Who is Lil Wayne Girlfriend? Find Out Who The Rapper Is Dating!

Sat Jun 17 2023
By   Prajwol

Yes, peps, the American rapper, Lil Wayne is back into the dating game. He was seen together with Jennifer Spencer at a Grammy Awards after-party in February 2023. 

According to internet tabloids, Spencer exactly fits the top two criteria that Wayne wants to be in his lady. What are those two things that the rapper looks for in women? Also, Who exactly is Lil Wayne's new Girlfriend? Let's delve into it.

Who Is Lil Wayne's New Girlfriend Jennifer Spencer? 

Jennifer Spencer is rumored to be the new girlfriend of Lil Wayne. They were spotted at Grammy Awards after-party. Spencer is a model and a social media influencer with more than 12k followers on Instagram.

Besides her beauty and curves, Jennifer is a senior tax accountant. The tax accountant holds an MBA degree from Californian State University, Sacramento. Further, she is also a realtor.

Lil Wayne's rumored new girlfriend Jennifer Spencer.
Lil Wayne's rumored new girlfriend Jennifer Spencer. Source: Instagram @jenniferspencer1014

The five-time Grammy Awards winner, Wayne likes a thick girl with intelligence. His new rumored girlfriend, Spencer fits those criteria. With that beautiful curve and brain, Jennifer sure has attracted the American rapper.

Lil and Spencer are yet to reveal their relationship officially. They have been quiet about it for now. Further, neither of the love birds has posted about their relationship on their social media platforms.

Lil Wayne & Jennifer Spencer's Past Relationships

Lil Wayne, and his rumored girlfriend Jennifer Spencer both were in a relationship before meeting each other. The American rapper has several previous relationship experiences and ex-girlfriends. 

Lil Wayne's new girlfriend, Jennifer is a model like his former girlfriend Denise Bidot
Lil Wayne's new girlfriend, Jennifer is a model like his former girlfriend Denise Bidot. Source: Instagram @jenniferspencer1014

Similarly, Wayne's tax accountant girlfriend, Spencer also had former relationships. She is a mother of two children (boys). However, the identity of Jennifer's previous romantic partner is not revealed yet.

Lil Wayne Dated Lauren London At The Age Of 15!

Kameron Carter, son of Lil Wayne was born in 2009. Many people anticipated that Kameron was born from a one-night stand with Lauren London and the American rapper. But, it turns out, they actually dated for a decade.

Lil Wayne and his ex-girlfriend Lauren London.
Lil Wayne and his ex-girlfriend Lauren London. Source: Twitter @DeMarko

London first crossed paths with Wayne at the tender age of 15, back in 1998. This chance meeting set the stage for their decade-long secret romantic journey. Lauren and the Lollipop singer experienced on-and-off phases in their secret relationship.

Lil briefly broke up with his first girlfriend, Lauren, in December 2001. It was because the rapper had pressurized London to make sexual contact. But, the ex-pair reconciled later.

Ex-couple Lauren London and Lil Wayne wearing matching outfits.
Ex-couple Lauren London and Lil Wayne wearing matching outfits. Source: Twitter @DeMarko

The former romantic partners, Wayne and London, were engaged on November 30, 2007. However, the engagement did not lead to marriage as the couple parted ways in January 2009.

Lil Wayne And Nivea's Relationship

Lil Wayne, a well-known personality in the hip-hop industry, is known for his involvement in multiple relationships at once. While Lauren was carrying their son within her, Wayne's other love partner, Nivea Hamilton was also pregnant with Lil's child.


Yes, folks, turns out, Wayne was also dating Nivea alongside London. The Lollipop rapper reached out to Nivea after seeing her in the Don't Mess With My Man music video. The couple had an on-and-off relationship.

Hamilton briefly married songwriter The Dream in 2004 but divorced in 2007. In 2009, she gave birth to Lil Wayne's son, Neal Carter. The Lollipop rapper and Nivea got engaged but broke up in 2010.

Lil Wayne's Relationship With Dhea Sodano

Following the breakup,  Lil started dating Dhea Sodano in 2011. The couple were first spotted together in Miami. when people saw a ring on Sodano's finger, they got confused if the two got engaged.

Lil Wayne holding hand of Dhea Sodano. Source: Pinterest

But that was not the case, as the 5 times Grammy Award Winner, Wayne clarified with his Twitter. He said:

"Ohhhhhhh now I see why! I meant "she said yes" to being my valentine!!! Hahahahahahaha! Y'all krazy!"

While Wayne was still together with Sodano, rumors of him dating Christina Milian surfaced in the media. It was around 2014. Milian even said that she had not loved someone more than she did to Wayne.

Lil Wayne and Christina Milian together.
Lil Wayne and Christina Milian together. Source: Pinterest

While people were in belief that the Lil is no longer together with Sodano, Dhea wished the American rapper their 7-year anniversary. It created confusion about Wayne's relationship status and partner. They were again spotted in February 2022.

Lil Wayne Marry Denise Bidot Rumors: Is Denise Bidot Lollipop Singer's Wife?

No, although the celebrity couple, Denise Bidot and Lil Wayne sparked rumors of their marriage, they were not married. The rapper and plus-size model met in 2019 for the first time and later re-connected during covid-19 pandemic.

Lil Wayne and Denise Bidot sparked marriage rumors.
Lil Wayne and Denise Bidot sparked marriage rumors. Source: Pinterest

Lil Wayne broke off his engagement to model La'Tecia Thomas in May 2020. Soon after, The sucker for Pain singer made his relationship with Denise Bidot public in June 2022.

Later when the Lollipop rapper tweeted: 

"Happiest man alive! Today is the beginning of our forever. Forever?? Forever, ever?? FOREVER EVER!!!!! The Carters,"

It sparked the rumors of Bidot and Wayne's marriage. However, Lil clarified that Denise is not his wife in Niki Minaj's Instagram Live.

Lil Wayne Has Four Children With Four Different Ex-Girlfriends

The American rapper, Lil Wayne has lots of dating experiences. Likewise, he has parenting experience too. the five-time Grammy winner has four children with four different women.

Lil Wayne has four children from four different women
Lil Wayne has four children from four different women. Source: Distractify

Jennifer Spencer, on the other hand, has two boys. She loves them and often posts pictures of them on her Instagram.

List of Lil Wayne's Children alongside their mother's name

NameMother Birthday
Reginae CarterToya JohnsonNovember 29, 1998
Dwayne Carter IIISarah VivanOctober 22, 2008
Kameron CarterLauren LondonSeptember 9, 2009
Neal CarterNiveaNovember 30, 2009


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