Sona Movsesian Wedding

Sun Sep 08 2019
By   Bibek

Sona Movsesian and her wedding with Tak was filled with the joyous moment. The ear to ear smile of Movsesian and Conan O'Brien darling Armenian dance moves.

The perfect couple looked so in love, and their loved ones enjoyed the night, which was filled with love in the air. Movsesian has worked as an assistant of Conan for more than a decade. The talk of Sona's wedding went through after the 2015 episode of Conan from Armenia.

Sona Movsesian Married! Who is her Husband?

She tied the knot with a guy named Tak Boroyan on August 25, 2018. For the beautiful wedding, the couple invited their close friends and family. The nuptials were filled with Armenia traditions, dancing, and happiness.

Image: Sona Movsesian (right) with her husband Tak Boroyan (left) walking down the aisle

In 2015, Team Coco, Sona, and Conan traveled to Armenia for an episode of Conan with Borders. Since, that episode, Movsesian received a lot of fame in Armenia and the USA. According to Tak, it was in that episode, he fell in love with Sona.

Conan is famous for his quick humor and blending with people. In the show, he interviewed the likes of Kumail Nanjiani, Tom Hanks, Andy Richter, etc. The late-night talk show host tried to find his lovely assistant a husband while in Armenia. 

They went to a matchmaker to find a suitable groom, but O'Brien rejected every one of them as they were not good for his lovely assistant. 

He even went on to comment about one guy in particular who took his photo by squatting in the woods. He said,

"Who takes a picture of himself shitting in the woods?".

But without his help, Movsesian found the right man for her and got married.

The Wedding Details...

For the big wedding, Sona walked down the aisle with her father while Tak waited for her. She appeared in a stunning white gown which she borrowed from her mother. 

On the other hand, Tak came to his wedding in a dashing black suit and a bow tie. Upon seeing his bride, Tak's eyes sparkled like a diamond. The couple exchanged wedding vows to each other and soon after as per Armenian tradition, the pair were announced, husband and wife.

Sona Movsesian walking down the aisle alongside her father

Tak and Sona decided to perform the matrimony at an Armenian Church in Montebello. That big ear to ear smile of Movsesian can certainly make any guy fall in love with her. Movsesian has a very jolly good nature, she is hilarious, authentic, and more than that Sona represents her country very well.    

The Party Begins...

Soon after being pronounced married in front of everyone, the couple involved in dancing with their loved ones. The party went on, and everyone started to enjoy every moment. 

However, the highlight of the party came as the grooving dance moves from Conan O'Brien. No surprise, right? We've seen him goofing around in his episodes, and everyone is familiar with his amazing dance skills. 

All the guest enjoying the party at Sona Movsesian and Tak wedding

Conan performed Shoorj-Par, Armenian traditional dance and even said the dance is a total workout. Along with Conan, his wife Liza Powel O'Brien and his son also attended the ceremony.

Sona Movsesian is settling down with her Husband

Movsesian is enjoying her role as a wife for nearly a year now. Both of them are very busy with their work schedule, but the couple always takes out time for each other. They keep the priority of their family on top all the time.

Recently, the pair are looking for a house in Los Angeles. Because of the houses being super expensive, they've not been able to pin down a perfect crib for them. 

In a recent episode, she managed to put Conan on the spot to buy a house for her. Will he buy it? Well, we don't know yet maybe he will as not long ago he helped his assistant in buying a new car. 

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