas. It is also listed in OpenCorporates, the open database of the corporate world. 

According to OpenCorporates, the company was registered with the company number 0801076718 on January 21, 2009, and dissolved on July 27, 2012.

These pieces of little evidence only support that Hantz is an oil executive, but the lack of concrete evidence still puts the fans in a dilemma. 

Presence In Social Media

The self-claimed part owner of Hantz Tankering Service, LLC, Hantz seems hyperactive on the internet, especially on Twitter. His official and verified Twitter handle, @russellhantz, has more than 50K followers. Usually, he tweets four to five times a day. Once, he posts his family photo on his social handles. 

Russell Hantz with his ex-wife Melaine Hantz and four children including two twin sisters Hannah and Hailey Hantz
Russell Hantz with his ex-wife Melaine Hantz and four children including two twin sisters Hannah and Hailey Hantz (Image Source:

Hantz has dropped the link to his official youtube channel in his Twitter bio. His YouTube handle name is @THE RUSSELL HANTZ SHOW, which has over forty thousand subscribers. 

Controversies & Scandals of Hantz

The multimillionaire Survivor star, Hantz, was a part of a massive controversy for spoiling the details and results of Samoa and Heroes Vs. Villains in 2011. 

Jim Early, the spoiler giver, accused Russell Hantz of being the source. He claimed that Hantz gave both fake about Carrie Prejean and Kimbo Slice and actual spoilers about Krista Klumpp and Ashley Underwood.

Giving spoilers of such confidential data before its release is a legal crime, according to the contract between Survivor and Hantz. Per the contract, there will be a $5 million lawsuit for breaching those pieces of information. 

Luckily, Hantz denied the accusations, and later the case was dismissed due to a lack of evidence and cooperation from the accused. 


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