Robin McGraw and Phil McGraw Married Life Since 1976

Sun Nov 03 2019
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Many people assume that if you're in Hollywood, then you can't have a happy married life. Robin McGraw and Phil McGraw are breaking that myth with their forty-three years of marital experience. The couple is still going strong as per Robin's interview.

In a recent interview, Robin said that the pair might've found the secret of a successful marriage. For the past several years, the duo is contributing to counseling many people on their issues, which bought fame and criticism upon them. The news about the couple getting divorce is circulating on the internet. What's the truth? To know more, read along.

Robin is Phil's Second Wife

Dr. Phil walked down the aisle with Robin in 1976 after dating for almost three years. The couple started their romance when Phil was in the process of annulling his and his first wife's marriage.

Phil McGraw and Robin McGraw at the Dr. Phil show
Image: Phil McGraw (right) and his wife Robin McGraw (left). 
Source: Daily Mail

Previously, Phil tied the knot with an ex-cheerleader, Debbie Higgins McCall, in 1970. The couple was in their early twenties, but in just three years their relationship was not working out. In 1973, Debbie filed for a divorce claiming that Phil was more controlling and would not let her participate in the family business.

The nuptial with Robin came after a lot of homework from the couple as they wanted to keep the relationship perfect even after matrimony. During the time, the pair worked with Oprah Winfrey, but since then, they left the show to start their show. In his TV show, he has tried to help his guests like Lisa Bloom, Sophie Turner, and many more. 

The Secret Recipe for the Successful Marriage

In a chit-chat with People, Robin explained that the success of their relationship is no secret. As per Robin, both of them focus on the marriage and family one hundred percent.

Phil McGraw and Robin McGraw
Picture: Phil McGraw (right) and his wife Robin McGraw (left). 
Source: Yahoo 

Before tying the knot, the pair took their time to discuss the needs and wants both have from their marital relationship. During the conversation, the pair started to know more about each other, and even to this day, the couple focus on those particular needs and wants of each other.

Furthermore, Phil and Robin also have a similar childhood growing up. Both of their parents were alcoholic, and both of them grew up in a home of uncertainty. Not just that, Phil goes beyond to support his wife's career, and the same goes for Robin. 

These small things that the couple do for each other have made their relationship very strong. This creative environment in their family also helped their children to grow into a successful human being.

Robin is a Proud Mother of Two

In their four decades of marriage, Phil and Robin have successfully managed to raise two children. Robin gave birth to Jay McGraw on September 12, 1979, and Jordan McGraw in 1986.

Phil McGraw and Robin McGraw with their two sons and daughter-in-law
Frame: (From left to right) Phil McGraw, Robin McGraw, Jordan McGraw, Erica Dahm, and Jay McGraw. 
Source: The Epoch Times

The two sons have made their parents proud of their successful careers. Jay is following his father's footsteps and has published books targeting teenagers. Besides publishing books, Jay also works for Stage 29. As of now, Jay is happily married to Erica Dahm, one of the Playboy Playmate triplets.

On the other hand, Jordan is pretty secretive about his personal life. There is no exact information about his professional and personal life. 

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