The Complete Shaquille O'Neal Relationship Timeline: Exes, Breakups, and Reconciliations

Thu May 18 2023
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Shaquille O'Neal, also known as Shaq, rose to prominence for his extraordinary performance in the NBA. The All-star Game MVP player has been in six in his 19-year-long NBA career. Apart from his career, O'Neal found the spotlight for his relationships.

Born on March 6, 1972, Shaq, a four-time NBA champion, works as a sports analyst. The champion in professional life, Shaq, is the champion in personal life too. He has dated many high-profile women so far. Let's discuss Shaquille's complete relationship, including his Dating life, Exes, and Breakups.

Who Is Shaquille O'Neal Dating Now?

The NBA superstar Shaq is currently dating an American actress Annie Ilonzeh. The romantic couple Shaq and Ilonzeh's romance is no fleeting affair as they have been together for three years.

Shaquille O'Neal's current girlfriend Annie Ngozi Ilonzeh.
Shaquille O'Neal's current girlfriend, Annie Ngozi Ilonzeh. Source: Instagram @annieilonzeh

Shaq and Charlie's Angels actress Annie were first spotted together in January 2019. The loving duo was holding hands when the photographer took their picture.

The age gap of 11 years has not affected the relationship between Annie and Shaq. The two seem pretty comfortable and happy in their relationship.

Fun Fact: Shaquille O'Neal Was On Tinder Looking For A Suitable Partner

Yes, the four-time NBA champion Shaq was on Tinder. It was before he dated How I Met Your Mother actress Annie Ilonzeh.

O'Neal was looking for a suitable partner to be in a relationship. Unfortunately, people did not believe it was genuinely him. He had to delete the account later as he did not find anyone good for him.

NBA star Shaq shared his Tinder story:

“I signed up for Tinder, put in my name, and I tried to make a person meet me, I was like, ‘It’s me, it’s Shaq. And she said Shaq would never be on this.’ So I had to hit delete. I had to delete my account.”

Ups & Downs In The Relationship Of Shaq And Shaunie O'Neal

Shaunie and Shaquille O'Neal were formally in a marital relationship. The couple had a lavish wedding in Beverly Hill on December 26, 2002. Despite their seemingly perfect life, the couple split twice, first in 2007 and again in 2009.

Shaquille O'Neal and his ex-wife Shaunie O'Neal.
Shaquille O'Neal and his ex-wife Shaunie O'Neal. Source: FeaturedBiography

The NBA star Shaq met American TV personality Shaun for the first time in 1997. O'Neal and his squeeze dated for five years before taking their relationship to the next level. Shaunie also revealed that Shaquille was the first athlete she ever dated.

The duo's married life lasted only for seven years but resulted in the birth of Shaquille's four children. He shares two sons and daughters, Shareef, Shaqir Amirah, and Me'arah, with his ex-wife Shaunie.

Filing For Divorce & Reconciliation

As aforementioned, Shaunie and Shaq filed for divorce two times. It was the NBA star who had filed the divorce petition first.

In 2007, Shaq stated that his TV Personality wife, Shaunie, was being secretive about her assets and hiding them. Furthermore, he also mentioned that their relationship was irretrievably broken and seek divorce.

However, Shaunie denied all the allegations and asked for three months' continuance to repair their marriage. Later, the couple reconciled and canceled the divorce.

Infidelity & Separation In 2009

The ex-married couple, Shaq and Shaunie, stated they were in love again and reconciled in 2007. Despite this, they separated in 2009.

It was Shaunie this time who had filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. Their divorce was finalized in November 2009.

After the divorce, the custody of O'Neal's children went to their mother, Shaunie. The former pair remained friends and co-parented their children.

The reason for their separation was Shaquille's Infidelity which he later regretted. He also said he could not be the best partner for Shaunie. In addition to this, Shaq appreciated the TV personality for her great parenting skill.

Shaq's ex-wife, Shaunie, is now married to Pastor Keion Henderson. The two wed on May 28, 2022.

Dated Arnetta Yardbourgh For Four Years

Arnetta Yardbourgh and Shaquille O'Neal were together for four years. In those four years, Arnetta became the mother of the first child of the NBA star Shaq.

It remains unsolved how the romantic pair Yardbourgh and O'Neal initially met. However, it is known that they two started dating in 1992.

Shaquille O'Neal with his ex-girlfriend Arnetta Yardbourgh and daughter Taahira O'Neal.
Shaquille O'Neal with his ex-girlfriend Arnetta Yardbourgh and daughter Taahira O'Neal. Source: FeaturedBiography

Shaquille's daughter Taahirah O'Neal was born in 1996. During pregnancy, Shaq suggested Arnetta move to Houston as people in Orlando reacted negatively toward her.

Los Angeles Lakers former player O'Neal supported his then-girlfriend at this time. He often went to meet his baby mama. However, this lovely relationship came to an end in 1996. O'Neal said that Arnetta had to continue her study, and thus they separated.

Did You Know American Model Laticia Rolle Was In A Committed Relationship To Shaquille O'Neal?

The American Model, Laticia Rolle, was a basketball fan! On the other hand, Shaq gets attracted to beauty. This made the couple to begin their relationship in 2014.

Shaquille O'Neal and Laticia Rolle were rumored to be engaged.
Shaquille O'Neal and Laticia Rolle were rumored to be engaged. Source: MarriedCeleb

Laticia replied to Shaq's proposal on Instagram:

"yes, I will. Today, tomorrow, and forever yours."

Shaq and Laticia were rumored to have exchanged engagement rings on March 30, 2016. Fans had speculated that the couple must have engaged after they saw a huge diamond ring on Rolle's finger.

Later, it turned out the celebrity couple were not engaged. They got separated in March 2018 due to having different points of view.

Shaquille O'Neal & Ex-Girlfriend Vanessa Lopez's Legal Battle

Shaquille O'Neal was accused of racketeering, privacy invasion, and harassment by his alleged girlfriend of five years, Vanessa Lopez.

Lopez is a model by profession, and she had said that Shaq left her after being pregnant with his child. Additionally, there were several other allegations, like the NBA star had paid hackers to access her email and more.

Later, the court favored the NBA star O'Neal as some of Lopez's statements were lie and deceptive. The pair were allegedly together since 2004.

Shaquille O'Neal's Flings & Dating Rumors

Professional basketball player Shaquille O'Neal has been romantically linked with many individuals. Some of them are true, and some are just rumors.

Shaquille O'Neal with his girlfriend Nicole Alexander.
Shaquille O'Neal with his girlfriend, Nicole Alexander. Source: Pinterest

Let's learn about the relationship of NBA star Shaq, which was for only a brief time. Also, who has been rumored to have dated O'Neal? Let's find out.

Shaq was rumored to have dated Laura Goven in 2008. However, both parties denied the rumor. The Los Angeles Laker's former player O'Neal shortly dated American rapper and entrepreneur Katrina Laverne Taylor in 2007.

In addition, VH1's reality show I Love Money and Flavor of Love winner Nicole Deanna Alexander was also in a relationship with the NBA star for three years. The couple broke up because of Shaq's infidelity.

Dominica Westling is also one of the names which pop up when talking about Shaq's Exes. The pair were together when he was married to Shaunie. The conversation between Wrestling and O'Neal was later publicized in 2010.

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