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Celebrity Sibling (1995)
Fri Aug 09 2019
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Who is Tyler Ziegler?

Do you know American dancer, actress, and model Maddie Ziegler? If yes then get familiar to Tyler Ziegler, the half brother of famous star Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler. Further, he and his two biological sisters share the same father but different mother.

Tyler Ziegler was born on 29 June 1995 in Pennsylvania to the parents Kurt Ziegler (father) and Lorri Ziegler (mother). Besides, he has one brother named Ryan Ziegler who was born on 14 May 1991. After the divorce of his parents, Tyler father married to Melissa 'Ziegler' Gisoni whom the couple shares two daughter Mackenzie Ziegler (born on 30 September 2002) and Maddie Ziegler (June 4, 2004).

Tyler Ziegler with his half sister Mackenzie Ziegler

Image: Tyler Ziegler with his half-sister Mackenzie Ziegler

Tyler holds American citizenship and belongs to white ethnicity. Concerning his education, he graduated from college in  2014. Moreover, his stepmother Melissa married to Greg Gisoni and has one-two sons together Michele Gisoni and Matthew Gisoni.

Tyler Ziegler with his siblings and a father, Kurt

Image: Tyler Ziegler with his siblings and a father, Kurt

Tyler is the half brother of Maddie. He's not seen in any of the Dance Moms episodes about which he's only spoken in the Girl Talk episode of Dance Moms. But with the cast of Dance Moms, he's still really near.

Relationship of Maddie and Tyler

Tyler and Maddie are very near to each other. They always do things together like cycling, getting together from the family, going to the beach. They sometimes go to Tyler's Ice Hockey matches.

How Much Is Tyler Ziegler's Net Worth? 

To date, the profession of Tyler Ziegler has not been disclosed to the media or public. Therefore, the accurate data on his net worth, wages, income, and earnings is unavailable. Nevertheless, with his brother Tyler, he loves going to ice hockey matches.

Mackenzie Ziegler performing live

Image: Mackenzie Ziegler performing live

However, Tyler's half-sister Mackenzie Ziegler is a well-known American dancer, singer, actress, and model. She has a net worth of $3 million over her various career as of 2019. On the other hand, Mackenzie's sister Maddie has a net worth of $5 million as of 2019. With dance, acting, modeling, and writing career, Ziegler has ably amassed such a hefty wealth.

Ballet dancer Maddie Ziegler

Image: Ballet dancer Maddie Ziegler

Likewise, Maddie is renowned for appearing from 2011 to 2016 in the reality show of Lifetime Dance Moms. According to some sources, the star paid about $2,000 per Dance Moms episode, which totaled about $400,000. She has also made some endorsements such as commercial Skechers.

Who is Tyler Ziegler's Girlfriend? His Love & Dating Life

Sparking his personal life, Tyler is very open about his love affair. As of now, he shares a romantic love relationship with the girl named Kaylee Allison.

According to Tyler's post, they are together since 2018. The lovebirds seem to be happily enjoying their love life. Also, through their respective social media account, they share each other's lovely pictures mostly through Instagram.

Tyler Ziegler and his girlfriend Kaylee Allison

Image: Tyler Ziegler and his girlfriend, Kaylee Allison

Back on 18 June 2018, Tyler first posted the picture along with his girlfriend with the caption: can’t keep her eyes off me. Talking about now, the two often post the pictures and described each other as the beautiful and happy pair.

Tyler Ziegler wished his girlfriend Kaylee on the occasion of the new year

Image: Tyler Ziegler wished his girlfriend Kaylee on the occasion of the new year 

On the occasion of the new year in January 2019, he shared the picture next to the Kaylee where the caption was:

Times have been tough for me lately but you’ve been there for me every step of the way since I’ve met you, you’re so sweet to me and I’m so lucky to have you in my life. I love you Kaylee. Here’s to a new year and many more 💫🌠🎆❤️🥰

On the other hand, Tyler biological sister Maddie dated drummer Kailand Morris, who is the son of Stevie Wonder. Not only this, there was a rumored that she was in a relationship with few guys including Gino Cosculluela (2014), Jacob Sartorius (2016), Johnny Orlando (2016) and Jack Kelly (2017).

How old is Tyler Ziegler? Birthday 

As per birthyear 1995, Tyler's age is 24 years. Recently on 29 June, he celebrated his 24th Birthday.

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